This may be a bit confusing and not fit in the true plot quite right but just know that Chloe is Danielles daughter and that shes 17 and half I think the rest should fall into place if not then just ask in a review what something means.

Chloe Brooks hid in the shadow of the trees watching as a man by the name of Van Thomas exchange cash with an unidentified man. She silently cataloged every detail about him so she could later describe him, before continuing to follow Van as he made his way down a darkened alley.

She had always been an outcast, a person capable to blend in perfect with her surrounding and go completely unnoticed most of the time, which would've been fine if she wasn't always being compared with her outgoing Mom. This was one of the many recent moments where Chloe felt like she belonged, she felt like she finally had a purpose in life, plus she was good at it. She had totally taken after her aunt in loving adventures and dangerous situations, unlike her grounded stay at home Mom. Recently Chloe had gotten more courageous in her actions and Danielle had gotten more protective after her sister was announced dead.

Two months ago it had gotten so bad that Chloe had yelled at her Mom talking to her like she never had before. Danielle, who had also gotten more vulnerable, finally broke down and cried for the first time since "it" happened, in her daughters arms. Not long after Chloe packed and left a long letter to her Mother before ditching her expensive iPhone with a cheap flip that her boyfriend gave her, and moving back to D.C.

At the time Chloe didn't know why she wanted to go she just had to get away. She began living with her boyfriend, Brandon, of three years that she had managed a long distance relationship with. He just happened to be Eyal Lavins younger brother, and she learned Eyal just happened to have worked with Annie before, in whatever job he had. Eyal always seemed to keep a distance from Chloe as if he was keeping something from her. Brandon also worked for the FBI which Chloe easily made her way into even though she was underage by a few months no one could deny this girl had skills better than most field agents that had worked there for 5 years.

Her little rendez-vous with the unidentified man led her to the DPD of the CIA to get read in and debriefed by Calder Micheal's for her first joint mission. She had heard all the rumors of what had recently happened and how the traitor, Henry Wilcox, had just been killed a few weeks ago. As she walked in she shrank into the tiny corner listening to the guy that was Calder Micheal's talk.

"And we all know that this wonder woman has used every power possible to take Henry down. For that we will honor her, welcome back Annie Walker," He stood back as she took the stairs and the whole room clapped. Annie Walker, what her Aunt Annie? Yes, she thought, even dark there was no mistaking that was her aunt. What?!

"I want to say thanks for welcoming me back after everything thats happened, and I give a great thanks to Calder, Auggie, Joan,and Arthur for helping me." Chloe turned her head to the right, where Annie was looking, she saw Arthur Campbell the ex-ex-ex DCS and his wife the ex-ex DCS in her arms was a small baby that couldn't have been more that a month old. Chloe recognized them from the news. Joan held the baby Arthur beamed down at him and Auggie must have been the blind one, the baby was gently holding Auggies finger, it was really cute.

Chloe snapped back into reality whispering to herself, "My aunt Annie is alive."