Chapeter 1: Nightmares

Lucy is walking down Magnolia's streets in the middle of the morning with her trusty pet Plue trying to get some special errands for a dinner that shes going to have.

"ok i need to go and get some ingredients for that new recipe i was going to make from last months Sorcerer magazine i never knew that they had such great stuff on it besides just wizard things" looks down at Plue with a smile

"Are you ready to get this stuff for tonight" Plue responds with a smile and with random gibberish

smiles "Good this will be the best dinner we ever had!" thinking in her mind about how the dinner is gonna go "i hope everyone likes it especially natsu" smiling with a blush

finding half of the stuff on her list she just needs to go to this one more store to get the most important ingredient for her dish, walking into the store looking around until she looks over one more glance and sees it "Yes i found it and it was the last one on the shelf Score" paying for the special ingredient she rushes out the door so she can go home and cook the dinner shes having until she clashes right into a tall and muscular figure

all her stuff scattered all over the place while groaning and rubbing her head "Hey watch where your going" looks up and sees her favorite partner and crush and starts immediately blushing "N-Natsu i'm so sorry i didn"t see you there" starts picking up her things while looking down because she didn't want him to see her extremely red face

the pink haired mage turns around with a passionate look in his eyes "Hey Lucy i've been looking everywhere for you i need to ask you something really important, something that i should've asked long time ago when we first meet"

suddenly the blush on Lucy's face disappears and she looks up at his face with a confused look "what did you have to tell me that was so important?"

natsu picks lucy by both of her hands, making her drop all the stuff for her party on the floor, and looks deep into her eyes like he's seeing right through her "that i've fallen in love with someone and i don"t know how to tell them that i love them"

Lucy looks at Natsu with such surprise that she almost started daydreaming about how they would've been together then Natsu woke her up from her it by calling her name constanly

Lucy snapped back to reality "oh yea um, does this girl show signs that she is interested in you or not?"

grins brightly "Yea"

"then tell her how you feel about her and i'm sure she'll say yes" using a fake smile on the outside but crying on the inside because her crush has found someone else

"Well thanks Lucy, but the thing is the person i was talking about wasn't a girl it was a boy, and not just any boy but my rival and frenemie Gray" smiles with a big grin

looking very shocked "W-Wait what! you like Gray"

"Yea couldn't you tell we argue and fight all the time and we've know each other since we were kids that just screams out that we want to be together"

Lucy looks very sadden by what Natsu is telling her " i thought you were talking about a special girl who is very close to you, like me" a tear drop runs down her face

"Why would you think that, i know were friends but i would never go out with you, your to pushy and aggresive and your not even pretty"

Lucy looks at Natsu with sad and terrified look like her heart has ben ripped out of her chest and stomped on over and over again and then Lucy just stands there seeing her life pass before her eyes seeing all the memories of them together shattered into a million pieces

She finally responds to the terrible things that Natsu said to her "So you never liked me at all not even for a moment, even after we've been with each other going on adventures and dangerous missions that was all a lie" screaming at him with such rage as tears are funning down her face like a waterfall

"Well how you put it yes it was all a lie" grins

Lucy's mind started to spiral out of control right there that moment were life didn't even mean anything at all or even matter anymore

then anorther tall and muscular character comes into play while rapping his arm around Natsu's neck "Hey guys whats up?" shirtless and smiles

both Natsu and Lucy respond together in a surprised tone "Gray"

Gray lets go of Natsu "What have you guys been doing today"

Natsu blushes wildly "H-Hey Gray i need to ask you something really important"

Gray responds "what is it Natsu"

Natsu closes his eyes and loudly says to Gray about what he feels about him "GRAY I REALLY LIKE YOU WILL YOU GO OUT WITH ME!"

Gray's face looked shocked at how the pink haired mage asked him then he started blush

"It took you long enough Natsu, you finally told me how you felt" tears running down his face

Natsu smiles brightly and responds "Is that a Yes"

Gray responds "Of course its a yes you idiot now come over here"

Natsu runs over and they hug passionately and they look straight at each others eyes and then they kiss

Lucy looks at them with a shocking stare and screams to the top of her lungs

Lucy jumps partially out of bed screaming breathing heavily and then noticed that she's in her apartment in the middle of the morning and the sun was shinning bright on her face

"So wait that was only a dream" lays back down on the bed and looks up at the ceiling

"More like a nightmare if you tell me" closing her eyes but then suddenly starts to hear loud snoring right next to her and her eys widen in panic,
she rolls over and sees that Natsu was sound asleep right next to her with a heavenaly glow to his face becasue of the sunshine

For some reason instead of yelling and screaming at Natsu to get out of her bed she just stared at him with a gentle smile and moved one his pink strands of hair off of his face, she poked his cheek trying to wake him up "Natsu wake up come on Natsu wake up" she said gently

Natsu's eyes started to move and he opened them up slowly to see two things, the bright sunlight and the happy smile given off by a familiar face, the celestial spirit mage

smiling "Hey Lucy good morning" yawns softly "whats going with you"

chuckles softly "Nothing much just woke up and had a bad dream, what about you?"

"Well I had a dream about me kicking some bad guys asses, it was totally awesome i was so fired up" grins brightly

"Well thats exspected from the great Salamander right" laughs

Natsu smiles "Yup thats right and i will always protect you guys especially you Lucy"

Lucy eyes widen with a surprised look and a happy smile "Thanks Natsu" starts to blush lightly

Natsu yawns "Hey Lucy would you mind if i could sleep a litttle more in your bed?"

"Yea you can sleep there just don't stay here so long i have to go and get the stuff for the dinner later ok"

Natsu lays his head on the pillow and nods to what Lucy told him "Ok i promise"

Lucy looked at the pink haired mage sleeping so softly and peacefully, she got all her stuff ready so she can be prepared to go shopping for the stuff she needed for the party tonight, she got all her stuff then turned around and leaned over to Natsu's forhead and kisses him gently

"I Love You Natsu have sweet dreams" smiles and leaves while closing the door slowly

After Lucy left Natsu started to mumble in sleep about something "Lucy...I...Love...You...2" starts to grin while sleeping

The End of Chapter 1

Thanks everyone who read my story i really apreciate you taking the time to read it and the next chapter will come up soon it will decide if Lucy and Natsu should be together or if the should be together at all