She was there right in front of him just talking. She looked different then the last time he saw her. Her hair grew longer and well she was Bad Wolf yet again. He felt a longing to hug her or to kiss her. But as he did for River. He had to ignore this, just like River. It hurt way too much to think about it. Just like the others he lost he had to keep moving.

The younger Doctor didn't even notice her. Partly because he was too busy and he did get married to the Queen which he didn't mean it but now he was. Also the fact that he had to return but he missed Rose. His Loved Rose and he knew that wouldn't change a thing.

But still he knew it wasn't his Rose. It was Bad Wolf, sure it looked like Rose and acted like her in way but mostly was Bad Wolf or what she called herself. But that didn't stop him from feeling regret. He could have scared her, well he could of scared a lot of people but he didn't. He still loved her that much was true. But He knew he wouldn't see her again, at least that's what he thought. So he didn't look at her because it hurt.

He didn't understand who this "Bad Wolf" person was. She didn't mention her name was Rose Tyler. And he had to admit she was beautiful but she was the interface yet she did say that they knew each other. At least the older ones did. But they act liked they didn't see her but he could still see the pain in their eyes. Yet didn't understand and yet he wanted to at the same time. What was it about this girl that hurt the older versions of him so much?

They didn't understand she was the interface. She was real but not yet real. She had all sorts of memories of her traveling with the doctors. She saw the elder one's going back and forth. They acted like they didn't see her which was okay she guess but she felt something that she couldn't explain. Rose the girl, well Bad wolf she was for bit loved the doctor. She still did and yet they seem to move on or had to.

But her job was done in way. She saved the Doctor, well Clara saved the doctors but she helped them see. And she was glad she did, because at least Rose, even if Rose wasn't really here got the chance to see him again and of course helping with saving the timelords home of course. As soon as they thought of the plain Badwolf disappeared just a memory in The Warriors mind, and soon forgotten.