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Chloe was nervous, not that she'd ever admit it. At first the girl in her wanted to run up and hug her aunt, but then the niece and daughter in her wanted to slap her for being so selfish. Yet again she was trying to help birng people to justice so it wasn't really selfish, and at the same time Annie had put her Mom through hell, and still was. Finally she saw the room get back to work and watch as Annie, Joan, Auggie, Aruthr, and the baby walked with Calder toward his office. She was suppose to meet the DCS, Calder, in less than one minute.

The assiant outside of the office was talking on the phone and waved to Chloe as a sign she could enter. She held up her hand to knock but put it down and eased the door open.

"Hello," Calder let out from the other side of the room, "who are you?"

"Um," She wrings my hands, "I'm," Chloe didn't want Annie to know who she was she knew that if she said Clarissa or Chloe she would know, and Annie may still figure it out although in the past few months not only had Chloes hair and style had changed but she had also grew up a lot in other ways and in my face so, "Clary," She said lightly, "I, I, am here from the FBI something about a, um, joint mission," Chloe said quietly she had never been shy before, and this new feeling felt foreign to her.

"Let me look," He said picking up something files on his desk obviously he wasn't very organized and had clearly been preoccupied by getting Annie home.

"Oh yes, I remember, take a seat," He says and the only sounds audible are from the little baby, Joan, and then Auggie and Annies quiet whispering, "You see the guy by the name of Tom Bates, is an American, trading highly vulnerable intel to a group of European agents for years, the intel so far hasn't been anything useful but we've had our eyes on him for months and he have noted that he could easily be swayed to join the CIA. He has also been caught in kidnapping and foreign threats. He is smart in dymanic and plans, but not so much with carrying them out. He is currently in the US and we would like him as an asset, yet you can't go at it alone and the person available in the DPD at the moment is Annie Walker she will be a great mentor and teacher toward you. Tomorrow morning will the official debriefing, be here at 6:30, got it?"

Chloe nodded

"Now that that is over come meet Annie," He said and walked toward where the all sat on the couch. if you only knew how much I already know her, she thought.

Chloe shook all their hands and then decided it was time to go she didn't want to look to comfortable around these people since clearly not many others would be getting in their clique any time soon, and she sure didn't want people to notice how mine and annies eyes were almost identical and how their noses were about the same and how they both bit our nails and tapped our foot when they were nervous.

While she was still fuming at Annie on the inside she loved and adored her aunt Annie, and right now she was nervous if she let Annie out of her sigh she might never she her again.

She sighed as Annie began to sit back down she suddenly grabbed her in a hug and Annie froze not sure of how to react with this stranger hugging her.

"Well," Calder said once I had finished and Annie and sat by Auggie again. Joan and Arthur looked a little confused and Auggie looked like he wanted to know what happened.

I began to walk to the door and didn't stop as I called, "I promise i won't tell Mom," over my shoulder, as I was shutting the door I looked back and Annie was staring straight ahead as if she had just seen a ghost.

Hmm, so much for being my mentor...

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