Okay so I'm writing this at the very start. I've only done the first two chapters and have a base line for about the next five. I'll write one of these at the very end of the story as well.

I was talking to a friend and complaining of the lack of Stephanie Brown based stories that were, you know, nice. Where you look at Steph as a character and her up's and down's and not just the fun moments. I like the stories that show her growing as a character and having fun as well, 'because she's Steph.

So she told me that people like me are the reason why there are no stories out there. I complain about the lack while not adding my creativity to it. So I started this.

So here you are you creative wench (No I lie. I love you girl)

I'm not doing any notes during the story, it'll just be one long read, so here's my Authors note for the entire thing. Well, no, not really. I'll add a note at the end as well.

So the story's about Stephanie in an A.U where her parent's worked for the League of Shadows. Her father was the Cluemaster and her mother was the Crystal. She's born in to blood and death and assassin-ney goodness. It's about key, and not so key, factors in her life and the people she meets and how it all shapes her.

Hinn-Raven (Who I love. Go read her stories. They are just perfect!) if you read this, I'm sorry it sounds like your story. I had this idea for some other character for Young Justice. Well not the same idea. She was an Assassin for the Shadows and she was born to them, raised by them and served them. It was snips of her life and her interaction with the team. Then I read yours and I loved it so here we are.

Okay I love Tim/Steph so you may see some of that later. I like Steph/Jay but I see it as less likely. They are just too opposite. They'd be friends though and I factor that in. Or I will.

My favourite Catwoman is drawn by Dwayne Cooke. So I used her costume when I was writing her base chapter. I don't actually read that much Catwoman so I'm sorry to anyone who absolutely loves her.

While writing I switch between her being Steph and her being The Fallen Cherub (Her alias) a lot. At the start of a sentence it may be Steph but by end it may be Cherub. That's 'cause Steph's is who she is in life and Cherub is who she is while working. Steph is lovely and bubbly while Cherub is cold and calculating. So I'm just cleaning that up now.

I have giant time skips some times and other times it will only be a few days or maybe a few hours.

Some chapters will have a significant impact on her life and the story, while others will have nothing to do with anything at all. They are just fun.

Some chapters are really, really long. While others may only a few hundred words or maybe even twenty. I can't say, it has yet to be written.

Some are really well written, some suck very bad. I apologises for those in advance.

I add some little know characters (Even too I. I got them from googleing a variety of words.) They might have only appeared once or twice and I thought they might be a good little cameo. See if you can spot all of them. Some are just Oc's.

I have actually given her costumes (Yes, She had more than one) a lot of thought. I have written a few lines describing them all (well the one's I have thought of so far) and I need a little help with them. So I'm going to post a poll of them. I'll write the descriptions in there. It'll be for later in the story so there may be something's that you don't get yet. GO VOTE (Plus while I was researching them, I found out that there's this call thing that can make cotton bulletproof! That's what Stephanie uses)

Okay I'm also at this cross road. I can't decide whether to write the entire story in just one go, or do a sequel and possibly make this trilogy. I could start with her first twenty years then go on to her life after the first story once she's met everyone and had some life experience, and finally her later years, all grown up and mature, with her past ghost haunting her. (Yes I am putting thought into this. I've been thinking about it while writing the first two chapters.)

Okay final thing. I'm going to suggest some lovely Steph stories. Ones I love.

Shifting-truths: Holiday cheer and of Robins and Bat-barbecues and so much fun. Go read them they are connected and just fun. Oh and Can badgers look worried? That's so cute.

Obscure Omen: Stephanie Brown and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. Just all the Damian Steph love there (friendship love not love love)

BiteMeTechie: Solo shows her grow as a character and has some very good moments.

Matt the batman: All the Misfitsverse just go and read.

MaverickSlurpee: Bonding Title says it all. Bonding with the Batfam

Potatopeeler: Here we go again: All the Steph/Tim love.

Bookwormwithanattitude: Crisis of infinite batgirls the adventures of all three batgirls simultaneously, it's a lot of fun.

These are all lovely stories, so you should go read them. They are written beautifully and need more love. Steph needs more love in her life.

People if you want more Steph love, write a story. If everyone who loves her writes one story about her, whether it's only a one shot of about 100 words or a huge multi chapter one, there will be a hell of a lot more Steph love out there, and we all love that. Hey if you suck, just ask people for assistance. I'll help you even! I want to spread the Steph love. Reason: SHE'S BACK! WE GOT HER BACK!

Yours truly,