A/N So recently I watched the series RWBY and pretty much fell in love with it. For once the whole cast of main characters was female and even better, the music was made for the series. Anyway, this little idea popped into my head and wouldn't leave me alone. Sorry if the writing's a little sloppy but I hope you all get the gist of it. Anyway, enjoy!

Disclaimer: Yah nope, nothing but the plot and idea again.

The first time they met obviously wasn't the best. The smaller girl had knocked over her luggage which contained some very fragile bottles of dust. Hence the reason why the bottles had such packaging. But Weiss could have been a little nicer about the whole ordeal. After all it was sort of apparent that the girl had just been spun around until she didn't know up from down.

The second time they ran into each other Weiss was a little surprised at the speed of which the smaller girl jumped into her sister's arms. What also caused her to blink a little was the fact the blonde's knees buckled ever so slightly. The white hired heiress learned the name to her current vexation, Ruby, and used sarcasm to get over her shock. Even after all the yelling the dolt wanted nothing more than to be her friend.

So now here she was, in the barn with the rest of these…people, glaring over at the commotion caused by the two sisters. Seated at their feet was the black haired girl from that morning who had spoken out against her family and their company. But Weiss had to stop and blink again.

Ruby may have been younger but her muscles rippled under her skin, just barely defined. Even the blonde, Yang was it, didn't have that same underlying hint of strength. She either spent a lot of time in the gym or her weapon was just that heavy.

As Weiss stormed closer she came to see just how much muscle Ruby had. Yang was lucky she didn't have a bloody nose from that initial punch. The whitette frowned slightly. Should Ruby ever get angry with her to the point of physical harm there was no doubt she could easily beat Weiss within an inch of her life.

Mentally Weiss prayed that she wouldn't be stuck with the girl for the rest of her four years at Beacon. It was obvious that Ruby could make a strong teammate but the heiress'…abrasive personality was bound to get on the girl's nerves. It had that morning after the younger girl had said sorry a few times but been pointedly ignored.

What does she need all that muscle for? And why I am still thinking about this?! Weiss huffed and rolled over, intent on getting a few hours of sleep. It wouldn't be the best sleep, considering all the people snoring, but she still needed her strength for tomorrow.

The next morning Weiss watched for the corner of her eye as Ruby talked with her sister. Her weapon was folded up, nice and neat, but there was still an obvious bulk to it. More so than Pyrrha's weapons that lay strapped to her back and defiantly more than Myrtenaster. Interestingly enough Weiss didn't know what weapon it would become even though she had spent nearly a month reviewing all the different weapon types known to Vale just so she'd have even more of an edge when getting to Beacon.

It was in the fight with the Beowolves that Weiss got her answer.

She had been partially surprised by Ruby's appearance and had hastily sent the attack off to the side. But what startled her more was the young girl's weapon.

A scythe. One that was clearly longer than Ruby was tall and had a gun built in. That was the reason Ruby had so much muscle in her arms. She had to wield around the massive weapon and probably did so with ease.

I'll have to ask Father to look for any videos of Ruby she mentally noted as the two ran away. It bothered Weiss a little when Ruby exclaimed that the fight should have been easy and the fact the younger girl wasn't panting in the slightest. Was there truly a benefit to wielding that massive weapon?

When said massive weapon took off the Nevermore's head Weiss conceded to say yes, there was defiantly a benefit. Of course she didn't say that out loud, oh no. And then her mind begrudgingly brought up Ruby's small line from before.

"You're about to see a whole other side of me today Weiss!" And indeed she had. The plan was actually well thought out for a split second decision and Ruby's strength both impressed and scared the heiress.

Just how strong is this girl?