Chapter 3: Operation NaLu

Hey guys starting the chapter to Keys to His Burning Heart, this chapter will have Lucy trying to get Natsu to see Lucy as more than just a friend and partner at the party that Lucy's doing for everyone at Fairy Tail but will also have Gray showing his true feelings for her in a less of sexual smut scene with Lucy, Will Lucy convince Natsu to like her?, Will Gray change Lucy's mind before she tells her feelings for Natsu?, Will NaLu finally happen or will GrayLu come first? You'll will have to read and see

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(2hours before the party at Lucy's House)

Lucy in her closet getting ready with Levy trying to find a dress for her at her party to impress a certain Dragonslayer later tonight with only one wish that he will like her just as much as she likes him

Groaning in pain "Ugh Levy that hurts can be little gentle please?" struggling trying to get out of her friends grip

Pulling the dress up so she can fit the dress for the party later "Well it's not my fault that you can't get into your dress" grunting "Man how do you find clothes, it's like your boobs take up half of your space" pulling with another failed attempt

"Tell me about it why do you think that I always need a new wardrobe I feel like they grow slowly each day" sighing "It's such a struggle"

Laughing and pulling up as hard as she can to get the dress on her friend "You can say that again" taking one big pull to get the dress up with all her strength the dress went up and finally Levy's mission was going under way

Only thing she needed was Erza and Mira to help with make-up and hair and it would all be done and Natsu will fall in love with Lucy, then they'll start to go out, get married and live happily ever after, these thoughts flooded through Levy's head but were interrupted when Lucy was calling her repetitively

"Levy, Levy, LEVY!" shouting "wake up I thought you were still trying to get me ready" looking at her blue haired friend with confusion and concern

Snapping out of her daydream of her friend's future love life and finally responding to the blond-haired friend "Huh, oh yea sorry I was just thinking about something" smiling nervously scratching the back of her head

The blond looks at her friend with concern for about 2 minutes and then gave her a happy smile "Ok, but come on you said you would help me pick out a dress for later and the party is almost a couple hours away so we have to hurry" turning around to go back into the closet to look for an outfit for tonight

The bluenette starts to think about the plan that has been stirring in the back of her head for the last hour or so trying to put it into action 'Great now that she's cooperating with my plan I will finally put it into the next phase which two of my helpers for this are coming this way pretty soon, just you wait Lucy we are going to make Natsu fall in love with you tonight even if we have to drag from his house and get him dressed ourselves' a gleam of light shines in both of the bluenette's eyes with determination and mischief

The blonde came back to grab the bluenette by her wrist and pull her out of her train of thought, so she can help her picking out a dress for the party later "Levy if you keep standing there I'm never going to find a dress come on and hurry up we don't have that much time" pulling her to the closet "and besides I still have to get my make down and hair so stop daydreaming and come on and help me!" with a tone of desperation

The bluenette being pulled harder and harder until she was completely in the blonde's closet filled with dresses that she never even seen before it was like going to a mall for dresses, she looked at it all with astonishment "Wow this looks amazing your dresses are so pretty and you have so many" does a complete turn-around in the room to see everything

The blonde chuckled slightly "Yea that's why I needed your help so badly with finding a dress because I have a lot of them, probably not as much as Erza and Mira but still I have my own collection here" sticking her chest out with a bit of pride at her collection

"Well I have to say it's amazing how-"the bluenette was cut-off by sudden knock on the door feeling happiness spreading across her face while the blonde with a show of confusion

"Who could that be" walking for in the direction of the door but was stopped by her friend "Wait Lucy I'll go get it" using a nervous laugh in talking, surprised by this action by the bluenette "Ok, but come right back when you're done" turns around and looks at the many choices of dresses to wear tonight

Rushing over to get to the door to see the back-up for Operation NaLu, looking through the peep hole seeing the red-haired requip mage and the eldest of the Strauss family giving off a sweet and cute grin to her face waiting for the door to be open

Squealing at who was at the door she opens and smiles brightly telling them to come in and outing a finger to her mouth so they can walk in quietly without having Lucy finding out

Lucy yells out "Levy who was at the door?" the bluenette laughs a little then responds back "Nobody just some kids trying to sell some cookies "using a nonchalant tone

Walking into the living room "Really aww I really wanted some cookies today-" stops talking to see two of her other friends in her living room "OMG Erza, Mira what are you doing here" with a squeal of happiness

The red-head and the eldest white-haired girls looked at each other and then smiled then looking back at the blonde "Were here to help you accomplish your plan Operation NaLu" laughing

The blonde in pure shock and excitement "That's so awesome of you two, did you do this Levy?" with a bright smile, the bluenette nodded with a small grin "Yep, I knew I needed a lot more help with this situation so I called for re-enforcements"

Lucy eyes go wide with a dazzling smile that could bright up an entire room she hugs her friends in a group hug "I love all of you so much you are the best friends I could ever ask for"

All of them relax into the hug giggling like little school girls "We love you too Lu-chan were going to make this night perfect"

(At Natsu's House)

The pink-haired teen scurrying across his floor practically pulling his hair at what he was going to do tonight and what was he going to say when he did it, it wasn't like a fight that he can deal with easily he hasn't done or felt like this ever in his life

While a certain blue cat chewing on a fish looking at his 'father' go back and forth he sighs thinking to ask why was he acting so weird and frantic "Natsu what are you doing?"

Natsu still going back and forth not being able to hear Happy's question still in a deep trance of his inner thoughts, the blue cat asked over and over again always the same thing until Happy got a little annoyed and then had to do drastic measures

Happy got up put his paws to his mouth and yell at Natsu "Hey Natsu Gray is about to go over to Lucy's house to make-out with Lucy right now!" softly giggling to himself trying to sound serious as possible

Natsu stopped dead in his tracks and started to give off a mysterious and deathly aura that at first Happy didn't notice it at first but then started to laugh sort of nervously before he noticed something seriously wrong about his best friend

He starts to walk up to him then Natsu turns around so quick that it almost scared Happy to death but the face that Natsu made almost took Happy's life completely, Natsu's eyes had a burning fire that would burn anything in his path and his face looked like a angry monster that is ready to kill who did something that pissed him off

He suddenly burst into flames of anger and frustration he was speaking in a low and animalistic growl "That bastard is going to do what?" looking dead at Happy's face

The blue cat stone-cold in his spot with pure terror written all over his face, Natsu looks at him with impatience look like he was getting really pissed at him not answering right away, he starts screaming at him shaking him out of his deep trance of terror "HAPPY ANSWER ME RIGHT NOW, WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT BASTARD GOING TO DO TO 'MY LUCY'!"

Happy responded "Natsu I was-"cutoff by Natsu screaming again "WHAT WAS IT HAPPY!" picking up the trembling blue cat by his backpack looking at him with a killer glare

Happy told him before he would do something he would soon regret "N-Natsu I was just k-kidding Gray wasn't g-going to Lucy's house to do that, h-he's probably getting ready for t-the party that she's getting ready to d-do, I only told y-you that because you were acting w-weird like you were in a trance or something" the blue cat looked away from his face but didn't realize that Natsu had his eyes widen with a shock look on his face realizing what he just did to his best friend and how he reacted

He put Happy down his bangs covering his face he pets Happy on the head making the blue cat look at him with a worried and confused look, Happy looks down and then he starts to ask his friend if he's ok "Natsu-"was cutoff again at what Natsu said in a low voice

"I'm sorry Happy" Happy looked at him with a surprised face at what he said to him "I'm sorry I've been acting weird I just been going through some feelings lately and I'm trying to figure them out but it doesn't seem like I can for some reason" Happy knew what was wrong with him and wanted to help as best as he could "Natsu I think I know how to help with your feelings, are these feelings towards Lucy"

Natsu turns his head with a startled expression of surprise "H-How did you know?"

Happy starts to laugh at his friend while Natsu has a slight shade of pink on his face looking embarrassed at his best friend reaction "Hey why are you laughing at me what's so funny?" Happy continues to laugh but starts to calm down a little "Natsu its funny that that you haven't notice this sooner, the whole guild that you and Lucy like each other I bet Lucy already knew that everyone thought you both should be a couple" the pink-haired mage looked surprise at first then went into deep thought about the situation

'Has it been that noticeable that I liked her like that I just never knew completely until now she has been there for me since I meet her in Hargeon she was always with me and I was always with her I would never anything in this world hurt her, maybe that's why I can't get her out of my mind I think I might of fell for her, that's it I've fallen in love with my best friend Lucy Heartfilia'

Natsu face starts to turn into the shade of color of his hair he got up and finally decided to go over and meet the one he loves and confess to her

"Happy I gotta go" rushing over to the door to leave but Happy stopping for a quick second "where are you going Natsu I thought you had to get ready for the party"

"I'm going to Lucy's first to tell her something really important, something that will probably change both of our lives" Happy looked at him with an eye brow lifted up "What?" Natsu shows off his famous toothy grin "I'm going to tell her I love her" then leaving so fast it was like he wasn't even there a second ago

Happy stood there with his jaw-dropped down then he started to chuckle to himself "Haha he finally going to confess to her, it took him long enough" he flies off to meet a certain white exceed and give her a gift (guess a fish of course XD)

The pink-haired boy running quickly to his the love of his life house "Jut you wait Lucy I promise you I will apologize to you and tell how I feel and I think you might feel the same way" smiling brightly but then a little voice in the back of his voice saying 'Or maybe she isn't in love with you, maybe she still mad at you, or worse loves someone else' he stops right in his tracks and starts to pounder on the thought

'I don't want to think like that but maybe she is in love with someone else but she hasn't been with anyone that I've seen yet, wait what am I saying I know she loves me and I love her so why shouldn't we be together, but still what if' he starts to runoff again trying not to think about the idea and just starts to think about only being with Lucy and telling how he feels

"I won't think like that only thing is going to Lucy" running as quick as he can to Lucy's house as thinking 'I won't let you go you are mine and I am yours always'

(At Lucy's house)

Lucy finally getting ready wearing a nice bright pink and red silky dress that goes to her ankles that fits her and all of her curves she has her hair in a nice bun with a matching bow tie on her head with nice sexy red heels on, she smiles at the mirror with a cute poise she thinks to herself 'I look good' smiling brightly and giggling to herself

She was about to go and put some accessories on but then heard a knock at the door she suddenly stopped and then heard again just in case and another knock cam again she ask herself 'Who could that be'

She yells "I'm coming I'll be there in sec" she rushes over to the door to not be surprised by the guy she's crushing on but the complete opposite his best friend/rival Gray

"Oh hi Gray nice to see you" smiling and feeling disappointment in the pits of her stomach but brushed it off because her friend and guest

"I hope you're not here to come to the party because it's at the guild you know" laughing and mocking him he stands there still looking at her with wide eyes glancing at every part of her body and her dress amazed at how that dress complimented all of her completely he tried to speak but nothing came out

Lucy looked at him with a innocent and confused look on her face at the ice-mages expression on his face "Hm are you ok Gray you like you've seen a ghost" he gets shaken out of his trance and responds to the blonde

"O-Oh hey Lucy I was just looking at your dress it looks amazing on you" blushing a slight pink over his face, Lucy looks at him with smile and cute girly giggle

"Haha Thanks Gray, wanna come in" gesturing him to come into her house which she never does because they usual break into her house when they want to come over

He hesitates for a moment but then gives off a smirk "Yea I would love that" he says in a mocking but funny way he walks in, she laughs for a moment then starts to wonder why did Gray come over to her house before the party even started

Gray quickly turns around surprising Lucy he looks down and he mumbles something to himself which she couldn't hear it but then he looks up to see his dark raven colored eyes which looked like your looking through a dark ocean she shakes out of her trance while looking through his eyes when he ask her a question

"Lucy" says shyly

"Huh" trying to pay attention

"Hey I wanted to ask are you going with anyone to the party?" looking down with a blush on his face

"Well yea I'm going with someone" she starts to blush thinking about Natsu

He looks away for a second knowing who's taking her the flame-headed bastard "I see is it Natsu?" his covered by his bangs

She looks at him with shock "How did you know?"

He laughs at first "It's kind of obvious, but I want to tell you something leaning in close to her ear to whisper his little secret making Lucy had chills and goosebumps all over her neck and body

"I think that you should ditch flame head and go with me instead" smirking confidently

Her eyes open wide with complete shock she never would thought he would say that especially not to her she thought he liked Juvia anyway not her

"Why do you think I should do that?" saying in a low and raspy voice feeling his breath all over her neck

He starts kissing all over her neck feeling her all over not leaving a single part of her body untouched, she moans softly trying to hold it in as best as she can but couldn't do that any longer "Gray, we shouldn't be doing this" trying to push away but couldn't do it

"Well I would but I love it too much, besides I love you Lucy" the words hitting her so hard that she felt like she couldn't move

"What, y-you love me?" with trembling voice

"Yes I hated that you spent with that flame-headed bastard more than me"

"But you never showed any signs that you liked me before why now"

"Because I finally found the perfect moment to tell you how I feel and I hope you feel the same too" leaning in closer to the beautiful blondes face

She starts to move backwards slowly but then gets trapped against a wall and having Gray's cold lips contact with hers with so much passion and want that she couldn't break away, she was about to melt into the kiss before she started to remember who she loved Natsu, before she was about to break free then she hears a click from near her bed and then suddenly knows who it is

"Hey Luce I came over to see-"was cutoff with a shock and terrified expression of sadness, terror, anger, and rage which has never felt before in his entire life seeing his best friend being kissed by his rival

Lucy started at him with shocked and hurtful eyes filled with despair and total regret for what's happening now, she pushes Gray as hard as she can and he backs away from her looking at her with total confusion until he felt two eyes burning him in the back of his head and then saw who it was it was his rival Natsu, he first was surprised then he gave another smirk but this one more evil and devious then the other one he grabs Lucy by her waist and starts acting all confident and prideful knowing that he got to her first before he did

"Hey Natsu glad you dropped by I'm glad you're the one to see us together like this" he leans in and tries to snuggle his head into the side of Lucy's neck but she moves and squirms trying to look at the love of her life but instead of seeing his regular face she sees something else something dark and dangerous she actually trembles at the aura Natsu was producing around him he gives off a demon like growl which Gray didn't hear but she did and she was terrified she was shaken trying to find a way out of this and explain all this to Natsu

'What can I do I'm trying to get away from Gray but he won't let me go knowing that Natsu is standing right there, If I don't I think I'm going to be in the middle of a big fight and I really don't think I want that' shaking in fear at what might happen

She looks at him and starts to hear mumbling from Natsu's side of the room wondering what he was saying under his breath luckily I wasn't the only one to hear it but it not be so lucky for him right now

Gray looks over and asks "Hey flame-head what's the matter mad that I got Lucy first before you did?" smirking

No response from Natsu

"Well your too late she's mine and there is no way-" was cut off by Natsu finally responding to Gray's question but in a demon like voice with pure anger and rage shown in his eyes "DON'T YOU EVER SAY THAT LUCY IS YOURS YOU FUCKING ICE PRICK I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU BEFORE THAT HAPPENS SHE'S MINE AND MINE ONLY GOT THAT!"

Lucy and Gray are in total shock at what he just said especially Lucy she was blushing a healthy shade of pink on her face embarrassed at what he said and loving it at the same time, Gray was angry that he said what he said but try to keep a cool head so he won't start something right in front of Lucy, but it was very hard

Gray started to yell back at Natsu "I don't care what you say Lucy is mine I love her and I'm going to be with her if you like or not!" pushing Lucy behind him and getting into fighting position to fight for the one he loves

Natsu chuckles evilly to this and just stands there ready to take down the one who was messing with his girl, his hands light up with his flames and ready to fight his rival

Lucy stands still shocked by all the things that happened but just before they were going charge at each other she pulls out one of keys and summons one of her spirits

"Gate of the Golden Bull Taurus, Gate of the Maiden Virgo" a shining bright light appears in front of them having Virgo grab Natsu and Taurus grabbing Gray in a hold before they anything started

Both boys looked at Lucy with a questionable expression on their faces Gray starts off saying "Hey Lucy what are you doing?" then Natsu "What the hell Luce I was about to beat the hell out of that ice bastard for you" both trying to break from both the spirits strong grips

She looks at both of them with a menacing look of anger "I don't know what you both are thinking but there is no way in hell I am going to let you two fight in here and especially not before the party that were about to go to, now I want you to go home and get ready for the party and I don't wanna hear that you two are fighting there either got it!" hands on her hips and giving off a deathly glare at the two of them

Both boys looked at her like two scared little boys being yelled by their mother, the shake their heads and saluting in unison "Aye sir" she sighs face palming herself

She nods her head to the direction of the window tell her spirits to get rid of them, they nod to her request they open the window while both of the boys are squirming trying to break free before they both were thrown out of her window by force letting them fall hard on the concrete floor landing face first

Both groaning then looking up to see the blond looking down at them, the pink-haired mage looking up at her with his face all scrunched up "Ow Lucy why did you do that for you could of kicked us out of the front door you know" holding his injured head

She looks down with a pissed off face saying "Well I would but I keep seeing both of you come through my window some many times that it comes like second nature to me"

The raven-haired mage "That's not funny Lucy and I came in from the door this times" getting up slowly also looking at the blond

She starts to giggle softly before returning his response "Well I thought it was funny and I know I did it on purpose for that reason, you both need to cool off go and wait until the party starts again ok" she gives them a half wave and cute wink before closing the window and locking it

Both mages stood there dumbfounded before looking at each other then walking away thinking about the situation that just happened a while ago trying to find ways to empress the blond celestial mage

Lucy turned around to see Taurus and Virgo looking at her with a smile

She returns the smile and looks down with a sad frown, both Virgo and Taurus looked at each other before asking Lucy what's going on "Princess are you alright did you forget to punish me?" looking at her master with a straight emotional look

Lucy shakes out her sadness to answer "NO! No punishments Virgo, what is up with you and that and nothing's wrong I'm fine" shaking her head of the thought

Taurus puts a hand on her shoulder smiling again "Whatever is going on just know we all are here for you ok" Lucy looks at him with a tearful smile making her heart feel all the of love and happiness that her spirits give her she shakes her head and wipes her eyes away saying goodbye to Virgo and Taurus vanishing into thin air

She walks over to her bed and plops right on it feeling the sweet comfort the bed gave her she looks up at the ceiling thinking about everything that happened in the one night trying to see how she can deal with all of this she thinks about all of it

'What I'm going to do about Gray and Natsu I care for both of them so much I was already liking Natsu but now I'm thinking about Gray and that kiss what should do maybe I should get help from the girls at the party tonight, maybe'

She heavily sighs to herself thinking about who she will choose to be with Gray or Natsu

"Well Mira, Levy, and Erza Operation NaLu is a total failure, damnit" putting a pillow to her face

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