Pepa walked up behind Silvia, treading carefully. Silvia couldn't look at her wife so instead she focused on a spot in the distance beyond the trees, while holding the balcony rail for support. Pepa exhaled deeply as she contemplated her next words or actions. She was scared, in every fiber of her being. Seeing Silvia like this, so quiet and in thought, Pepa knew better than to talk. Instead she wrapped her arms slowly round Silvia's waist, breathing in the scent of her hair. For now she just wanted Silvia to know she was there, and that she wasn't going to leave.

"Pepa, carino… I can't do this, not now, por favor" Silvia whispered, a finger wiping away the tears that were being shed for the lost memories, of another life, another time, another place.

Pepa understood Silvia's internal conflict, as they both had been down this road before. Last time Pepa was the one who feared the thought of motherhood and having a family. They had fought and broken up as a result of Pepa's mistakes and due to Silvia's own insecurities. The only difference now to then was being married and Silvia's silence. Their first breakup was a nasty one with Silvia being the first to slap Pepa in the police precinct in front of their work colleagues and family. Pepa was right when she said that she had fought for love, both physically and verbally. Now the silent treatment by Silvia led Pepa to realize the stakes were much higher. Her marriage was on the line. Everything they both had fought for was able to vanish with one wrong mistake.

"Roja, please talk to me. Don't shut me out." Pepa pleaded.

Silvia closed her eyes, desperately trying to stop the tears. With every ounce of strength left in her she finally spoke "I can't do this… I can't make a family with her and you…. I see the way she looks at you… it's the same way I looked at you before we started going out. She's in love with you…." Silvia trailed off, she wanted to continue but her strength had ran out. To admit she could lose Pepa to someone else was more than she could handle right now. The threat of losing her wife made the harsh reality of the emptiness in her life more real.

Pepa was shocked, still holding onto her wife she dared to look to where Charlotte was. She hadn't moved, the expression of concern etched all over her face. "Silvia, por favor, te quiero. I love you; I have loved you since we were kids. Do you really think I would take another woman over you just to raise a family?"

"If she could give you what I can't, then yes I do" Silvia sobbed.

Pepa was speechless, for the first time in her life there was nothing she could think of that could make this go away. Silvia had given up the will to fight, in a matter of minutes she had expressed her greatest fear and Pepa couldn't do anything or say anything to remove that fear. Her hands fell to her side, no longer able to hold Silvia. She stumbled back, Silvia's voice echoing over and over in her head.

"Pepa I want you to go. I need to be alone please." The request was a simple one, Silvia continued to stare out into the horizon beyond the trees. Pepa felt rejected, her heart broken into a million pieces. She stumbled back inside, reaching for the bottle of vodka standing on the liquor cabinet. Charlotte had seen what had transpired and knew it was her fault. Alcohol was not the answer for Pepa and she knew if there was to be any progress made she had to remain sober. Reaching for the vodka bottle, she gently removed it from Pepa's solid grasp. "Pepa, honey, this isn't the answer. Go to bed… I'm going to talk to Silvia. Things will be better in the morning I promise."

Pepa looked into Charlotte's eyes; they held promise and belief that everything would be ok. Despite the accusation by Silvia that Charlotte was their third wheel, she wasn't fazed by it. In fact it gave her more strength to set the record straight once and for all. Pepa looked at Silvia on the balcony one last time and headed to their bedroom silently wishing for a miracle that Silvia would see reason and come back to her.

Satisfied that Pepa hadn't hid any alcohol in her pockets, Charlotte looked to Silvia. Her body portrayed her heavy heart. Hunched over the balcony rail, the weight on her shoulders was clearly visible.

Walking out onto the balcony, Charlotte made her presence known as she sat down on the sofa outside. "About time you and I had a chat don't you think Silvia" she asked, getting straight to the point.

Silvia was still upset; the tears had subsided somewhat but now with Charlotte sitting directly behind her studying her every move, her sadness turned into anger. Feisty Silvia was back!

"Your wife is upstairs now waiting for you, and by the end of this chat, I expect you up there asking for forgiveness for your actions tonight".

"My actions!" the redhead spat.

Charlotte remained cool, her plan clearly working. "Yes, your actions… you are the one who turned your back on Pepa. You are the one who suggested that I was the threat to your marriage. You are the one who rejected the idea of a family before even giving it a second thought. You are the one who told Pepa to leave…."

"My wife and I don't need you to play therapist and mediator to our problems Charlotte. This problem exists as a result of your suggestion to play carrier to a child."

"That's right Silvia, an offer which still stands. I want you and Pepa to have a family. It doesn't matter if I carry it or if Pepa carries it. What matters is that you both will love it the same regardless of who it's conceived by. If I have to carry Pepa's child or if she has to carry mine because her eggs are not up to it then why stand in the way. Pepa loves you…my god woman… if you could only see how happy she is when she knows you're happy. This idea of family has been a thorn in your relationship before. Pepa told me that, the question I have is how can you let it be a determinant in your marriage now? How can you stand out here and let your wife stew over everything when all you have to do is go upstairs, apologise and discuss with your wife the idea of having a family and taking the necessary steps after to make it happen. Then if you need my help, I'm here. All you have to do is ask."

Silvia looked back at Charlotte, every ounce of strength it had taken to turn around and not throw anything in her direction. Charlotte wasn't backing down. Her eyes were looking directly in Silvia's direction and now as Silvia looked at her, she realized Charlotte was angry, she wasn't sad. She had a look of love and compassion so deep it made her sick to think she was about to throw away everything just for a suggestion of help.

Silvia dropped her shoulders and exhaled. "Joder, Charlotte, I've really stuffed up haven't I" she exclaimed as she sat down next to Charlotte.

"Nothing that an apology and a couple of kisses can't make up for." Charlotte winked.

"Pepa and I haven't fought since we got married. For some reason we always get our bad sides out when we talk about the future. We left everything and everyone we knew behind. I can't shake that thought that if I lost Pepa then I would walk this earth alone, no family, no friends, no one but me alone." Silvia acknowledge with a heavy heart.

Charlotte listened as Silvia tried to reason with herself, reaching out to her Charlotte placed her hand on Silvia's knee. "Honey, you have no reason to be worried about me and Pepa. I have already been through a marriage where I was cheated on. Why would I want to inflict that kind of pain on someone else, even more so when it's someone I love dearly and would never want to lose as part of my life?"

Silvia gasped when she realized Charlotte was acknowledging the third wheel accusation. "Lo siento Charlotte. I should never have accused you of going after Pepa. Can you forgive me?" Silvia asked.

"Of course darling, besides as much as I love you both and having lived with you for 6 months now, I can't imagine my life without either one of you. Truth be told my heart belongs to another."

"Really, who?" Silvia quizzed, eager to know what secret lay beneath.

"You know the brunette next door? The one that moved in with her brother recently..." Charlotte whispered.

Silvia nodded her head, "what's her name Jo, Josephine… those two argue all the time."

"Honestly I've stood out here waiting to jump into their lounge room to rescue her sometimes" Charlotte admitted, her face going red at revealing the truth. Silvia laughed as she considered the thought of a broken window and Charlotte jumping in like a knight of armor.

"Gracias Charlotte" Silvia replied.

"For what?" Charlotte questioned.

"For setting me straight and giving me a kick up the backside"

"Oh don't worry, I'll do it all again if I have to. Now go, find Pepa and fix this. Tomorrow is a new day as they say and I want to know you two have worked things out. No animosity. No secrets or reserved feelings about the family thing ok."

"Yes Mum" Silvia mocked as she reached in and hugged Charlotte. "Looks like your mediation skills are being put to good use tonight, maybe you can diversify a little" she winked as she acknowledged their neighbor Jo on her own balcony, clearly upset.

"Shhh you!" Charlotte swatted as she stood up and headed over to the young woman that had mesmerized her since moving in next door two weeks ago.

Silvia closed the balcony door behind her, taking one last look as she saw Charlotte walking over to their neighbor. Realizing the mistakes she had made tonight with Pepa, she headed off to find her, hoping she would forgive her for all she had said and implied tonight.

Opening the bedroom door gently, Silvia peered in; the light from the hallway allowing her to see Pepa was asleep. Her eyes were still puffy and red from crying. Slipping into her pajamas, she slid into bed. Despite wanting to fix this tonight she realized it will have to wait till the morning. "Lo siento Pepa" she whispered into her ear as she kissed her gently. "Lo siento" she whispered as she spooned Pepa from behind and wrapped her arm around Pepa's waist.

"Te quiero mi amor" was Pepa's reply as she raised Silvia's hand and kissed it. "I love you darling, more than words can express right now". Slowly Pepa turned around and faced Silvia, her eyes were sad and as Silvia looked deep into them she understood now that she was the cause of this pain and angst. Desperate to free Pepa from the memories of earlier that evening, she stroked her cheek and replied "Lo siento Pepa for everything I said tonight, it was rude of me and to suggest what I did was unfair to you. It was unfair to us. Lo siento. Please forgive me."

Pepa could see that Silvia was messed up by tonight's events. "There is nothing to forgive carino, I love you" was her simple reply as she cuddled up to her wife and wrapped her arms around her. As they had done every night since they got together, Pepa spooned her wife with her arm wrapped around her waist. Silvia's fingers gently caressed Pepa as they fell asleep; knowing tomorrow was a new day and with it will come new memories. For now the idea of a family was just that… an idea … but one that they will decide on together. Come what may.