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Undetermined Amount of Time Later

Weiss sighed comfortable as she snuggled into her living, breathing pillow of the moment. Ruby's body was warm and soft to the touch, a contrast to her chap lips and wind knotted hair. The girl moaned slightly in her sleep and pulled the whitette closer. The heiress smiled in content and gently ran her fingers down her girlfriend's arms.

Over the years they had trained Ruby had grown up both physically and mentally. Yang often teased the younger girl about the amount of time she spent in the gym but it was necessary. Crescent Rose had been remodeled to accommodate its owner's growth and still held the initial length to height difference between wielder and weapon. Such an extension also produced a slightly heavier load and Ruby's muscles had grown to accommodate that fact too.

Now there was no longer a tantalizing hint of muscles rippling beneath the younger girl's skin. Each muscle was faintly carved out, not just in her arms but all around too. Ghosting her fingers over the battered old tank top Weiss still felt a small thrill when she felt the clear definition of abs in Ruby's stomach. Her hand drifted lower, tracing the lines of her girlfriend's leg muscles, electing a small groan from the brunette*. Weiss smiled and absently nuzzled Ruby's neck.

"Mmm that feels good," the brunette muttered groggily. The heiress looked up to see a tired smile on her girlfriend's face and felt her own growing larger. "What time is it?"

"A little before six. I didn't mean to wake you." Years ago, when they had first started dating, Weiss didn't offer any sort of apology for her behavior at times. It had clearly hurt Ruby but never once did she turn her formidable strength against the whitette. After a time the heiress started to think her leader just simply didn't know how to hurt her friends. She was too honest a person for that.

"S'alright. Kinda a nice way to wake up anyway." Ruby rolled onto her side and wrapped her arms around Weiss' waist, tugging her even closer. It was clear she was still only half awake and Weiss didn't mind that. The team had just gotten back from a major mission last night and they all needed rest, Ruby even more so. She was essentially the heavy hitter of the team, being able to do the most damage in the least amount of time. And besides, neither Blake nor Yang would be complaining of the late rising if Weiss knew them well enough.

"You can go back to sleep if you want," Weiss said softly as her girlfriend tiredly nuzzled her cheek. This prompted a small gasp to escape her lips and Ruby's grin grew cheeky as her eyes opened a bit more. She hummed a mindlessly little tune as she pretended to think about the idea while running her fingers over Weiss' arm. Even though the graze was light it still portrayed the amount of strength she usually kept hidden beneath her cloak. The heiress shivered and wondered just once more how she managed to land herself with being the girlfriend to an incredible strong, honest, and caring person.

"Wow I'm really too tired to purse this," Ruby muttered absently as she tried holding in a yawn. It didn't work as she turned her head away to yawn. The only thing Weiss complained about much these days was having someone yawn in her face. Ruby had the same problem. Both thought of it like a Grimm creature opening its mouth to bite a chunk out of them. "Guess I'll just go back to sleep." Closing her eyes the brunette wrapped her arms more securely around Weiss' waist and drifted back to dreamland with a light snore.

Weiss smiled and ran her fingers once more over her girlfriend's toned arms. She had always loved the idea of being held by someone gently who could so easily crush her should they want. It made her feel safe and protected, knowing that the strength her lover had would never be turned against her. The heiress counted herself lucky that it came in the form of her cheerful and honest girlfriend of Ruby Rose.

* Okay so in the show Ruby's hair looks to be brown with red streaks. The wiki says it's black with red streaks. I have no idea what to think so I'm just going to go with my initial thought of brown. Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed, even though it is a little short!