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Dumbledore had been sent to jail after the second trial. The fact that he'd withheld the things that he had did not bode well for him and he'd been sentenced to five years in Azkaban. The previous sentence had been under the assumption he'd told them everything. The sheer amount of things that he'd kept quiet about, to say nothing of the things that they needed to know like about the stone and the secret in the third floor corridor, had people wanting his head on a pike let alone the things he'd wanted to push Harry into.

The goblins, meanwhile, had taken a big step up in the magical world. The killers of Voldemort and protectors of The-Boy-Who-Lived had not been wizards but been goblins. The fact that the goblins could destroy horcruxes and they'd stopped Voldemort after recognizing that Harry Potter had become a horcrux. Sirius and Adrian had easily pushed through the legislation recognizing them as a sentient species. Only a toadlike woman named Dolores Umbridge and a few others had raised a stink. But they were a small minority and when the toad said something about 'jumped up mudbloods not knowing their place' in reference to Hermione she suddenly found herself turned into a giant toad one day at work. After that people would croak and make 'ribbit' sounds around her. Sirius found it hilarious but Hermione just hugged him and thanked him for looking out for her.

Cornelius Fudge fired the toad and she soon found herself ostracized from British magical society. It was one thing to quietly hate non-humans and muggleborns. It was quite another to actively campaign against them; she'd even wanted the goblins arrested for killing Voldemort.

After the revelations about Ron and Ginny and their mother the Weasley family had fractured. Percy, Fred, and George all were appalled by this behavior and wanted nothing to do with them. Bill, Charlie, and their father saw differently. The oldest Weasley boys believed that Ron and Ginny were merely victims of Dumbledore like Harry or Sirius. The three middle boys knew better. They all understood that Ron was greedy, jealous, and entitled. They believed Ron would be that way no matter what because he'd always been that way. He hadn't been bred to be a git; his attitude had instead drawn Dumbledore to him as a suitable choice. As for Ginny, all three boys knew where her entitlement came from. She was told that she would marry Harry Potter from the time she was in nappies and no one ever said no to Ginny. She always got her way. Their mother fit in the same camp. She always got her way and was as greedy as Ron. It was no wonder where the other two got it from.

Consequently Percy, Fred, and George stopped speaking to their family and hadn't since the trial. Sirius and a few other wealthy families arranged for the three boys to continue their Hogwarts educations and Sirius let them stay at Grimmauld Place after he'd had it cleaned up and all the dark objects removed by the goblins during breaks. The boys had even made extra money by helping Sirius and Dan make repairs to the house and replace furniture and set up the house to use electricity. All three boys were welcome at the Granger home and ate their meals with the large extended family and Percy was even allowed to shadow Adrian Greengrass, Amelia Bones, and Cornelius Fudge when he expressed an interest in working at the Ministry of Magic. Percy ultimately found himself dissatisfied with that prospect and instead went to work on Sirius and Remus' new business, Marauders Inc., as their accountant after he graduated from Hogwarts. Not only did it pay more but Percy felt like he was truly useful and respected in his work at the fledgling company. Sirius and Remus both listened to his ideas about the company and would explain why something wasn't a good idea if one of his ideas was bad. At the ministry there was no such treatment.

Fred and George worked at the company during the past two summers as apprentices. Sirius and Remus let them invent pranks and gave them a cut of any sales of those pranks while the two older men focused on more useful things like fine-tuning the mirrors and working on making Muggle items like televisions and Game Boys capable of function in highly magical situations. And of course lightsabers. Sirius knew that the boys really wanted lightsabers and he found it an interesting challenge.

-Fourth Year-

The announcement of the Tri-Wizard Tournament had Hogwarts students curious and some of them excited. Harry's first question was about their football games. Flitwick assured them that they could still have their weekly games, just not the days of the tasks of the tournament. Pretty much everyone in the school had a sigh of relief at that news. Football still wasn't an official school sport, but the program was used as a sort of physical education requirement.

The Hogwarts students, satisfied that they could still play footy even if they couldn't play quidditch, then turned conversation to who would try out for it. The age requirement seriously limited who could; a few sixth years but mostly only seventh years could enter. Cedric Diggory immediately said he'd enter. Roger Davies also said that he'd enter. While Roger was a sixth year his birthday was in September like Hermione's. It was agreed upon that everyone would support whichever Hogwarts student became their Champion.

So when the other two schools arrived Hogwarts was ready and united. They'd removed the colored trim and their house badges from their robes, wearing the Hogwarts crest instead. First came Beauxbaxtons in their giant carriages with their winged horses. They watched as they landed. Headmistress Longbottom greeted Madame Maxime and Harry slid his arm around Hermione. He didn't like being ogled by all the girls that were walking past them. Hermione slid her arm around him and rested her head against his shoulder to see some very amusing reactions from the French girls. Harry chuckled into her hair.

They waited in the October weather for the arrival of Durmstrang. It was a cool, crisp night. The arrival of Durmstrang saw a massive ship appearing in the Black Lake. "Do you think they're trying to impress us?" Hermione asked the others.

"I guess," Draco frowned, "is it just me or did that ship emerging resemble a toilet flushing?"

Some chuckling was had before they focused and Cho spoke, "I think they were both trying to impress us with the magnificence of their schools but I don't really get why. I mean it's one thing to impress, another to intimidate."

Cedric nodded in agreement with his girlfriend before contemplating, "Maybe we're too cynical?"

"Oh now how could you say that Ced? I mean it's not like we had a controlling, manipulative headmaster working behind the scenes to cause strife and discord for his own 'greater good.'" Draco bemoaned, earning laughter from those around them. He was met with a smack on the back of his head. "I was just stating the truth."

"And I was just smacking you for being overly dramatic." Draco noted that Hermione intentionally didn't say drama queen. For them it was an affectionate term of teasing but she was still keeping the secret he'd told her shortly before the Quidditch World Cup and not drawing any attention to it. His sister in all but blood and name was a wonderful confidant. Even from Harry, who didn't know yet. Draco couldn't think of any secret Hermione had been able to keep from Harry save for Christmas and birthday presents.

The Durmstrang crowd looked like a mean lot, to Harry's mind. They were frowning and looked kind of angry. He did notice two redheads and recognized Ron Weasley. He'd never met the sister but guessed that the girl was Ginny Weasley. The way she batted her eyes at him seemed to confirm this. He just pulled Hermione back into his arms and was delighted to see the girl frown. "I wonder how much she's like all the other girls and how much is because of her mother and Dumbledore."

"I don't think we'll ever know, love," Hermione responded. She hadn't understood how truly famous Harry was until the pureblood girls, including Cho, Susan, and Daphne, all sat her down and explained how they were raised with the Potter legend and that while none of them were interested in Harry other girls would be after his money and his fame. Hermione knew that already, but when they talked about hearing how girls were raised to believe that they were entitled to Harry Potter (Romilda Vane as an example) she understood that she and Harry would be placed in difficult situations with ignorant people. For most, Harry was a person and a wonderful person at that. For others like Romilda, and apparently Ginny Weasley, Harry Potter was property or a trophy to be obtained.

Unfortunately for these girls who saw Harry as property they had Hermione to contend with as well as their friends. Not to mention Harry, who had given Romilda a verbal assault after the girl had cast a hex at Hermione and then told Harry he could do better than a beaver as Hermione's teeth grew. Draco had taken Harry's wand, which probably saved Romilda's life. Cho and Roger had taken Hermione to the hospital wing for healing and Harry had been met with a girlfriend with perfect teeth. Harry wisely said nothing. No longer having his glasses or his scar he understood that there were some things you just wanted to change about yourself and doing so made you feel better even if the difference mattered only to you.

The feast that evening was nothing special. Hogwarts students for the most part didn't sit at their house tables separated by houses. Friends sat together. This left Durmstrang and Beauxbaxtons unsure of where to sit and they eventually sat with their schools at the ends of the tables.

Harry and Hermione sat at Ravenclaw tonight with Draco. Fred and George came over and sat opposite them, "We didn't even know where Ginny and Ron went to school," they said. "Who'd have thought Durmstrang would want them?"

"I'd have expected Beauxbaxtons what with Ginny being a girl and all," Draco said, "Durmstrang is a very rough school."

"They look like an angry lot," Harry said. "Or is it just me?"

All the others around them agreed with Harry, "They actually teach the Dark Arts at Durmstrang," Draco said, "so their champion might be someone to look out for."

"Hey isn't that Viktor Krum?" Cho asked from her seat between Hermione and Cedric.

"Yeah it is. He must be in his final year. He's eighteen if I recall correctly from the program at the Quidditch World Cup," Hermione said, biting her lip in thought. Harry kissed her, "Harry!"

"You know it drives me crazy when you do that. The kiss was punishment."

"Yeah some punishment," Draco laughed. "Does she get a snog if she scolds you?"

Harry rolled his eyes and slid his arm around his girlfriend, "Hermione doesn't scold me. She scolds you."

"Draco is harder to keep in line than you are," Hermione kissed her boyfriend's cheek before they resumed eating.

Halloween saw Draco summoning up the courage to tell Harry that he was gay. One thing you could say about Harry Potter was that he really didn't understand prejudice. Other than teasingly asking if Draco was attracted to him, to which Draco responded he had better taste than that, he just shrugged it off. Hermione cautiously explained the prejudices against gay wizards and witches to him and he mumbled, "Something else for Aunt Cissy to combat."

Narcissa Black was quite a firebrand when she chose to be. With an incredible number of witches at her back she had appealed for the changing of laws on the books, including issues of custody in divorce. In a society that measured a woman's worth by her husband and struggled to deal with women like Amelia Bones who worked hard and were unmarried this was a major facelift. She made sure that women also got an equal salary to men. It had been an uphill struggle many times, but she had pulled through.

Their fourth year was like their second and third, interesting but not life-threatening. Harry relished the sense of normality, although the highlight of the year for him was Hermione moving his hands below her jumper. Closely followed, of course, with Ginny Weasley attempting to make doe eyes at him at the Yule Ball only for Roger Davies and Cho Chang to explain to her why she better leave Harry alone. Not used to being told no Ginny didn't heed the warning and when she touched Harry's arm she finally realized the impact of flirting with another girl's boyfriend. Ginny had pimples that formed the word 'Tart' on her forehead. She'd been horrified while everyone else giggled. Viktor Krum came over and complimented Hermione on her fine spellwork while thanking them both for hopefully teaching her a lesson.

Hermione's response had been a mumbled, "I doubt it."

Hermione had, of course, been right (although she conceded that she hadn't wanted to be this time) and Ginny had still pursued Harry until the twins, with the couple's blessing, began an epic prank assault on what was their former sister. She'd been turned into a canary and the makeup she'd cake on to hide the pimple word would suddenly glow green; a bright, neon green.

Ginny had backed off but taken to verbally berating Hermione loudly at every meal similar to how her brother Ronald had in his first year. Hermione ignored it but Harry didn't and Ginny stupidly found herself being confronted by one Harry Potter. The little bint had presumed her plan to ensnare Harry had worked, missing the rage in his eyes. When she casually remarked that Harry had taken long enough to dump the mudblood his wand was already in his hand. When he left Ginny found herself with boils all over her face and Madam Longbottom ordered the headmaster of Durmstrang to confine Ginny Weasley to the ship for the disgusting display of bigotry that she had shown.

To boot a reporter heard the whole thing and the Weasleys soon found themselves to be pariahs. Fred, George, and Percy all sought to change their last names and asked the two Marauders if they'd consider letting them have their last names. It was Adrian Greengrass who actually volunteered. With two daughters his family name appeared ready to die out. Percy took the Greengrass name while Fred and George took Lupin and Black respectively, even changing their middle names to reflect their gratitude to the three men who were there for them when their parents weren't.

-Sixth Year-

-Christmas Eve-

Hermione and Harry sat alone gazing at the Christmas tree. "Feels like our first Christmas together," Hermione said, "we're at my parents' house, we're sitting against the couch on the floor cuddled together."

"I'm terrified about the present I'm about to give you," Harry added. "Yep, feels very similar to that first one," he summoned a small box from under the Christmas tree.

"It's the same wrapping paper," she smiled at him and kissed his cheek, "but why are you terrified? I thought we got over that years ago."

"Well this isn't just any present," Harry squirmed uncomfortably, "this is quite possibly the only present, other than that first one, that I've been afraid of your reaction."

She frowned and opened the present to reveal a small black velvet box. Harry turned so that his body faced her as he took the box from her, opening it up to reveal a diamond engagement ring, the large diamond flanked by two small sapphires on either side sitting on top of a gold band, "Harry…"

"Hermione meeting you is still the single greatest day of my life. Thanks to you my first year at Hogwarts was incredible. You gave me my first real Christmas, you gave me my godfather back, you," Harry took a deep breath, "you are so wonderful, so amazing, that words can't do you justice. I love you Hermione Jean Granger. Will you marry me?"

"Yes!" Hermione flung herself on top of him and they fell to the ground kissing. Harry slid the ring onto her finger as they kissed, their hands hurriedly removing clothes as they made love, passionately claiming one another by the light of the Christmas tree.

Later as they lay in bed Harry smiled, "You know, that first Christmas you flung yourself at me too."

"For a kiss that didn't even involve tongue you arse," she muttered.

"No, tongue didn't come into play until third year," he chuckled, turning to spoon her he nuzzled her neck, "Can you imagine how different my life would have been if I hadn't met you at the train station? What if I wasn't a Ravenclaw? What if I was in another house, without you?"

"I like to think we'd have been together regardless," she sighed, placing her hand over the one he had on her stomach, "it just might have been a tougher road."

"A road I never want to go down," he said.

"Charmer," she mumbled.

"Only for you," he kissed the back of her neck, "good night my love."

"A wonderful night," she corrected as she turned her head to kiss him, "I might be the greatest thing in your life, Harry James Potter, but never forget that I feel the very same way about you." Harry smiled and returned the kiss until they found themselves wrapped up together again, reveling in their love. Nope, he wouldn't change a thing about that day at King's Cross. He'd taken a chance, opening up to a lonely girl who was looking for a fresh start as much as he was. The ride since then had been wonderful. Harry found himself with no regrets and looking forward to what was to come.