First fanfic. Probably needs a little work to make it better but just figured I'd try my hand at a story that I don't have an outline for.

First fanfic. Probably needs a little work to make it better but just figured I'd try my hand at a story that I don't have an outline for.

People couldn't help but stare as a pitch black sports car rolled up the parking lot of the Kaiba Dome. As the door opened everybody could hardly contain a gasp as they saw the driver. It was a teenager with two tone brunette hair that went down to the top of his shoulders, with the top being a light brown almost orange with the rest being a dark brown. He also had chocolate brown eyes that sat directly beneath his bangs making him quite handsome according to most females.

He wore black leather pants with a chain leading from one of his pockets to a belt loop near the back. He wore a belt with what looked like deck cases all the way around. He also had on a white trench coat with a high collar that was red on the inside with multiple buckles on the front all of which were unbuckled to allow people to see the tight black leather sleeveless shirt with a collar that went up to the back of his head that was undone in the front He also had on boots with multiple buckles on them as well with a number of them undone.(Just imagine Jaden with Seto's trench coat and a modified version of Yugi's shirt and pants underneath)

A few people couldn't figure out why he was dressed like that but others knew exactly who it was and had to fill the others in. He was Jaden Kaiba, formerly Jaden Yuki. The adoptive son of the CEO of KaibaCorp and the owner of Duel Academy Island, Seto Kaiba.

As to why the ones who knew who he was didn't question his fashion sense because of all the rumors circulating around him. His adoptive father had a love of wearing trench coats which it was apparent Jaden also ended up with. But the rumors said not only was he trained by Kaiba but also by The King of Games himself, Yugi Moto. Most of the people could easily tell that Jaden also got some of his fashion sense from Yugi as well evident by the shirt and pants.

As Jaden walked towards the entrance to the Kaiba Dome he could hear the whispers of everybody who saw him.

'That's Jaden Kaiba, The Prince of Duel Monsters.'

'Gonna get special treatment 'cause his father owns the school'

'He's cute'

That last one made his smirk. Now Jaden wasn't like typical rich kids he didn't expect anything to get handed to him an ideal his father made sure to tell him as many times as he could. He always tried his best and the fact that people though he would get special treatment made him frown. 'Seriously if I was getting special treatment why would I be taking the practical test? Wouldn't I already be wearing a Obelisk Blue Uniform if that was the case?'

Now Jaden wasn't an arrogant individual. He was just extremely confident in his dueling skills and could back it up. Sure he aced the written exam but it's not because he was the owner's kid. It was because he spent hours upon hours studying for it. As he made his way towards the entrance to the arena one though was going through his head. 'Time to Get My Game On!'

Sorry for the short first chapter. Gonna try to make longer chapters after this. No Flames please but constructive criticism is nice though. Thank you for reading and stay tuned for the second chapter.