hey, this is another fic. felt like writing one based on Damian wayne and his father. It's real short, but I hope it's okay.

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The blade glinted in the faint light of the cave, darting forwards and imbedding itself in the wall. There was a curse from the thrower and another three knives were thrown, all hitting the practice dummy in a perfect straight line, from the head and two in it's abdomen.

Damian let out a puff of breath, sweat trickling down the bridge of his nose as he Surveyed the training room. It was littered with Dummies, some with no limbs, beheaded and stuffing pouring out of the sides. He had been training for 4 hours. Never stopping. Never giving up.

It was all to impress him.

Him, the batman, his father. It was all to make him proud...

That's all Damian ever wanted. He wanted his father to be proud of him.

It all happened too fast. His fighting was worthless against him - no against it. His clone, the Heratic. Damian didn't give in, even when there were arrows in his arms and blood in his throat in mouth. It was only when the blade pierced him, he knew.

Bruce stared down at the stone words. His Robin. His partener. His son.


It was like losing Jason all over again. The guilt was already starting to eat at him, Hollowing him out until he would be nothing but a shell.

Alfred placed an old withered hand on his shoulder.

" I'm sorry, sir..." He said. Bruce paused.

" so am I." He said finally.

" sir?"

" I never got to tell him.." He reached froward and traced the letters.

" tell him what sir?"

Bruce turned to look at the old butler, who's hand had left his shoulder and returned to his side. "...how proud I was of him."

" I'm certain he knows."

" I hope you're right Alfred. I hope you're right."

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