Under, over, duck, flip, dodge, strike, launch, knife, death. The man's blood pooled around her feet, his body lay dead at her feet. His name unknown to her, his face to badly cut up to be identifiable. All in all, a good night's work.

As Cherub wiped her knife of blood, a flash of light appeared in the sky, a dark splot that had a somewhat resemblance to a bat appeared in the centre. The batsignal. Those pesky bats sure did love to theme everything up. Batcar, batcopter, batarang, batsignal, batcave, bathound, batbra, bat-toilet paper, batunderwear, batstereo-system, bat real-estate broker. Okay she may have been exaggerating a little, but the scary thing was she was pretty sure the bird boy wore batunderwear. Or did. Her personal information broker had told her he'd gone to the big city in the sky. Shame really. For a goody two shoes, he was rather cute. Even if she'd only met him that once or twice (Read: 15)

Grinning wickedly Cherub exited the building that the traitor had been 'living' in. Wrinkling her nose in disgust she stepped over the rotting food and a dead dog. Poor fellow. Even if her target hadn't been on her hit list, she would have killed him just for treating the poor animal so curly. I mean really, who kills a dog?

Cherub was less than enthusiastic to encounter the bats. She'd heard he'd been PMSing since the death of his bird, and had been taking it out on the bad guys. So instead of strolling through the city as her usual psychopathic self, she stripped her uniform off storing it in a back pack, eggplant of course, changed into a spare set of clothes and left as Stephanie Brown, her absolute favourite alias.

On occasion, when called for, she went by a verity of names. Alice Coster, Billie Lost, Abigail Morrows, Sally Holster but her favourite name remand the name her mother had given her. Stephanie Brown. She had her personal information broker look into her parents on her last birthday, when she had moved to Lady Talia's court. There had been several different Browns working for the League at her time of birth. One had stood out the most. The Cluemaster and his wife The Crystal. Arthur and Crystal Brown. They were dead now. Arthur had been killed on assignment, the details unknown, and Crystal had overdosed not long after. All very sad. But a name in the League wasn't that important, it was more code name and reputation.

See there's a key to surviving in the League. Impress but don't threaten. If you're not that good there's a chance you'll be killed. If you're too good you might be taken out to avoid turning on the League. So while one will change their alias hundreds of time to avoid being connected to any crimes, one rarely changed their code name at all. Unless it was really stupid. Or they were on the run.

Cherub used Stephanie way too much, but she loved it. She was so roped in that even this little freedom made her happy, and she was not about to relinquish it. So maybe she shouldn't have been surprised when she was tracked down. And maybe threating the person smart enough to track her down with sharp pointing things wasn't a good idea, after all, Stephanie was good at covering her tracks so who ever found her had to be good as well.

The death of the Leagues traitor had been but a few hours prior. His corpse probable found by then, after all she hadn't really gone to the trouble of hiding it or anything and they had made a ruckus. She had actually finished way ahead of schedule, so no one would be in Gotham to pick her up for about a day, and she couldn't radio in that she'd finished early what with radio silent and all. So she had a day off. Stephanie loved days off. She was thinking about going to the movies when a voice called to her from above.

"Hello kitten" Instincts instantly kicked in. Her hand moved slightly to her closest weapon, a dagger. Her eyes roamed the skyline till she caught sight of her admired.


Her Ladies rival in the love for Batman. She probable had the exact same type of cooties her lady had. Yuck (Hey she's thirteen, boys are gross)

Quick as lightning the famous Catwoman whip had stolen her dagger from her.

"Hey!" Cherub interjected.

"Bad girl" Catwoman said as she seemed to slither to the ground. "I'm not here to harm you kitten. I want to help."

"Help?" Cherub's eye brows were way passed her hair line now.

"Yes help, kitten. See I got a friend that needs help."

Cherub actually snorted. She didn't mean too. But Catwoman was so precious thinking that she, a deadly, deadly assassin, would 'help'. She wanted help for someone else to boot.

"Something funny Kitten?" Catwoman cocked her head as soon as she saw the amusement on Cherub's face.

"I'm not in the business of helping people Ms….."

"Call me Selina kitten, and my sources say different. Little Ping in Tibet. You took her farther out after you found he had been less fatherly with her then is expectable. Lian Ross in Australia, you returned her to her mother, Gabriel Scott in Hub city was rescued from a child prostitute ring. You might be a killer, but you're as sweet as honey kitten" Cherub had started glaring at Selina after only a few words. She knew way too much about her. She should probable kill her, but then again…..

"What do you want help with?"

Selina's smile was so victories that Cherub just wanted to leave her there and then, but Stephanie wanted to help. She liked helping.

"A friend of mine has gotten caught in this bad, bad crowd. She needs some help getting out and disappearing for good. What do you say?"

"…..Who's your friend?"

"Her name's Holly Robinson. She's only a year or two older than you are. She's smart. Most of the time. We use to work together back in my street days."

"You were a hooker?" Stephanie could not believe what she was hearing. Oh Lady Talia was going to have a field day when she learned about this.

"Nothing wrong with working the streets. But I found something I liked better," Stephanie decided right there and then that she liked Selina. She knew what she wanted and wasn't afraid to take it. Stephanie would have to look her up next time she was in Gotham.

"I want to help."


"….But my lady would never allow it. She's not exactly your biggest fan you know, and she'll know if I'm there rather than doing my job" Stephanie did want to help. She had a fondness for those in their teens or younger in bad situations they had no control over. Wonder why?

"What's your name, kitten?" Catwoman finally asked. Cherub had been waiting for it since they first met. Everyone wants to know who their working with.


"No, your real name?"


"Well Steph I think that you and I could help each other. I need some help with my friend. And you crave some sense of freedom. I might be able to help you there," Steph…. Why Steph? What was wrong with Stephanie? Did Selina not like her name? Did she deem it to long? What?

"Fine I'll help, but I can't as Cherub. My Lady would not approve."

"That's why the fallen angles becoming a god" Selina's grin spread across her entire face and Stephanie was a little scared.


Stephanie was….. Unconfutable to say the least. She was used to skin tight cloths, but her clothing took up everything. No weakness, no exposure. Even the back of her neck was padded. But what Selina had dressed her in was a little more exposing.

Selina herself wore a skin tight cat suit with overly large pointed goggles and a cat cowl. The zipper on her suit was huge and right there. It would be so easy to zip it down, and she was fairly sure Selina didn't wear a bra. But when zipped up to the tippy top, it gave her a turtle neck. Stephanie was less lucky.

For some unknown reason Selina kept a suit in the exact size of Stephanie. It was black, as all good burglar outfits should be, 'cause you know the villain who wears glowing green sparkles is so going to get caught, but it was split in two. Cherub had been taught that the best outfits for her line of work were one piece on top or bottom. It protected everything then. But nope. Selina had told her to shut up and put the rest on when she voiced her discomfit. It did not have an under piece so most of Stephanie's stomach was exposed. The mask was small and only covered the top part of her face. Her golden hair tied into a low hanging ponytail. The mask was black with golden Egyptian eye trimmings. And cat ears.
Selina named her Bast.


"We're on the clock Kitten. Call me Catwoman" But she just told her to call her- oh never mind.

"Catwoman why is half my stomach exposed? Wouldn't it be easy to get knifed or shot there?"

"For someone with your skills? Psh. I've heard that you can take out 30 armed men without getting hit once. As long as you keep that skill level you'll be fine."

"I was trained to never to get cocky whe-"

"You're not. You know that you'll be in danger, and you know that you may get hurt. You're not cocky. I however have heard the tails of the Fallen Cherub's fighting skills and have complete and other confidence in you," Catwoman gave Bast a wink then pulled her goggles down. "Now, let's go have some fun!" It was official. Catwoman was insane.


It had taken over 2 hours to find the correct docks. As Bast skidded to a halt she ponded over why Gotham would have so many docks, even if it was an Island city, and why, after having so, so many villains using them as bases, they had yet to improve the security at them? It confused her to no end.

"Okay Kitten there seems to be a lot of people with guns down there. Let's see if we can't fix that," Stephanie was impressed by Catwoman's planning. She'd heard her Lady complaining about how her love could even look at someone so idiotic and rash. But Selina didn't seem that way at all. She planned this, and Bast could see her picking off the edges. She watched their numbers slowly dwindled, without any assistance from the young assassin.

Bast was getting inpatient with being left on the side lines. So using the training she had received her entire life, she attacked. Catwoman didn't seem to kill, so she avoided taking any life as well. She moved in quick, stopping her target from calling for help and disabled them.

Bast wasn't sure how many she had taken down, but after what felt like her hundredth, the alarm went off. One of the victims had been found.

"Wonder who got sloppy," Catwoman said as she slipped up onto the roof next to Bast. Shrugging Bast returned her gaze to the rest of the guards. "Hmmm," within a blink on an eye Catwoman was gone. Bast couldn't even see her moving down there and after only a minute or two she was back on the roof. With an add addition.

"I ain't scared of no crazy cat bitches!"

"Well hello to you too honey. I need a little bit of advice. See my partner here thinks we should just kill our way to our goal. But I rather do things a little subtler. I want to avoid your deaths. But if my partner here wins. Well" Catwoman moved her head to his ear and whispered ever so softly and innocently. "You'll be the first to go."

At the sight of the short sword Bast had pulled out the man visibly paled. He started blubbering about how his boss had hired the best assassin in the world (a fact Cherub knew to be incorrect) and how he'd shot this person, sold that person some drugs and how penguin was plotting this and blah blah blah.

"Not what we're after. Me and Bast are after this little girl who stole from me. Apparently you boys got to her first. We want her back," Catwoman all but growled.

"I ain't heard of no kid! Leave me alone cat bitch!" He screamed.

"Oh what a naughty mouth you have there. Bast if you will," Stepping forward Bast placed her swords to his throat.

He gulped and blood was drawn. "Okay! Okay!" He sighed. "Boss man's got her over at his main building in the Diamond district. I ain't lying girly."

"I know" Catwoman said as she dropped her guest from the roof. He landed with a Thump of the two story building. He'd live, not well mind, but he'd still live.

"Come on kitten. We've got a clue," Catwoman said with a quick glance at the body on the ground, as the other occupants of the warehouse surrounded the body, before turning, running and jumping off the building.

Bast herself speared a look at the body lying on ground before hurrying after Selina to the skyline of Gotham.

Gotham was beautiful. It was impossible to deny that under neither all the blood stained streets and filthy grottoes that she didn't sparkle like a gem. And Stephanie took it all in as she and Selina flew across her roof tops.

Faintly she could hear the lull of jazz music and the soothing sound of people going about their business…..Even if that business did happen to be murder, rape and/or theft. Hey, Gotham was still Gotham, even if she did shine.

Stephanie lost her senses in the, now, familiar streets. Even though apart of her was keeping track of the silent cat in front of her, her mind was wandering. Being a part of the League of Shadows meant that Stephanie had heightened senses and could detect the little things that most people wouldn't. Like right at that moment her mind was focusing on a man who was being butchered. She was too far away to be able to do anything, even if she wanted to. Stephanie was an assassin. A heartless, cold blooded assassin….. And assassins didn't care about other people.

"Kitten, mind on me," Catwoman called out from in front of her.

They had been running across the Gotham skyline for a while now, and had crossed multiple districts to get to the Diamond districts from there start point. There final stop was in front of a rather nice building. It had a front door and a counter with a receptionist who had a pretty flower dress on. It also had nine armed guards, heat sensors, automatic lock down, a multitude of vents that could pump poisons gas in, motion sensors and about a dozen almost-impossible-to-hack cameras. Who the hell was this guy and why was he not one of her contacts in Gotham?

"Salvatore Maroni" Catwoman all but snarled.

Mobster extraordinaire. The man famous for creating your friendly neighbourhood schizophrenic psychopath, Two-Face.

She'd heard of him. Or more accurately she'd been warned off of him. He did not play well with others and even less so with assassins. So being one of the most unrecognizably recognizable assassins in the world may not have been the best thing at the moment.

Cherub was second guessing herself. After all she'd never met this girl and her lady, the one she was sworn to serve, did not like Catwoman one bit. A few more thoughts in that direction and her feet where itching to turn and take her away. Cherub would play no part in this.

But Bast would.

Stephanie would.

She enjoyed this. The feel of assisting people was a rush that she had never, ever felt before. It was more exhilarating than dodging bullets, more griping then flying through the sky and so satisfying. Stephanie was addicted.

So she stayed. She glared down at the building and found multiple points of entry. She saw the weakness through assassin's eyes but applied it through heroic actions. It was the most alive she had ever felt. She hoped it never ended.

"Catwoman. There's a weakness in the left hand corner in about 1.48 minutes. The camera doesn't reach there and the guard will walk past it and not return for 5.14 minutes, they are lacking any sensors there as well. It's the best choice with the highest succession. It's a blind spot," She rambled as her gaze never left the area.

"Perfect Kitten. But we will need a hostage. The receptionist maybe….."

"No she is skilled in a verity of martial arts."

"How do you know?"

"The way she's carrying herself. Uppity but not self-righteous. She can handle her own in a fight. My suggestion? That guard," She pointed down to the largest guard, with possible 150 pounds on the two girls, combined.

"Him?" Catwoman inquired staring at him. He'd be easy for her to take down, but might make a noise.

"Yes him. His weight would slow him down sufficiently so we would have the advantage. But he may put up a fuss…."

Bast turned to look at Catwoman and saw a gigantic grin on her face. "What?"

"Nothing Kitten. You just have taken to this so well..."

"I just adapted the methods we use in assassinations to not kill. It's rather easy really," She shrugged and started the countdown for when the best point of entry would be open. 21,20,19,18,17…..

"Whatever you say Kitten, you just seem ha-"

"Time to move Catwoman," Bast cut her off, staring as the guard of their choosing moved into sight.

The two dived bombed him. Attacking from different angles that would incapacitate him quickly and silently, but still allow them to interrogate him to find the whereabouts of Holly. They'd be able to give the dynamic duo a run for their money. Well if the bird was still flying that is.

Bast covered his mouth as she jabbed her leg into his side, hearing the tell-tale CRACK of a rib braking. Her mouth twitched at the corners in a very sadistic way.

Bast, using all of her years training as an assassin, building up all that muscle, dragged his body behind cover and out of view of any other wondering guards, hand still placed firmly on his mouth.

"Hello Hun. You and your boss have taken something that I want," Catwoman said as she crawled on him, Bast's hand moving ever so slightly away so that he could speak softly.

"We ain't taken nothing from you Catchick," Surprisingly he did not spite the words, he was actually really calm about it even with the busted rib.

"Oh but you have," Catwoman said in a very coy voice as she learned over him. "Her names Holly Robinson and a little birdie told me she was being kept here."

"Listen Catbroad, if I sing it'll be my head on the line, so I think I'll keep my trap shut," What was this guy? A gangster form 1920's?

"Well if you don't 'sing' your head will be on the line any way."

"Nah uh. I know killing ain't in your repertoire."

"Spell that," Bast stated staring at him.

"Cat you ain't one to work with others. Who's the kid?"

"Bast. And killing is in her 'repertoire' among other, just as painful things."

"Yeah? This kid looks like she ain't hit puberty yet. She's going to need to do some growing before she's scary."

Grinning Bast learned in, letting all her training as an experienced killer take over. Her smile was gruesome and blood thirsty, with a hint of insanity mix in for good measure. Her eyes under her mask where slits, staring into his soul. Her body language spoke volumes. The tilt in her head, how far apart her legs where and the way her body just, sat. It all screamed insanity.

"I can do far worse things to you then your boss. The question is do you want to give us the information we need now, or after. Then get your bosses tip as well. Your choice."

The man, who had been sitting quiet comfortable, visible paled as he swallowed the lump in his throat. Stuttering a bit he answered.

"Basement. She's with Kevin Ro'Mcall," He rasped before Bast slammed his head against the wall, knocking him unconscious.

"Ro'Mcall. Oh he's a bad man. We need to get their now," Catwoman growled as she leapt off of the unconscious man and seemed to teleport into the building.

"How to the hell does she do that?" She was either asking no one, talking to herself again or asking the unconscious man. None where really that good.

Shrugging, possible in answer to her own question, Bast took off after Catwoman. For some reason she wasn't as fast or slippery as Catwoman, even with her years of training. But she kept up with her all the same.

They crept along the hallways, avoiding prying eyes of the workers, security cameras and motions sensors.

Finally Bast couldn't take any more and had to ask. "Do you know where the basement is?"

You could actually see the dust start flying when she came to a halt.

"Not really," she answered scratching her head. "I didn't really plan anything it was a spur of the moment thing."

Bast pinched her bridge, something that is incredibly hard when one is wearing a mask over there face.

"Okay give me a moment," she disappeared behind a corridor in search of the pretty little cleaner she'd saw only moments ago.

She might have been Hispanic. Maybe Latino Bast couldn't be certain. But this place was just filled with stereotypes, so…..

"Disculpe señorita," when the cleaners head turned Bast grabbed her around the neck. "Excusa Parece que he conseguido un poco perdido. ¿Podría usted por favor que me señale en la dirección del sótano?"

"S-sí, señora. Sólo vuelve por donde has venido a la izquierda y seguir adelante hasta que usted llegue a un ascensor. Debe haber una caja de la escalera no más a la izquierda a partir de ahí. Desciende hacia abajo. por favor, tengo una familia!" she begged. God Bast hated the begging. Rolling her eyes under her mask she slammed the cleaners head against the wall, dropping her and retreating to Catwoman.

"That way," pointing the two raced down the hall in the attempt to make up the time they had wasted.

The two shared no words as they followed the cleaners instructions. The only sound was the ever so faint pit pat pit pat of their feet. When they came upon the elevator they turned left to find the stairwell right where it was meant to be.

"Peeeerfect~" Catwoman purred. Alright she may have taken the Cat in Catwoman a little to far.

Nodding silently the two began their descent down the stairs. Bast, being Cherub, counted 412 steps to the very bottom. Once arriving at the bottom the two were met with-nothing.

There was nothing but an empty space. A few lights overhead, the occasional one flickering, but other than that nothing but empty space.

"Okay, what the hell!" Catwoman growled. Her eyes darting around the room underneath her goggles. Bast simple shrugged her eyes catching movement in the darkness.

A loud CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP was heard echoing from the darkness. "Well done ladies. When I first heard that you where after this little dumpling," A girl with tattered blonde hair was thrown from the darkness, landing in front of Catwoman who rushed to her side. "I was intrigued. What did she do to piss off the grate Catwoman? Then my informants told me that she hadn't pissed you off, but was instead a friend of yours that you want back. Well listen here girly. She stole from me and I caught her. She's mine to do as I please with."

"A person's life belongs to no one," Bast called out into the darkness, her eyes finally picking up on the speaker. He was a man in his late fifties, with dark black hair that was just greying at the sides. His nose was bent at an odd angle, as if it had been broken many times. His eyes where little and black and he wore a fancy dark blue suit with a white undershirt. He was the spitting imagine of the mafia.

"Oh I heard 'bout you girly. 'Bast' Catwomans brand new protégé. HA. I know who you really are kid. The Fallen fucking Cherub!" He screeched the last sentence, foaming at the mouth. "You're lot killed more of my men den I can count. Oh I'm going to enjoy carving you. But first I think I'll let me men have their way with ya," Okay now that was just gross. Bast couldn't help but shudder at his words as a chill crawled up her back. Mobsters. They were all alike. "Boys."

A mass amount of men came rushing form the shadows from behind their boss. Mind you, Bast had spotted them almost as soon as she'd spotted Maroni, but Catwoman didn't appear to have heard a word of the conversation. She was too busy cradling Holly's head in her arms. Bast was alone in this endeavour.

Remembering all her training, Bast bought out two knives she'd picked up in Tibet. She did so love Tibet. They had some of the best blacksmiths in the world. As well as some of the best poisons. And the people of, she loved the people. She had to go back there.

Smiling she launched at the incoming men. As soon as she got a good count, about twenty, she'd calculated the best string of attacks and rushed inwards. Her feet connected to the closest man's teeth rendering him incapable of attacking. 1 down.

As she flew of the first man's face, she thrust her hands out and slashed at two men's throats. Blood began to pool at the ground before they had even dropped. Three down.

She landed, crouched down, butted her head into someone's face while kicking the man behind her in the stomach. Both went down with the pure force she possessed. Five down.

She flipped over one man slashing his throat as she did, landed in a crouch, hit her left boot on the ground in at the very heel, then spun around in a circle slashing at seven different men's legs. Both her boots, which she had refused to change, held razor sharp knives in them. When she hit the heel at a certain spot the blades appeared. Laced with poison. Yeah they were dead. Twelve down. Eight to go.

Sighing she stood in the circle of dead bodies, her shoes coated with their blood. Her eye's danced across the remaining faces. Twenty lives would wend tonight. How many people had she killed already? Seventy? Eighty? Nighty? A hundred? She'd didn't know. (Alright she did know. She just didn't want to think about it.)

The remaining men where less than enthusiastic about attacking the inhuman killing machine. They knew that she'd take them easily. But if they ran, then there'd have to deal with their boss. Better a quick death then what he'd have planned. So they rushed her.

Bast had predicted this and drawn small little knives, no bigger than the middle finger, coated with poison. Taking a deep breath, she rushed them in return. They had not been expecting this. She'd barely moved since the fighting started. A few of them halted, but most kept running. Her left boot, which still had the poisoned knife out, hit one square on the chest. She used this force to propel her towards the closest member who she jabbed with a poisoned knife. She back flipped and landed on the shoulders of one of the men before breaking his neck. Five left.

She raced towards the biggest there. He appeared to be ready to catch her and was looking rather confident right up till the moment she slid under his legs, jabbing a poisoned knife as she did. Gasping for a quick breath of air before turned in the last four. No smile played on her face as she stared into their eyes. She wasn't happy about getting this much blood on her hands in such a short time, but it was inevitable.

One rushed her. He was faster than the others, but still slower than her. She dodged his attack fisted her hand in his hair, then slammed his face in the ground hearing the tell-tale CRACK of his skull breaking. Then she pulled his head up and hurled him into the guy that was trying to sneak attack her.

As she fasted past him she lodged a knife into the man attempting to push off the large lump that had landed on him. No survivors.

She turned back to Catwoman, who had coxed Holly into continues. Both were staring at Bast, who'd only gained a scrape from sliding along the floor (full body suits god damn it!) and then at the bodies of the eighteen dead men. Which reminded her.

Turning with lightning speed, she threw the last to poison coted knives at the two remaining men. Both lodged right in their necks.

"Catwoman is she okay?" Bast asked as she approached the two.

"Yeah, she'll be fine. Won't you honey?" Catwoman asked as she stroked Holly's cheek.

"Give me a week and I'll be up causing trouble like never before," Holly said grinning. Her smile faulted momentarily when they heard a Click.

Bast turned to see Maroni holding a gun to her head.

"As good as they say. Better even. Oh the things I could do with you girl. But alas you're a no good whore of an assassin WHO NEEDS TO DIE!" Maroni shot the gun. Bast dodged.

She raced forward, her feet landing on the ground for only a fraction of a second. She reached him in record time. She'd run out of knives. But he had a gun.

Slamming her hand down in a karate chop, which might I just add is rather effective when used probably and hurts like hell, on his writs which forced him to release the gun, she twisted slamming her foot into him. Mind this was her right foot, and she had not bought her knife out yet. It was the heat of battle, she was thirteen and pumped full of adrenaline let's see how you handle that sort situation, alright?

Her hand snatched the gun before it hit the ground and aimed it at his head.

"Salvatore Maroni by the laws in place by the court of owls, who rule Gotham from a shadowy perch I sentence you to death for your crims," Maroni was a mob boss. He wasn't a goon, he had some brains at least and deserved this fair well.

"The who? No one rules Gotham but me Girly!" He snarled. Okay he may have been lacking in the brains a little.

Shaking her head slowly, she fired the gun. There was a moment of silence before he fell, hitting the ground with a loud THUMP.

Turning back to Catwoman, she assisted in carrying Holly out. Luckily they ran into no one on their way so Stephanie's kill count didn't rise anymore that night.

The three girls where half way across Gotham when Bast realized that the sun was coming up. Well damn. She was hoping to gain a few hours' sleep before going to meet her contact that would return her to The League.

Picking up their pace, the three girls practically ran back to Selina's apartment. Once they had fiddled with the window ("We can't go in the door Steph, the other tenets will notice!") and dragged their sorry, sore asses in, Stephanie raced off to change into her Eggplant shirt and jeans before grabbing her bad and racing out of the apartment.

"STEPH!" Selina and Holly called before she'd even left the apartment building. Screeching to a halt she rounded on the two girls.

"We just wanted to thank you for the saving my sorry ass," Holly said as she leaned on Selina.

"It's all right. I wouldn't have even bothered if Selina hadn't ambushed me. Now I really must be off mow."

"Wait a moment Steph," Selina said as she leaned Holly against the wall before racing and engulfing Stephanie in a hug. "If you're ever in Gotham, just drop by alright?"

Stephanie stayed silent for a moment before asking the question that had been eating at her all night. "Why do you call me Steph? My names Stephanie, so why?"

Selina raised her perfectly curved eyebrow. "It's a term of endearment. Why don't you like it?"

Endearment? Oh, so she liked Stephanie. Alright that cleared a lot of things up.

"Has no one ever given you a nick name before?"

Stephanie shook her head. The only name she'd been given was Angel when she was younger and that had been an insult.

"Well from Stephanie you get Steph and Stephhie and Annie and many more. But let's stick with Steph for now, alright?"

"Yeah that's fine," Stephanie said as she drew away from Selina. "When I'm in Gotham next time, I'll look you two up. Get better Holly!"

"Hey wait a moment!" Holly called out, but Stephanie kept walking. "Who the hell are the Court of owls?"

Turning her head slightly she yelled out, "Speak not a whispered word of them, or they'll send a Talon for your head."

Stephanie left without another word. Next time she was in Gotham she'd say hi to the two. But for now she had to return to her life as an assassin for The League Of Shadows.

And Stephanie had once again gained another two names. Bast and Cherub. She wouldn't be giving them up any time soon either.

Steph out.

Kill count: 99