That's all I could see in his eyes while he carried me from the hard ground to the soft grass of the open fields that surrounded the T.A.R.D.I.S. Tears were running down his cheeks while eyes were fixed in mine.

"no no no no-no-no-no this wasn't supposed to happened" he said "you were supposed to be great, and grow old with a big family".

"Don't blame yourself, you grate boy. I'll be fine" I said moving his bow-tie a little, just like I did the first day I met him "run, like with did before, run"

"Don't go, please! Don't go!" he cried "you are stronger than this, please, I know you can survive this."

"Don't forget about me, my mad man" I said feeling weaker than before.

"I won't"

"Thank you, raggedy Doctor, thank you for everything" said I closing my eyes and breathing one last time, and letting my soul leave my body. Leaving my doctor.

"No, No!" he sobbed in my hair as he placed my lifeless body on the ground giving me a kiss on the top of my head. "I'll miss you my little one"