Hi all,

Sorry, not an update - it's all there typed up and whatnot and has been for sometime, but I'm not in the correct frame of mind to be updating.

I suffer quite badly with depression, and it's been responsible for most of the past stoppages in this story.

I am definitely continuing, but I need to wait until it feels right to continue, and I'm truly sorry for not updating at all in so long.

I am feeling a little better (hence why I'm even able to write this note) and I'm hoping to be back up and running within the next couple of weeks, but I wanted to keep you up to date in the meantime. I haven't written at all in weeks and I will be starting some smaller unrelated stories just to get back in to the way of writing, but this is still my main focus, and this far into the story I don't want to be pushing chapters out just for the sake of updating.

Again, I'm so sorry to keep you all hanging and I hope you can understand.