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The following morning Pepa woke up as she did every morning. Silvia was still asleep, Pepa just took in the sight before her. She watched as her wife slept, taking in all elements of her beauty. Brushing aside a curl of hair, she stroked her face and gave a gentle kiss. This had become somewhat of a morning routine and neither Pepa nor Silvia could imagine an alternative way to wake up. Fluttering her eyes open, Silvia smiled as she saw Pepa's face smiling back at her. "Buenos dias carino" Pepa spoke up finally. Silvia replied with only the deepest of kisses.

After much cuddling and stroking, and showering together, Pepa and Silvia descended downstairs holding hands. Pepa loved mornings like this, no rush, no scheduled places to get to, no sports events to take Will to. This was pure marital bliss!

Silvia smiled at the sight in front of her and beckoned Pepa to look the sofa. There was Charlotte and Josephine sleeping on the sofa, heads resting against each others. Both Pepa and Silvia smiled at each other. It was an interesting turn of events seeing how Charlotte had only just recently admitted to her adoration of Josephine and here they were together all night.

Silvia could see what Pepa was thinking, she knew she wanted to interrupt this moment. Pepa lived for moments like these, to scare witlessly with her cheeky attitude and laugh at the memories forever afterwards. Silvia pulled her wife away, knowing full well what Pepa was about to do. Pepa tried to resist but Silvia held on, pulling her away to the kitchen. "Let them wake up uninterrupted, you know how important this moment was to us, do you really want to destroy it for them?".

"No, mi amor" Pepa shook her head, sighing, realizing her wife was right as always.

They began making breakfast, setting the table and brewing the coffee. The kettle boiling awoke Charlotte and Josephine. Both women, smiling bashfully as they entered the kitchen holding hands.

"Looks like a good night was had by all" Pepa snickered as she winked at them both.

"Pepa!" Silvia scolded as she slapped her wife on the buttocks.

"Please excuse my wife ladies, she doesn't think before she speaks" Silvia apologised, glaring in her wife's direction. Pepa took the opportunity to give her wife a big kiss in admiration.

Neither Charlotte or Josephine were worried. Charlotte was used to the cheeky attitude that Pepa would unleash every now and then. Josephine was the youngest of the four women, and liked the lightheartedness that surrounded them. She felt comfortable, and the happiest she had felt in a long time. As she took in the faces around her, everyone was smiling and happy. If only her brother could see this was who she truly was. If only, he could understand. The gentlest of kisses of adoration by charlotte bought Josephine back to the table. She banished the thoughts of her brother, instead focusing on this wonderful breakfast and delightful company that surrounded her.

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