Chapter 2

Musubi woke up the next day. Yawning a little she looked around to see that she was in a small hotel room. She was laying in a futon, and there was another futon next to hers that was neatly made and looked like someone had just gotten out of bed. She didn't feel like she was in any danger, but she was curious to know where she was and how she had gotten there.

As she was continuing her observations of the room, noting that it was very bare and only had the most basics one would expect to find in a room – lamp, dresser, closet – Dante entered through a door on her left. Seeing her up, he smiled.

"Good morning, Musubi. Did you sleep well?"

"I did!" Musubi replied cheerfully. A confused look then crossed her face as she looked around. The room was unfamiliar to her, and she couldn't help but ask, "Um... where are we?"

"Just a hotel room I managed to secure get us. I didn't want to spend hours upon hours of looking for an apartment while you were out."

"Thank you, Dante!" She gave him a smile of such emotion that it made him lean back a bit.

"Your welcome now, you must be hungry by now. Am I right?"

As if in answer to his words Musubi's stomach rumbled, that is, if having what sounded like a roaring dinosaur shake the room they were in could truly be considered a mere rumble.

Musubi's eyes grew really large as a puppy dog like look came to her face. It was quite easily the most adorable thing he had ever seen. "Yes."

Dante gave the girl a grin. "I'm glad to see you're hungry, otherwise all that hard work I spent making breakfast would have just gone to waste."

This peeked the burnette's interest as drool formed on her bottom lip. "Breakfast?"

He gave her a nod and said, "Yep. Stay here while I go get it."

After a few minutes, Dante returned with two trays, one piled with food while the other had a modest amount. He placed the piled tray infornt of Musubi who squealed with delight and instantly started wolfing down her food. This elected a chuckle from Dante as he started eating his food at a steady pace. Then a question popped into his head.

'What is Musubi to me?' He thought. 'A friend? Can't be, I've only known her for a couple of hours. A companion? Well we haven't run into anything I normally fight so that's out. A...a...lover? Ok what the hell am I thinking?! *Sigh* Well I guess we'll find out sooner or later.'

It was just as his train of thought was ending that Musubi finished her breakfast. She looked at Dante as her eyes once again got big, and this time tears seemed to be leaking out of the corner of them.


"Oh Dante... thank you so much," She said in an overly emotional voice. "I owe you everything. Not only did you save me but you gave me food too."

"Don't mention, I was more then happy to help you. Personally, I believe that if you have the power to help someone in need, then you should. There's not much purpose for having the power to help others if you don't even use it."

Musubi looked at him wide eyed. "That's the most incredible thing I've ever heard anyone say."

"Well it's true. In fact my mentor was the one who showed me the full aspect of this." He said cheerfully.

"Huh? You have a mentor?"

"Yes. Ever since I meet him, I've been helping people to the best of my ability."

"Oh." The burnette put a finger to her chin. "So where is he?"

Dante's enthusasim drained out and he said flatly, "Traveling. Taking other pupils I guess."

Musubi detected the change in tone and face, so she decided not to pursue the subject. So instead she asked, "How long have you been here? In the city?"

"Not long, just got in yesterday."

"So where are you from?"

"New York City."

"You're from the States?" She asked excitingly.

"Sure am. I originally came here for vacation, but since I'm pretty short on cash I gotta stay here and earn enough to head back."

"Hey, Dante." Musubi said, making said forginer blink.


"I uh... I know I've already imposed on you quite a bit, but I have another favor I would like to ask you." She said, wringing her hands nervously in her lap.

In attempt to reassure the girl, Dante gave her a kind smile. "Whatever you need help with just tell me and I shall do my utmost to help you out."

"Really!?" Musubi looked at him and smiled. "In that case, I was hoping I could stay here with you. You see, I don't have any place to stay so I was hoping you would let me at least stay the night."

"Of course I'll let you stay with me." Dante replied as if the answer should have been obvious from the beginning.

Then he blinked as he remembered something. Three something's actually. First was that the TARDIS needed time to rest and prepair for another voyage. Second was that he now knew he had to stay here until he was able to leave. In fact, his being there will change how the timeline unfolded. Finally, he wasn't sure if Musubi was ready to travel with him, let alone see the TARDIS. So he then decided to showit to her when the time came. But for now, he added, "Though I only rented this hotel room out for one night, so unfortunately we're going to need to find a more permanent place we can call home. But once we find a place to live, you can stay with me as long as you want."

"Thank you so much Dante, you've saved me once again," Musubi said with a smile.

Dante chuckled a little. "Think nothing of it. Though that does remind me, why were those girls..." he trailed of as Musubi got on her hands and knees and crawled over to him. His eyes found themselves focusing first on her face, a stunning and expressive face that held a look of such innocence.

His eyes moved back to Musubi's face, which had closed the distance towards him with a light blush staining her cheeks. "You're such a wonderful person. You're so kind and giving," she said in a voice that could only be described as awe.

'I wonder if you'd still be saying that if you knew that my hands are stained in so much blood that I cannot wash them,' Dante thought to himself. Throughout his travels he had killed many times, sometimes in self defense, sometimes in cold blood. He had long since lost count of the number of lives he had ended, but it had to be somewhere in the millions by now. It was a depressing thought, and one he didn't want to think about.

"I just wish someone like you could be my Ashikabi."

"Hmmm?" Dante blinked at the phrase. It sounded like a title of some kind, but he had never heard it before. "What's an Ashikabi?"

"The special person I'm supposed to find," Musubi said. She took one of his hands in both of her own, with Dante letting her, having not sensed any ill intent and curious to know what she was talking about. "I've been looking for mine for so long. Even though we've never met, our Ashikabi is the one we are meant to serve. It's our job to guide them to the higher sky above."

It was here that Dante started to get a warm feeling in his chest. At first it scared him because it felt like he was regenerating, but he relaxed when he didn't feel the pain or see any of the energy seeping from him. It was odd because the only other time he'd ever felt like this was when seeing something, or remembering something that would give people a warm fuzzy feeling.

He cleared his throat and said,"Anyways, since your done with breakfast why don't you go and get washed up. This place unfortunately doesn't have a bath, but it does have a shower. Then get dressed and meet me in the kitchen ok?"

"Okay!" Musubi said cheerfully as she ran into the bath room. However, despite her cheerful demeanor she was wondering about the same thing he was.

'What was that heat in my chest?'

He shrugged and then pulled out his phone. After typing in a few things, Dante managed to find an encrypted folder that was owned by the MBI. He scoffed as he easily created a profile on himself so the MBI could have a little bit of record.

It simply said:

Price, Dante

Age: 17

Home: New York City, New York

DOB: 7/13/95

Eye color: Brown

Hair color: Black

Height: 5' 8"

Weight: 110 lbs

Smiling to himself, he submitted and added a hidden message for the MBI to find.

Dante and Musubi found themselves walking along the road trying to find a place to live. While walking, he thought of the positives and negatives of the new world he had arrived in. For a positive he knew exactly were to go. An inn by the name Izumo Inn which was on the north side of town. He knew about the MBI and Minaka's little game in using Sekirei, who were aliens to his knowledge(though how amd when they got to Earth was beyond him), to fight against each other until there was one left standing. To put it into laymans terms, it was the immortals from Highlander if they were all girls and had special powers. Dante decided not tell Musubi of his knowing of the game, but would tell her of their new home. But before he opened his mouth, Musubi said, "Dante..."



He looked at her face in which her eyes were wide and watery.

"I'm hungry again."

One hour later

The two walked out of the restaurant with Dante just shaking his head in disbelief and a very happy Musubi.

"That was delicious!" The excitable girl said with a content and happy sigh. Suprsingly despite she was full, her belly was still slim and slender so no one could be able to tell that she had eaten.

"I'm glad you like it." Dante replied in a nervous chuckle. In all his travels he knew only three other people that could eat like that. Not to mention he met two of them when they were just kids. 'I pray that keeps her full enough until I can find that inn.' He thought to himself. Despite having $20,000 in cash, the hotel stay and the food only roughly knocked off $1,000 of what he had.

"Dante, since you took me out to lunch and made me breakfast, why don't you allow me to make you dinner tonight?" Musubi said, snapping him out of his thoughts.


"Yeah, it will be great! I promise." She pumped her fists in the air with a large smile on her face.

Dante thought over her proposal. On the one hand, he wasn't sure how long he really wanted to be in this girls presence. She was making him feel strange, it wasn't necessarily a bad kind of strange, in fact it felt nice. In fact he liked it. Reminded him of when he and The Doctor first started out on there ventures. Also he couldn't help but smile at her childish antics. In fact that's another thing The Doctor said: 'There's no point in being grown up if you can't be childish sometimes.'

But this girl was the literal embodiment of that. With a light hearted chuckle he said, "Thank you, I would like that. But first things first, we need to get groceries."


As the two continued to walk, Dante spotted two girls wearing maid outfits were in the middle of the sidewalk handing out free balloons and restaurant invitations. As he took another look at the two girls, he remembered where he met those two. And the girls recognized him, unfortunately.

"Hey! You're the guy that ran off with that Sekirei…" Said the girl in the blue maid outfit.

"Well glad to see you two again." Dante said replied scarasticly.

"This is the second day in a row that you ran into us." Said the purple maid girl.

"This city is pretty small, don't cha think?" The blue maid girl agreed.

"It's you two again!" Musubi said as she was about to run off.

"You're too slow!" The maid in blue fired a lightning attack from the sky, which dived down on Musubi. She yelled as she was struck by the lightning, damaging her and her clothes.

"Musubi!" Dante ran towards her, turned and looked at the two girls with a serious look in his eyes.

"We thought that you might have merged since you ran off with that guy yesterday…." The blue maid girl said.

"But it looks like it hasn't happened… Lucky us…" The purple maid girl said.

Musubi was shocked that she was back in the same predicament before, facing the two girls who controlled electricity. She was about to charge them when Dante stepped in her path.

"Huh, Dante?"

He turned and gave her a mischievous grin. "I got this. Just leave it to me."

"Why would you protect her?" The purple maid girl asked as the two girls walked up to them. "It's not like you're her ashikabi."

"I protect her because it's my job. I'm inclined to protect to the innocent from people like you."

"Fine then, you wanna die?" The blue maid girl said as she and her sister began charging electricity. "Then so be it."

Dante rolled back his sleeve touched the Ultramtrix, popping up the dial.

"You two like playing with electricity, so let's see how you like it being used against you." He then slammed the dial down.

'My body… is acting strange…' Musubi thought as she began breathing heavily and blushing a lot when she felt more of Dante's words echoing throughout her body like strong soundwaves.

The two twins shieldied there eyes from the flashing light when it cleared saw him still the same. But somehow not. For one thing, they could sparks of electricity going up and down his arms and legs before they solidified into actually bolts of blue lightning.

"What are you?" The purple maid girl asked. "Are you a Sekirei?"

"No." He replied. "I'm just a kid from Brooklyn."

He rose his left hand and fire off a small ball of electricity at them. Both of the girls dodged, but the ball hit a metal pole behind them that was instantly electrified. They noticed this and frowned. His powers were at least on par with theirs, if not greater.

Both of hem charged on either side of him and tried to punch him, but he grabbed both their fists and stopped them dead. They both flexed against his hand, but they couldn't get away. The twins growled and punched at his head with their other hands, but he ducked backwards, pulling them forwards as he did. Instantly, he released both their hands and concentrated electricity into his palms, resulting in a small marble sized ball of light in each as he slammed his palms against their chests.

They both flew backwards and hit the wall behind them, making two small craters. Both twins pried themselves out and glared at Dante. He was too strong to take on with normal attacks. Time to go up a gear.

"You truely think you can defeat us?"

Dante gave them a bored look and held up a hand, set to snap his fingers. "Much as I would love to talk, my friend and I must dash." He nodded his head towards them. "Also, you have something on your chests."

They both looked down to see the marble sized balls stuck there. They both looked up shocked as he smirked and said, "See ya." Then snapped his fingers.

Both the balls glowed brightly before they dissolved into several thick bolts of electricity that fired through both girls. They screamed in pain as their nerves were fried and their muscles spasmed. After here seconds, the bolts stopped and both girls fell to the ground, unable to move.

"Well that takes care of that." Dante said wiping his hands. He then turned his attention to Musubi who was on the ground panting and looking pretty ill. The girls face was beat red and she was breathing much more heavily then she should be.

"Ah cripes." He quickly picked her up and looked over his shoulder to see the twins starting to regan movement. Dante tensed his legs once again and took off like a bat out of hell. He ran towards the destined housing location which was still a far way out.

"Are you alright? You look like your burning up."

"I feel... I feel so hot," Musubi said, her breathing going heavy as she looked at him through half lidded eyes. She could feel her body responding to the blond in her arms, he was making her feel such heat, yet she didn't know why.

"Right, let's find some place where you can rest for now."

Looking around Dante made a quick detour into an alleyway. He knelt down and set Musubi on the ground. He frowned as he looked her over, pressing a hand to her forehead and eliciting a startled gasp from her.

'How odd, while she's burning up I can tell she not sick. But then the question remains, why is she so...'

"Dante..." Musubi fell into him, knocking the teen over and crawled on top of him until she was straddling his waist. Her panting had increased to the point where her breathing sounded harsh, as if she had run several thousand miles in less than a day. Her face was flushed a deep scarlet, her eyes were half-lidded, and her mouth was parted slightly as she stared at his lips. She moaned slightly when her crotch rubbed against his leg, and gave him a pleading look. "Please... help me... I feel so hot. My body feels like it's burning. I've never felt this way before..."

All thoughts fled Dante's mind when Musubi placed her mouth over his. For a moment, all he could do was take in the feel of her soft lips as they pressed against his, it felt like a silk had been slipped over his mouth. Despite Dante's surprise, his hesitation only lasted for an instant before instincts kicked in and he began kissing back. It had not been so long since he had been with a women that he didn't know what do in this kind of situation. He applied more pressure against Musubi's soft and warm lips. His hands moved from behind him and holding him up to her waist.

He fell onto his back, taking Musubi with him as they continued to kiss. He felt her energy flare dramatically and almost pulled back with a start when it latched onto his own signature. The only reason he didn't was because of his gut instincts. Whatever was happening, Dante could feel it wasn't hurting him in any way. Instead he focused some of his attention on what was happening to his energy, and came to a startling conclusion when he felt his regeneration energy began merging with hers.

Musubi began glowing a light purple, the chakra forming around her in prism like rays of light. A symbol appeared on her back and began to project itself outwards in a physical manifestation of energy. The symbol was of a bird with a yin and yang circle under it and two tomoes on either side, making that four total. With the the yin and yang crest they formed a U with the tomoes under the bird. From the projected symbol ten wings spread out from her back, large, brilliant rays of light that shone in the cast aside the darkness of the alley so totally all anyone would see if they were to look was white.

They pushed against the confined walls of the small alley they were in, actually cracking the cement they were struggling against. Eventually, as if decided that the battle against the cement walls was pointless, the wings folded in on themselves to engulf him and Musubi in a protective embrace.

The light soon began to fade, the wings disappeared, the symbol made from energy vanished, and all that was left were Dante and Musubi, still kissing in the alley. When they broke the kiss Musubi's and Dnate's eyes fluttered open and they stared at each other. His left hand came over and cupped the brunette's face in wonder, causing the girl to instinctively lean into his touch.

"What just happened?" asked Dante, confused.

Musubi closed her eyes as she smiled at him in an expression that radiated sheer joy.

"You've just become my Ashikabi."


"I can't... believe... we lost them..." one of the girls huffed. The two of them were currently on their knees as they tried to regain their breath. Both had continued chasing after the strange human that had somehow just blasted them faster then either of them had ever thought possible. The pair had been stunned by the mans speed, enough to give up the chase. I

"Shut up... Hikari..." the other one panted. "I just... want to know how a mere... mere human can move so fast..."

"Who cares?" growled Hikari, finally regaining her breath. "Now that we've lost her again who knows how long it will take us to find her."

"It wouldn't matter even if you two did find her." A voice said behind them. Both of the female Sekirei whirled around to find themselves staring at a masked man with shock white hair and outfitted with a black coat and face mask.

"Homura!" Hikari growled, a fierce scowl lighting her face. "What do you want?"

"I just thought it would be a good idea to inform you that the girl now has an Ashikabi."

"Then... that boy winged her?" Hibiki asked in slight surprise, before releasing an angry growl.

"Damn it! We had been so close this time!" The girl should have been easy pickings, aside from being only a recently released Sekirei, she was also of a higher number and therefore had less power than they did. They had chased the girl all throughout the city. Not surprising, number eighty eight had been faster than they were, being a physical type of Sekirei, but they were sure that she would have run out of juice eventually, all they would have had to do was keep chasing her.

And they would have gotten her too, if it weren't for that brat who kicked them.

"And you!" The more easily aggravated of the two continued as she pointed an angry finger at the black suited Sekirei. "You were watching us the whole time, weren't you?"

"It is my job to be the guardian for unwinged Sekirei," Homura replied in a nonchalant tone that pissed Hikari off. She had never liked this guy or his self righteous attitude. "You should know that by now. Perhaps I should teach you two a lesson."

"If it's a fight your looking for Homura then I'll give it to you!" the twin with the larger bust size shouted.

"Are you mad, Hibiki!?" Hikari hissed as she grabbed her sisters arm. "Do you remember what happened the last time we fought him?" Despite herself Hibiki gulped as flames encased the white haired Sekirei's hand.

"You're lucky that girl found her Ashikabi, as I have no interest in fights between winged Sekirei. So I'll let you off, for now." Homura said as the flames dispersed and he began walking away.

The two twins looked at each other as the white haired male left, both giving an internal sigh of relief.