Chapter Twenty Nine: An Old Woman's help, A Man thought Dead

Even after the individual's name, the time of death and death condition on the DEATH NOTE were filled out, the time and condition of death can be altered as many times as you want, as long as it's within 6 minutes and 4 seconds from the time it was filled in. But of course, this is only possible before the intended victim dies.

Naruto was silent as he floated in the sky above New Whirlpool, looking around in thought as his Rinnegan looked into the distance, hoping to find his some sign of something that lead to his son, 'I don't know where to start with finding the Akatsuki…' Naruto thought sadly.

'Naruto! If you can hear me then look east, Karin says there's a ton of chakra coming this way.'

Naruto nodded and turned, 'Thanks Ino.' he thought as his eyes focussed through the clouds and light rain.

Naruto lowered down through the clouds, entering the normal atmosphere below the clouds as he looked down at the literal hundreds of Chakra Signatures, 'Hyuuga… Aburame, Yamanaka... and Akamichi… they did come!' Naruto thought with a calm smile as he continued to lower through the air.

Naruto turned and looked behind him at the 'city center,' seeing the buildings were slowly being rebuilt by the Seals carved into them.

"Uzumaki-san, are these our new villagers?"

Naruto landed with a smile as he nodded, "Hai Uzumaki-san." Naruto said to the beautiful red-head walking towards him.




"Okay, ready to remove it now." Sakura said as she looked away from her patient and up at Karin.

Karin nodded and slowly pulled the sword from the unconscious woman's back, seeing Sakura's chakra stitch the wound closed while Naruto stood beside the three of them, pulsing his new found Healing Chakra over the three of them.

"Who is she?" Han asked from his place behind Naruto.

The young blonde shrugged, "I have no idea, but for some reason… I feel like we can trust her." Naruto said.

"Okay, that's the best I can do." Sakura said before stretching, "If you want her woken up I should get Tsunade-shishou, but it's better for her to rest."

Naruto nodded and he knelt and picked up the woman bridal style, "I'm going to take her inside and find a place for her to rest." Naruto said before turning and walking towards the stairwell of the tower.

Luckily, the door had fallen off many years prior, allowing Naruto to walk inside with no hindrance, but the moment he entered the stairwell, he paused as the unconscious woman's necklace began to glow and levitate. Naruto's Rinnegan snapped on, ready for any threat only to see a line of chakra coming from the crystal in the necklace and leading through the air down the hallway.

Curiously, Naruto followed the beam of chakra light – being joined by a curious Temari who saw him walk past the room she had been trying to clean up for the unconscious woman – all the way to the basement of the tower, eventually coming to a stop in front of a tiny hole in the wall that seemed to be carved into it rather then received from damage.

"Hey, Temari-chan," Naruto said as he turned to her, "Can you put her necklace in that?"

Temari nodded and did so, letting the crystal slip into place in a way that reminded Naruto of his previous adventure in the Land of Snow – now turned Land of Spring – before she stepped back behind Naruto, watching as seals lit up all over the wall before spreading through the tower.

Temari looked at Naruto in concern, "What's happening?" she asked.

Naruto read as many of the tiny seals as he could as they started to take effect, picking up dust and debris through the air as it did so, "It's… rebuilding… this crystal acts like Saved Data but on a physical level. It's returning the buildings and what it can of the land back to their prime." he said as he lead Temari up one floor so that they could step outside.

Everyone in Uzushio came together around Naruto and Temari, watching as the Kage tower was restored to it's former glory in under twenty minutes, "Well… that makes things easier!" Tsunade said with a grin.


Flashback End


"So… you've only just woken up and the first thing you do is come see me..." Naruto mumbled as he watched the woman carefully, "And you also know of my incoming guests."

The woman nodded as she took off her Kage robe, revealing a surprisingly tight black suit that covered from from neck to toe, "My name is Mikoto Uzumaki, the Second Leader of Uzushiogakure and summoner to the Kraaken. My mind and body was sealed until which point that three Uzumaki members could bring me back to help rebuild Whirlpool." She said with a kind smile.

Naruto raised a brow at Mikoto, his Rinnegan glowing powerfully, "That's amazing, it's been over forty years since the war invasion happened here. I'm assuming that's when you had your men seal you?"

Mikoto nodded, "But I'm not fit for running the village any more. I am limited in my power and my chakra is all but sealed. So I want you to be my successor, an Uzumaki with the Rinnegan, defending New Whirlpool and helping the Uzumaki clan rise again."

Naruto stared as she offered him the surprisingly clean Kage cloak. After a few moments, Naruto reached up and took the robe, putting it on and flicking the collar up over his uniform before he looked down at himself.

The white cloak went only to his knees unlike the cloaks of the Five Kage, and it's colour seemed to fade into existence as a blue whirlpool around his torso. Naruto did up the only five buttons on the cloak, making it lock together across his chest while the rest flared out from his stomach downwards.

Naruto turned away from Mikoto as she stepped up next to him, "My time on this earth has passed… I thought more of the Uzumaki would survive but…" Mikoto turned her gaze to Naruto, "I obviously was not only wrong about that, but about a lot of this world too… I follow your command now Uzumaki-sama." Mikoto said with an expression of stone.

"My first order is that you only refer to me as Naruto. I've already got Konan calling me 'Sama', I don't want to be treated like I'm better then someone." Naruto said with a grin, "Secondly… can you be my advisor? I'd be an idiot not to keep you around.

Mikoto smiled, 'Humble, strong and able to unite people from across the nations… Naruto… you will be a great Kage.'


"So I'm gonna guess that's the place, right?" Choji asked with a grin on his face a the large dome of visible chakra.

Hinata nodded, "Hai, let's keep moving!"


A Month had passed in the Shinobi World.

The remaining Four Great Nations had united to form a great alliance against those who remained of Akatsuki. Together, they agreed that if it comes down to one last Jinchuuriki that any of them had and if necessary, provide a joined front called the Shinobi Armed Forces.

The world was on the brink of war around them, but New Whirlpool was a place of peace.

Thanks to Mikoto's Restoration Seal that had activated with her necklace, the food grown on the main island of Uzushiogakure grew at ridiculous speeds, enough that all the farms had a full harvest by the first fortnight. Not to mention all the extra nutrition in the soil making the island itself and the waters around it cleaner and healthier, attracting large fish to the deep areas around New Whirlpool where the new fishing wharf was set up standing out into the bay.

Now, one month into New Whirlpool's restoration, the small village had built numerous three storey houses, and while the Clans had their own compounds, it was by their new Kage's decree that there be no walls separating villagers from one another just due to a certain skill or name, a decree that everyone seemed more then happy to oblige by, making the villagers and shinobi much closer so that they interact on a more personal level.

Tsunade, Sakura and Ino had come close to finishing preparations to set up the building that had been deemed good enough to to be the new hospital, trying to estimate what finances would be needed for the building's completion.

Mikoto had introduced Naruto and the other Uzumaki to many things around the island, though the thing that had the most of their attention, was their apparent connection to the Uzumaki Clan's Summoning Contract.

In the middle of the island lay a deep trench, and if an Uzumaki was able to get to the bottom of the trench – and subsequently the whirlpool – and lay their hand upon the emblem situated there, they would instantly become connected to that contract.

And now, Naruto stood on the edge of the old rickety wharf that reached out into the ocean, forming familiar hand seals, but then slammed his fist down towards the water instead of his palm, "SUMMONING JUTSU!"



Naruto grinned as Shino raised a brow alongside the two Yamanaka clansmen accompanying him and gasping at the massive sea beast, "Kobo, I need you to escort these guys alongside Sasuke and Karin, after that can you return here?"

The head of the giant Kraaken lifted up in line with the wharf, it's glittering purple body shining in the sunlight, "Cool, where's Karin-sama?" it's deep voice echoed up from the water's surface.

Naruto pointed out to the deep, making the others notice a few raised tentacles in the distance, "Her and Sasuke are waiting."

Kobo nodded and allowed Naruto to help the others get their bearings, "Until later then Naruto-sama."

Naruto nodded as the small group left. Watching them edge into the distance with a calm and happy smile.

Naruto-kun, Choji's group finished building the Port. Dock and warehouse are connected to along with the new wharf!

A moment later, Naruto was grinning, "Yes! Looks like things can finally get started!" he shouted as his chakra flared.


"Is it ready?" Naruto asked as he appeared near Choji.

The young man turned to him with a grin, "Yeah Naruto! Want me to carry it over there?" he asked as he waved at the large building in front of him.

Naruto shook his head, "It's cool, I got this." Naruto said is his chakra pulsed across his body, allowing him to float up into the air as Four Shadow Clones appeared behind him and ran around the building.

Naruto looked down at the stoned building, basically a massive warehouse with only partial floor, and even though it looked odd, Naruto thought it was perfect, "Okay." mumbled as he turned to face the wharf he had just come from and flew over to it in less then a minute.

Hovering above the water, Naruto waited until he felt four sparks of chakra, meaning the seals had been applied as necessary, "FLYING THUNDER GOD: PORTAL!" Naruto announced as he held a tri-pronged kunai in front of him.

In a flash of yellow, the new Port, warehouse, wharf and lighthouse appeared to replace the original, causing Naruto to grin in success.


"How's it look?" Choji asked as Naruto appeared by his side.

Naruto grinned, "Literally perfect Cho, nice work. Now I gotta go tell the workers that it's ready.

Choji nodded, "Later."



Naruto smiled as Temari hugged him, "Hey Temari-chan, how's the plans for the academy?"

Temari seemed very excited as she turned and pointed to the two storey building with three spires raising up from the rooftop, "Great so far, we can have up to ten classes going at once and maybe thirty at most in each class, meaning that in theory you could have up to three hundred new Gennin each year."

Naruto chuckled, "We have to have parents before we can expect to have children here."

Temari nodded, her smile turning to a knowing smirk, "I know, but before anything, I want to show you our first class."

Naruto raised a brow and followed her into the building through the front door, smiling as he saw upon his entrance twelve children, "Hi guys, are you going to become Shinobi too?"

Five Hyuuga, three Aburame, two Yamanaka and two Akimichi children turned to Naruto showing excitement in their own way as they bowed to him, "Hai Uzumaki-sama!" the front-most Hyuuga said.

Naruto chuckled, "Well if you listen to the Great Temari Sensei here she'll teach you anything you can learn to the best if her abilities, she's the one who taught me my best Wind Style techniques." he said as he wrapped an arm around Temari's shoulders.


"Really Temari-sensei?" the lone female Aburame member asked in a tone of amazement.

Temari blushed, "Well yeah, I guess it's true." she said before directing a grin at Naruto.

The blonde man smiled in response before both adults looked up suddenly.

Naruto-kun! Temari-chan! there's a ship heading this way and I think you'll want to meet this one yourself!

Naruto smirked, "Really? Well, if you say so Ino-chan." Naruto said before turning and raising a brow at Temari, "You coming with?"

Temari nodded and held out a hand to Naruto as the two of them lifted up into the air thanks to Naruto's flight, "Ten more guys! I'll be back in an hour." She shouted to them, leaving the children to stare after them in awe.

Naruto and Temari flew above the developing village, looking down at what had begun to become a market district, though it only had a total of five 'restaurants' so far, it was quickly looking like it was going to prosper.

The two began to lower through the air towards the docks, causing Temari's eyes to widen as she saw the previously odd looking building fitting perfectly along the southern coast of the island in the direction of the Land of Waves, "Woah..."

Naruto chuckled, "Yeah I know, Cho's crew really did a good job."

Temari nodded, looking out over the water as they lowered towards the end of the wharf, "That's the ship I'm guessing?"

""Naruto-kun! Temari-chan!""

The two rotated to look behind them as Hinata and Ino came closer, the blonde woman holding her bulging belly as she walked alongside Hinata, the Hyuuga woman basically glowing with happiness as she assisted the village's head communicator, "Hey Girls'! So, how's the dock looking on the inside?" he asked as he and Temari landed at the end of the wharf, the entrance to the port being closer to the main building closer to land.

The four hugged each other as they came together, but then Hinata and Temari took lead as Naruto helped Ino walk, "Choutzu was right, his experience as a councilman was enough to get the measurements down and stuff." Ino explained with a shrug, "You'll see soon yourself."

Naruto kissed Ino's cheek, making the girl grin up at him in a surprisingly Naruto-eqsue fashion. The group paused at the point which the long wharf met up with the Docks. Naruto jumped up onto the roof of the port, using his chakra to land on the large symbol that read 'Whirlpool,' facing out towards the water.

Naruto crouched, using his Chakra Writing to put a permanent Hirashin Seal on the Whirlpool Logo before he stood at the highest point. With no sign of effort, Naruto's Chakra Sensory Technique from the ANBU kicked in, letting him reach out and feel some things that honestly surprised him.

Many signatures – some active to show they were shinobi, some minimal to show their civilian life – were moving towards the island on a massive ship, one that reminded Naruto of old pirate tales. But the best part, was the familiar and well missed Chakra Signature of one old pervert.

Naruto grinned as he deactivated his Rinnegan and Sharingan in two separate steps, practising the skill before his now normal violet eyes looked towards the water. Naruto leaped out over the water while forming hand seals, he held the last one moments before diving underwater, "SUMMONING JU-"


Temari, Ino and Hinata stepped back from the wharf.


As Naruto's Kraaken appeared, it displaced the water, throwing up some waves above it and masking it's and subsequently Naruto's disappearance.


"Something off the port bow!"

Hearing the shout from the crow's nest, Jiraiya grinned as he stood on the bow of the boat, "Ahoy Uzushio!" Jiraiya shouted with a laugh, seeing the dome-seal that was stretched over the island to make it look like a mirage.

Seeing a shape approaching them underwater, Jiraiya was about to be concerned before the shape began to surface on it's way, revealing Naruto first slowly rising out of the water with a grin equalling Jiraiya, "Yo Ero-sennin!" Naruto shouted with a grin.

Most of the crew flocked to the front of the ship as they saw Naruto move towards them, though many of them shouted in shock as he got close enough that his Kraaken stopped and it's tentacle lifted out of the water, lifting Naruto to be in front of Jiraiya.

Jiraiya hugged Naruto with a grin, pulling him onto the boat, "Great to see ya kid! I thought I'd bring a little gift with me for my retirement." Jiraiya said as he turned and gestured to those with him.

Naruto looked up with a smile only for his eyes to widen in amazement as Ayame leaped at him in a hug, "Naruto-kun!" she exclaimed happily as they hugged.

Naruto was laughing as his gaze lifted again, sharing a warm smile with Teuchi Ichiraku before he blinked in surprise and who he saw next, "M-Mikado-sensei?!" Naruto asked in surprise.

The man smirked slightly at Naruto and waved with his left hand, causing Naruto to see the damage done to his right arm, "Yeah I'm here, was hard to get out of the Sand too so you ain't sending me back." Mikado said with a shrug.

Naruto nodded with a grin at Mikado. Ayame finally let go of him, giving him a light kiss on the cheek that caused him to blush. He was about to make a remark about it when he was tackled to the floor by a young trio, """BOSS!""" Konohamaru, Moegi and Udon shouted as they landed on Naruto.

Naruto grinned as he hugged the trio, though looking past them, his eyes widened, "Kurenai-sensei? Sarutobi-sama?" Naruto asked.

The very pregnant Jonin smiled at Naruto from her place behind the Sarutobi Clan Head, Asuma's oldest brother: Urahara Sarutobi, "Uzumaki-dono, would I be correct in assuming that your lands could use a mostly civilian clan?" he asked as he held out a simple piece of paper for Naruto.

Naruto finally let go of his three favourite Gennin and stood, taking the sheet of paper and reading it with a grin as he saw that eighty percent of the clan was civilian, meaning they could finally stabilise the market district, "Urahara-sama, welcome to Uzushio." Naruto said with a grin as he turned and gestured behind him.

The air in front of the ship twisted as they reached the barrier, revealing that they were much closer to the island then previously thought as well as the massive coral reef they were about to hit…

But with a simple movement, Naruto's Kraaken lifted the ship up and over the reef while it was still underwater, allowing the large ship to enter the only safe waters with no trouble.

Naruto laughed as the ship was lowered down safely, but his laughter stopped when he felt something familiar yet… not at the same time.

Turning back to face those on the deck his eyes were drawn to the obviously injured man who had just limped out from the lower deck, his blue cloak was ripped, his hair looked singed and his body was nearly wrapped from head to toe in bandages.

Utakata of the Six Tails looked at Naruto with a smirk, "So you're the one Jiraiya and Mikado has told me so much about. It's good to meet you, Nine Tails."


"You're the Uzukage huh?" Mikado asked with a smirk as he stood behind the chairs facing Naruto's desk.

Naruto nodded from his seat, "Yeah, though now I have an assistant that's equally qualified for the job, she handles most of the paperwork while I do the 'hands-on' aspects of the job which at this time is a lot." Naruto said with a chuckle.

Jiraiya cracked open the middle section of the window and grinned as he felt the breeze, "Damn kid, this is a great set-up." he said as he leaned against the window frame, relaxing completely for what felt like the first time in decades.

Naruto smirked at the man before turning back to face the other six people in his office, Utakata had just taken a seat facing Naruto, a familiar looking ex-Cloud ninja having taken the seat next to him. The other people in the room were people Naruto didn't recognise other then his chief medic – Sakura – who was rushing from person to person to heal them of their injuries.

Naruto took a deep breath before clearing his throat, "Well, now that we're all here let's get started," he said with a smile as he looked around the room, "How about… we go in village order by the look of things, starting with the Sand." Naruto said as his gaze rested on Mikado.

The ex Sand Shinobi shrugged, "Well my tale explains Jiraiya and Utakata a bit too. Just before the Five Kage Summit we received word that the Akatsuki would use the opportunity to move on the Six Tails while the Mizukage was away from her village. But we also found out that Jiraiya himself was already on his way. So to keep everyone's focus on the matter at hand Light decided to inform everyone that Utakata was already lost and when we left the summit we split up. I found Jiraiya and helped him out, we saved Utakata and for his sake we started heading here via the Land of Wind. While Utakata healed we snuck into the village and found any shinobi who were willing to leave the Sand to come here, there wasn't that many other then the Sarutobi and those two minor Clans but it was worth it." Mikado explained.

Naruto nodded in amazement, "Awesome, so that explains why Mikado, most of the others and Utakata are here." Naruto commented.

Utakata nodded, "Yes, and I must say this is a nice place… I would like to stay here." Utakata said with an odd smile.

Naruto smirked and nodded, "I'll have Han come here and show you the special quarters for Jinchuuriki. Then he can show you around anywhere you want for the day."

Utakata's smile grew slightly, "Fabulous." he mumbled before closing his eyes and resting back against his chair.

Naruto glanced behind him, "So Ero-sennin, you're the only Leaf Shinobi here, is what Mikado said the only reason?"

Jiraiya shook his head as he stepped up to Naruto, "I'm too old brat, I have no idea how Sarutobi-Sensei did what he did for so long but I just can't. I was hoping you might let me retire here and maybe open up a little bar or something. Maybe I can even pass on my Information Network to you." He said with a smile.

Naruto smirked, knowing from his many years with Jiraiya that opening up a shinobi bar was secretly a dream of Jiraiya's, "That's fine with me Ero-sennin, do you think you could do some in-village missions if we need you?" Naruto asked.

Jiraiya grinned and nodded, "Sure thing brat. Just give me a shout when you need me."

Naruto nodded before raising a brow at Mikado asking what his plan was, who just looked at him and shrugged, "Honestly, not sure yet." Mikado said with a sigh.

Naruto raised a brow at that, 'And here I thought he thought through everything before he put anything into action.'

"Uzumaki-sama," the ex-Cloud ninja interjected, "I'm sorry for pressing the matter but if you remember me correctly, my name is Kurono Kuchiki. The Raikage sent me to-"

"Kidnap my fiance, yes I remember." Naruto suddenly with a tight lipped frown.

Kurono nodded, "H-hai, after hearing of my actions, the Raikage asked my team what they thought was the right course of action and they all thought that we could've won. The Raikage removed me from my post as ANBU Captain and threatened my family for putting his village at a disadvantage. This along with the War that he's fighting made me decide to take my family and flee here to warn you of his back-up plan."

Naruto frowned, "War against who?..." Naruto repeated with an undertone of anger.

Most of those in the room stared at him in surprise, "What do you mean? The Sand-Cloud War." Mikado said.

Naruto's brows shot up, "Umm… this is the first I've heard of it."

Jiraiya's eyes widened, "Seriously? that's ridiculous!" he exclaimed, causing Naruto to turn to him for an explanation, "Light-san went to war to stop the Raikage from hunting you and the Jinchuuriki himself. The Raikage's plan was to take them all under his own thumb to unite them against Akatsuki or kill them if they refuse. Whereas Light believes that the Raikage's actions will just make them easy pickings for the Akatsuki if they do join him and he doesn't think killing the Jinchuuriki to be fair at all. Not to mention what the Raikage did to your family."

Naruto's eyes widened, "Woah… do they even know that now three Jinchuuriki are here?" he asked.

Jiraiya shrugged, "Not yet. He only knows about you and that somewhere out there the Two-Tails will be reforming in two years give or take a few months and that the Eight Tails is hiding out some place the Raikage have kept secret for centuries."

Naruto smirked, "Okay, and what was that mention of a back-up plan Kurono-san?" Naruto asked.

Kurono nodded, "The Raikage had made a team that has apparently been watching the village develop for the past month. But try as I might I couldn't locate anyone even close to this place before my family had to hide out in the Land of Waves, which is where I found Jiraiya-san and explained my situation. I don't know the entire scope of their mission, but I'm all but certain it's the same as my team's old mission, to grab either Ino or Temari-san and hold them as hostage to make you obey him."

Naruto scowled, "...I swear to Log if I find anyone from his stupid village I'm gonna kill him myself." Naruto mumbled, already considering whether or not he should just write A's name in his Death Note.

Kurono nodded, "I also ask that my family be given sanctuary here, and I even have the traditional offering to do so," he said as he placed a storage scroll on the desk between them, "Information on every Missing Ninja from Kumo as well as a copy of my personal shinobi Journal, I also would like to ask for a job as an active ninja for myself and my daughter."

Naruto watched him for a moment of silence before nodding, "Sounds more then fair, may I ask what rank your daughter is?"

Kurono smiled proudly, "She's Chunnin level but she has yet to actually go for the exams."

Naruto smiled, "Then she will be evaluated here," he said with a nod of dismissal to Kurono before looking at those standing around the office behind them, "So I've heard from the Sand, Leaf, Mist and Cloud. What's the story for you guys?" Naruto asked.

The remaining four people stepped up, allowing the two men to speak first, "My name is Zabimaru and this is Satori, in the first clash of the Sand-Cloud war the two minor villages of the Land of Rivers – Tanigakure and Takumi Village – were all but destroyed by the Cloud shinobi in order to get the best weapons from the smiths of Takumi and the Genjutsu Masters of Tanigakure." Zabimaru, a six-foot tall redhead with deep blue tattoos across his visible chest said as he adjusted his open leather robe.

The purple haired shorter man next to him nodded, "Luckily most of us from The Hidden Valley managed to get to Takumi and warn them about the incoming threat. We lost men and women but the majority of us got away."

Naruto stood, an openly apologetic look on his face, "I'm so sorry you had to go through that… am I right to assume you would like sanctuary here?" he asked, earning nods of affirmation in return, "Of course, once Tsunade gets back this afternoon I'll have her set you all up with a home. For now, please take your villagers and settle in."

Satori blinked in surprise, "Just like that?"

Naruto smiled as he sat back down, "Yep, just like that. Sakura, show them around." Naruto said as he nodded to the two ex-village leaders.

"'Kay Naruto." Sakura said as she opened the door for the two of them, "Kurono-san, would you like to join us with your family?"

Kurono looked at Naruto, earning a nod that made Kurono smile, "Thank you Sakura-san, that sounds lovely." he commented as he stood and followed the others out.

Naruto waved forward the last two guests, two women of ridiculously curvaceous proportions, "So what can I do for you?" The one with a mask on stepped forward as she revealed her face, making Naruto raise a brow, "Gazeru-Taicho?" Naruto exclaimed.

Gazeru, the ex-Elite ANBU Captain from the Leaf smiled softly at Naruto, "Many of us left once the village disbanded. The Leaf was gone, but we remained. And after a short while we decided the best we could do was see if we could help those who were harmed during the Leaf-Rock war. Which is where we came upon..." the purple haired woman said as she adjusted her sword on her back, stepping aside to allow the final guest to step forward.

The woman smirked as she took stepped forward in her formal robes, showing a red skin-tight battle suit underneath that appeared like a full length scuba diving suit with hollowed three foot staff on her back, "My name is Misa Amayane. You might have heard of me, the Scolding Sea." She said, causing Naruto's eyes to widen at the woman who managed to hold off the entire Explosive corps during the recent war by herself so that the people of her village could escape.

Naruto nodded, "It's an honour Ma'am, I'm sorry to hear about your village." he offered.

Miso sat with a flourish of her ash-tinged Kage cloak, "Me too, but thanks to Yugao-chan contacting Jiraiya I think it might have been a blessing in surprise. I have a small battalion of shinobi ranging from Gennin to Jonin level as well as over five hundred civilians that have more then a few master fishermen and ship workers, after all, we were located between a volcano and the ocean."

Naruto nodded again as he thought over it, "That's fantastic, welcome to the village Ma'am." Naruto said with a grin.

Gazeru grinned at Naruto as she interjected, "You want me to make a list of everyone who came with me?" she asked.

Naruto considered the idea for a moment before shaking his head, "Thanks but no, once Tsunade arrives we'll make a plan concerning all of the shinobi and villagers, then I'll explain this plan to everyone and answer any questions before the plan is put into motion."

Gazeru raised a brow before shrugging, "Has Jiraiya talked to you about Kakashi-teme yet?"

Naruto frowned as he looked at her, 'Kakashi-sensei?' he thought before glancing over his shoulder at Jiraiya, who was now scowling as he glared out the window, "No… he hasn't. What is it about Kakashi-Sensei?"

Gazeru sighed before turning to Misa, "Let's go Misa-chan, those two have something serious to talk about."

Naruto put on a kind smile, waiting calmly until the two women left his office. Mikado walked around calmly and took the seat next to Utakata once the door closed.

Naruto turned in his chair, leaving his desk of the Uzukage and facing Jiraiya as nothing more then his student, "Sensei, what happened to Kakashi?" Naruto asked.

Jiraiya sighed, staying silent as he thought over how to break the news. After a painfully silent minute, Jiraiya sighed again, "Kakashi… he's taken up residence in the Sand Village and is head of a small movement to track you down and capture you. He subdued what remained of ROOT in the Sand village single handedly and found out a lot of information, most of which he hasn't spoken a word of to anyone."

Naruto lowered his head, "Kakashi-sensei… is hunting me?" he asked in shock.

Jiraiya nodded, turning Naruto, "All because of an impossible weapon suggested at by Neji and supposedly identified by Sai, an agent of Danzo."

Naruto glared at Jiraiya suddenly, "Be careful what you say Ero-sennin. Certain information shouldn't be shared."

Jiraiya chuckled and pointed at Mikado, "He's the one who found out and Light secretly sent him out with us to tell you," he said before pointing to Utakata, "And he already knows because of his idiotic nosiness that lead him to read my stuff from my information network."

Naruto closed his eyes, "So you all know..."

Jiraiya nodded, "The Death Note. Don't know the details, don't need to know the details, just need to know..." Jiraiya said seriously, "Are you in control of it?"

Naruto smirked, "No one can truly control death, that's one thing I've learned."

Jiraiya frowned in thought, "True..." Jiraiya mumbled, unable to fault Naruto's logic.

Attention Uzukage-sama's Office!

Utakata and Mikado looked around in interest as Jiraiya grinned, "Is that Ino? Damn she's gotten good." he commented.

Naruto stood and turned to look towards the easternmost portion of the window, "Ino-chan?" he asked out loud.

Tsunade is on her way! And she managed to succeed in her mission!

Naruto smirked, "Good, thanks hun." he said before turning to those in the office, "Jiraiya, go find a place to rest at my house. It's an exact replica of my place in Konoha, but it's located on the first ridge of one of the only three mountains on the large island. you'll find it, everyone knows where it is. Utakata, Mikado, same for you. I have to go."


Mikado laughed as Utakata's jaw dropped, "So he managed it after all!" Mikado laughed as Jiraiya frowned, looking out the window after his ex-student.



Appearing atop the port, Naruto smiled as he saw the large ship being lowered into his bay by the Kraaken, "Here they are."


Tsunade grinned as she saw a white flash appear atop the port, "Here we go guys!" Tsunade shouted as she turned to those on deck.

Tazuna, Tsunami and a hooded man stepped up, obviously excited to begin the next stage of their lives.


A few hours later…


"….And that, is my theory for the first underwater tunnel." Tazuna said as he finished explain the large maps spread across the table.

Naruto nodded with a confident smile, "Tazuna-Oji… this is awesome," he said to the legendary builder before turning to his assistant, "Can you get a list of what steps can be simplified by our clans?"

Mikoto nodded, "Hai Uzukage Naruto." she said as she tossed a ball into the air. A seal glowed on the ball and sent out a light that scanned the plans, levitating over the table in Naruto's office before it fell back into her hand, "I will have all that I can ready by the six a.m. meeting." she said as she walked to her adjacent office and disappeared for the night.

Tazuna grinned at Naruto as it was just the two of them, "This really is super Naruto, what you've done with the place I mean."

Naruto chuckled, "Thanks, I hope this tunnel to the Land of Waves opens our trade too..." he said with a smile, though he gained a distant look in his eyes.

Tazuna raised a brow, taking a seat opposite Naruto, "What's up kid?"

Naruto gave a sidelong smile to Tazuna, "I was wondering… have you heard from Inari?"

Tazuna smiled but shook his head, "Not since his last letter, it said he was going into some master class that required mission silence."

Naruto sighed but nodded, "Alright then..." he said before straightening up, "Could you check out this piece of land for me?" he asked as he passed Tazuna a sheet of paper, "I think it would be a good spot for the tunnel to be on our side. And don't worry, the security will be top notch on my end." Naruto promised.

Tazuna nodded as he took the paper, "Sounds good." he mumbled as he stood with a grunt.

Naruto made a Shadow Clone with a blink, "He'll take you there."

Tazuna raised a brow at the clone as it put a hand on his shoulder, "Huh?" Tazuna asked before the two disappeared in a Body Flicker.

Naruto closed his eyes for a moment, just resting as he took a few deep breaths.

"So this is kinda dull."

Naruto looked up to see Ryuk eating an apple, sitting up-side down on the ceiling, 'Always gotta keep you entertained.' Naruto thought before smiling, "Thanks for reminding me."

Ryuk paused his eating as he watched Naruto reach into his desk draw, "Remind you of what?"

Naruto put down the book compiled of missing Ninjas from Kumo gifted to him from Kurono, "I need to make missions and design situations where my shinobi will get to kill the target. You mind if I bounce I few ideas of you?" he asked as he clapped his hands, making the Death Note appear between his hands.

Ryuk grinned, "I'll listen to your ideas..."



Naruto jolted up in bed, glancing to his sides to see Ino and Temari waking up at the shout.

"Oi! Over here!"

The three of them looked to the balcony, seeing Jiraiya waving a sheet of paper in the air, "Seriously? it's the middle of the night." Temari groaned.

Naruto sighed and hopped out of bed, opening the balcony door to step out next to Jiraiya, "What's up?" he asked with a scowl, trying his best not to be angry at being woken up.

Jiraiya took a steadying breath, "Okay, so since I'm back I've gone over all of my network's findings over the past few months and…" he showed Naruto the paper with a picture taped to it, "My men have located your son."

Naruto stared at the paper, seeing his son being taken into an underground facility reminiscent of the old Sound Village bases, and in the arms of Orochimaru no less under the guard of more Sound Shinobi.

"In five days, Orochimaru will be leaving this base and thus leaving Gaara in the care of only some Sound Shinobi," Jiraiya said with a grin, "The base is three days away. we're going to get your Son back."

Naruto stared at the piece of paper for a moment before his Rinnegan flared to life, "Five days… i'll have him… five days." Naruto said with a slowly growing grin.

Jiraiya nodded, "So, I'll go tell Mikoto to add it to the list tomorrow morning?"

Naruto slowly nodded, "Yeah..." he mumbled before turning and running inside.

Jiraiya smiled as he watched Naruto shouted the news to Ino and Temari, all three of them jumping in excitement.

Jiraiya leaped away with a grin, happy to have been the one to deliver the good news, "Sometimes being me has perks."


Three Days Later…


"So this is our first wave of missions?" Mikoto asked as she took her seat next to Naruto.

Naruto nodded to her before facing forward. He was currently sitting at a long white table set up for mission assignments, waiting for his two other helpers to arrive after Mikoto, "Yes it is. I will be handling Jonin assignments, you will be handling all other out-of-village missions. Jiraiya has the in-village missions and Tsunade will hand out all the civilian and shinobi-in-training related assignments." he explained.

Mikoto nodded, setting out her first file and beginning to sort the scrolls as labelled. Naruto sat still, his eyes on the door and waiting as he showed almost no emotion. Mikoto sighed at his action, or rather lack thereof, "How long until-"

"Twenty hours." he replied quickly.

Mikoto nodded, "And the team?"

Naruto kept his face blank as he spoke, "Jiraiya proposed the team of him as the escort, Sasuke, Han and Sakura there just in case. Jiraiya cause of his intel, Sasuke knows the base's most likely layout, Han is a family and a Jinchuuriki so he's not leaving my side, and Sakura to heal us up if anything goes wrong."

Mikoto raised a brow, "What of Utakata then? Is he not going with you?"

Naruto shook his head, "No one knows he's alive. Jiraiya did ask about that but I can't risk that getting out. Don't tell him though, but I might change the team again… I just feel like there's something we're overlooking and for that…. I dunno." he said with a sigh.

The door finally swung open, interrupting Mikoto and Naruto's conversation as Jiraiya walked in grinning at Naruto as Tsunade entered behind him, "Morning brat, where do I sit?" he asked excitedly.

Naruto smirked and gestured to the spot next to Mikoto, "Right there Jiraiya, Baa-chan, you're here." he said, gesturing to the spot next to him.

Tsunade smiled at him as she took her seat, "The Hospital is up and running. We have enough trained civilian doctors here that I've tested and retrained to keep it going at a basic level. Thanks to those minor villages joining as well, we have a grand total of eighteen medical ninjas not counting me. Since I'll be taking over as Head Medic I'm planning on having Sakura take an apprenticeship team, three people to learn the ways of the medic nin on top of their academy training." she bragged.

Naruto forced a smile onto his face for her, "That's great news Baa-chan…."

Tsunade's smile faded as she saw Naruto's reaction, "Hey, it's tomorrow morning you're heading off right?" she asked, earning a nod in return, "Good. Make sure you're all back by the end of the week, I want Gaara-chan to be around for my birthday." she said with a grin.

Naruto couldn't help the real smile that crawled onto his face.


Naruto raised his head and let his smile grow slightly, "Hey Iruka-sensei."

Iruka grinned at Naruto, the man having been one of the many shinobi that had moved with Gazeru after Konoha's disbandment, "Ready?" he asked.

Naruto nodded, giving Iruka the signal to open the wide doors and let the shinobi in, "Let's begin."


Naruto sighed as he assigned the last mission of the morning, "Alright then, I'll leave the rest to you guys." he said as he turned to leave the room.

Jiraiya and Mikoto barely spared him a nod as they continued their work.

Naruto closed his eyes and focussed.




Naruto opened his eyes and let a smile slide onto his face as he saw the two loves of his life standing at either side of his desk in the office of the Uzukage, "Morning guys."

Ino and Temari looked up with matching smiles, "Morning Naruto-kun." Ino said with a tired smile.

Naruto walked around to them, resting one arm over Temari's shoulders as his other arm wrapped around Ino's waist, his palm resting on her very pregnant belly, "Anything urgent?" he asked as he allowed himself to relax with them.

Temari stayed quiet for a moment, enjoying the comfort before she decided she should share the news, "The construction of the Wave-Whirlpool Trade Tunnel should be finished by tonight. Also, two small groups of Mist Shinobi have been found probing our border. Non violently by the looks of things because the one time they ran into one of our ninja, they immediately fled with a Body Flicker."

Naruto frowned at that, "What about this team of Cloud Shinobi Kurono was sure would be coming? Any sightings yet?"

Temari shook her head, "Nothing yet. You seem really worried about that one..." she mumbled, knowing that he had an opinion on the subject.

Naruto shrugged and took his seat at the desk, allowing Ino to sit on his arm rest as Temari began to move his first pile of paperwork in front of him, "That's because in my brief time in the Hidden Cloud I learned that they have things that I don't understand in the slightest. Their technology was off the charts in comparison to Konoha, and the more information I learned the more I realised that Cloud has kept it's true power hidden from the other villages for decades."

Ino frowned, "So… they might have some kind of technology to spy on us?" she asked.

Naruto shrugged, "It's just a theory… though unfortunately the longer we go without seeing Cloud ninja the more information they might be gathering about us while we're completely unaware of their presence..." Naruto mumbled before raising a brow in thought, "I need to go see Konan and Ero-sennin."

Ino closed her eyes, "I'll tell them to come here." she mumbled as she zoned out for a moment.

Temari smiled at Ino before speaking softly to Naruto, "Have you chosen your final team layout for tomorrow?" she asked.

Naruto sighed, "...I've finally decided, to keep it minimal I'll only bring Jiraiya, Hinata, Sakura and you."

Temari's eyes widened, "Me?"

Naruto nodded, "I'll explain the plan this afternoon, can you make sure the five of you can be here at six?"

Temari was hesitant before she nodded, "Hai Naruto-kun… but are you sure?"

"Trust me," Naruto said seriously, "I've got a plan."


"Thanks for coming you two," Naruto said as he turned to face Konan and Jiraiya, the two of them being the only people who had the habit of coming in through his window rather then his door, "How was the missions?"

Konan bowed to him, "My mission was a success, just as your information said, the Missing Ninja known as Raiga of the Thunder Fangs had turned himself into the law enforcement in the Land of Waves. As per my mission parameters he has been taken care of and his legendary swords are here." she said as she approached his desk and placed a Storage Scroll.

Naruto smirked, "Fantastic work Konan, did he have any accomplices or cohorts?" Naruto asked.

Konan frowned but nodded, "Just a young boy. But before I got there he had been questioned and given freedom. I don't know what happened to him after that."

Naruto frowned for a moment, "...They questioned him…? Did you get his file?"

Konan shook her head, looking down as she hadn't thought to follow up on the boy.

Naruto sighed, "Think of this as a continuation of that mission. Once we're done here I will have a clone use the Flying Thunder God to take you to Tazuna's Warehouse in the Land of Waves. From there I want you to do all you can to locate this boy and offer him a home here if he wants it. Answer any question you can without giving away village or personal secrets and anything else, say that he can ask the New Uzukage personally about if he says yes. We'll move forward depending on his response." He said.

Konan nodded seriously, "Hai, I will locate him in 24 hours Naruto-sama." she swore.

Naruto nodded again, "I'm counting on you Konan, but we don't know much about this boy yet, so don't make a promise if you can't keep it."

Konan was silent as her eyes sparkled, 'Naruto-sama… is so wise...' she thought before bowing and nodding, "Hai!"

Naruto smiled at her seriousness before turning to Jiraiya, "And yours?"

Jiraiya grinned as he chucked a file onto Naruto's desk, "All missions are assigned and we have an 80% return rate during the first day. The rest will have to give your 'Mission Report Clone' a verbal report since they're finishing after the Mission Hall closes." Jiraiya said.

Naruto nodded as he opened the file, seeing every box was ticked, though he raised a brow as he saw a single red dot, "Someone failed their in-village mission?" Naruto asked as he looked at the mission number and reached into his desk draw.

Jiraiya smirked as Naruto tapped the corresponding number on a sheet of his own, unsealing a Mission Scroll of that number for that day, "Good system there Naruto, and yeah, unfortunately they couldn't see if any minerals were in the northern mountain, or rather, they found that doing so to create a mine was a waste of time."

Naruto frowned as he looked at Jiraiya, "It was my idea, why do they think it's a waste of time?"

Jiraiya chuckled as he nodded to the file, "Because that mountain has Ninety-Nine Training Caverns throughout it about twice the size of the training grounds in Konoha, and due to a large seal they found at the plateau – and this bit is just speculation – the Nature Chakra flowing throughout the island has strengthened the walls to be resistant to anything chakra based."

Naruto stared at the written report before staring at Jiraiya, "Choji's second-cousin led this mission? Does she live at the Akamichi compound with him?" Naruto asked.

Jiraiya shrugged, "I'd assume so."

Naruto nodded as a plume of smoke appeared next to him before a blur shot out the window, "My Clone will ask her for a tour now so it can test this seal and check the training rooms itself," Naruto explained before folding his fingers and ushering Jiraiya over to the table next to Konan, "Now I wanted to ask something of you two," he began making Jiraiya and Konan curious at his seriousness, "Konan, how was it that Pein managed to sense Ero-sennin when he visited Amegakure? I remember Jiraiya saying that he didn't manage to sense anyone following him until you were suddenly there."

Jiraiya looked at Konan curiously, "Yeah… is was that Chakra infused rain right?" he theorised.

Konan nodded, "Hai, Nagato's Rainmaker Jutsu. it's a perception Ninjutsu. It allowed Nagato to monitor the village as a whole for foreign Chakra Signatures. But it does have a flaw. It knows when someone has entered it's boundaries, but not the exact location, only which cloud that specific raindrop fell from."

Naruto nodded, "Then I am going to learn it. Ero-sennin, reckon you can helps us out? Maybe learn it as well for when I have to go out of the village?"

Jiraiya grinned, "Sounds fun. Do you think you know enough about it to teach it?" Jiraiya asked Konan.


The trio of Konan, Jiraiya and Naruto stood atop the Uzukage Tower, their chakra pulsing powerfully as Konan focussed on Naruto, seeing him raise his hands to begin hand seals.

"Bird, Rat, Ox, Monkey, Rat, Snake," Naruto mumbled as he formed the corresponding hand seals before raising his arms above his head, his palm aimed up at the one lone cloud in the sky, ""SAGE TECHNIQUE: RAINMAKER JUTSU!"" Naruto and another voice shouted.

Naruto glanced next to him as Jiraiya held his palms up, the two of them using a minuscule amount of Nature Chakra infused with their own chakra to fuel a light drizzle around the island's barrier that became the eye of the storm.

Naruto and Jiraiya stepped in unison back-to-back, spreading the cloud layer in a circle around New Whirlpool before it blew out into the ocean, stopping once it was a few kilometers out from the island.

Naruto sighed in relief before smirking at Jiraiya, "Nice one Sensei." he mumbled quietly.

The yellow tinge to Jiraiya's eyes faded completely as he grinned at Naruto, "Not too bad yourself kid, now, don't we have a meeting with Temari or something?"

Naruto nodded as he recalled his earlier conversation with Temari, "Yep, let's get going."

"I shall be leaving on my mission Naruto-sama." Konan reported with a bow.

Naruto smiled at her and nodded, "Thanks Konan."

The two men watched as Konan disappeared as a flurry of paper in the wind towards the recently finished Wave-Whirlpool Trade Tunnel.

"So," Jiraiya asked as Naruto turned to him, "Where to now?"

Naruto walked over to the railing, vaulting over the edge, "My office." he said as he fell out of view.

Jiraiya hopped after him, landing next to Naruto next to the open window that had become Jiraiya's entrance before they hopped inside, "Hm? I see it's more then I thought." Jiraiya said curiously at the others in the room.

Hinata, Sakura and Temari all sat on the long couch against the wall of the room near the door, though Naruto raised a brow as he noticed a young dark haired woman with a sword on her waist, "Thanks for coming you guys," Naruto said with a nod to the three on the couch before taking his chair and facing the young woman, "And how can I help you?"

The young woman – only about two years younger then Naruto – bowed in her chair, "Father sent me to notify you that I have succeeded in becoming Chunnin rank Uzukage-sama. He also said that you may want a demonstration of my family's rare power."

Naruto raised a brow, seeing the girl had gestured to her seemingly normal sword, "It's ninja tool related?" Naruto assumed.

The woman nodded as she stood and presented Naruto with the small scroll she had carried, "My name is Rukia Kuchiki, Kurono is my father and since the generation before his for some reason our family's sword style has become hereditary. The moment we of the Kuchiki can walk we can do the stances but since we don't know all of the details, we would like to keep the secondary part of our bloodline a village secret for now."

Naruto nodded as he unrolled the scroll, reading over the short description of what the family had learned about their still developing 'Kekkei Genkai' if it could even be called that at this early stage.

Naruto blinked in amazement at the supposed 'secondary' evolution of the Kuchiki family's new skill set, "You can fuse elements inside your blade?" he asked in amazement.

Rukia scratched the back of her head and shrugged, "Maybe? we're not sure if it's fused elements or if it's just straight up using a rare element that we somehow can manifest through our blades." she explained.

Naruto nodded before smiling at her, "Thank you for bringing this to my attention Rukia, one thing we don't have is a younger generation of weapon users. But with this we can..." he trailed off as he noticed something specific, "Hold on, do you know the likelihood of your relatives in the hidden cloud having this ability?"

Rukia shrugged, "First part yes, second part started with my dad and his two brothers, both of whom have passed away, so no I don't think so, but it could happen down the line with distant relatives."

Naruto nodded again and stood, causing Rukia to do the same, "Thanks again Rukia-chan," Naruto said with a warm smile, causing the young woman to nod with a light blush on her cheeks, "You're dismissed for the day, though if you could be ready for some tests in a few days, we'll see just what your family can do."

Rukia nodded and bowed, "Hai Uzukage-sama!" she exclaimed before disappearing in a Shunshin.

Naruto sighed and closed his eyes for a moment. Though as they snapped open to show his violet eyes were slit-pupilled, Naruto looked to each person left in his office, "Hinata, Sakura, Temari and Jiraiya," Naruto began before a feral grin came to his face, "We're going to get my son back."


Chapter End.

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