This a Danny Phantom story. There is no Phantom Planet in this story. BUT Danny's parents do know that Danny is Danny Phantom and that Danielle is Dani Phantom. I will have my own character in this story. For any other people that know Danny's secret will be told in the story. Danny, Sam, and Tucker are all fifteen years old. Jazz is seventeen. Also Sam and Danny are dating. Tucker and Valerie are a couple as well. My character is a lone wolf, but I will add someone for her. Dani will go by a different name in this story. I picked Jade. Jade will be in sophomore year with Danny and his friends. Jazz will be in her senior year.

I do not own Danny Phantom or anything that may be mentioned. This is only fan fiction.

-Luna's POV.-

"Good morning Luna," said Tina.

"Good night!"

Tina then comes over and pushes me out of bed, to the floor.


"Get up! The doctor said that you are to be in class first before goofing off!"

Tina is my nanny, she may seem all nice and cheery, but really she can be as mean as a ferret and cunning as a snake. I don't like her, and who says that I goof off?! She leaves the room so I can get dressed.

I get myself off the floor and head to my closet. I put on a big black shirt and put on a pair of black shorts. Yes I am a bit of a goth, got a problem with that?

I look at myself in the mirror as I brush my hair. I'm not entirely human. My long black hair with dark blue highlights goes down to my lower back. My right eye is blue and the other is green. I have fangs on both jaws. My ears are floppy dog ears on top of my head. I have a navy blue tail. My fur on my arms from my hand to just above the elbow by two inches are a light navy blue. Same for my feet up to the ankle. My nails are long, black, and sharp. Same goes for my toes only shorter. I only have four fingers for both hands and five toes each. I never need to or want to wear shoes, my feet have padding on the underside. My actual skin is pale and my eye areas are blackish, as though I have not slept at all. And my lips are a solid black.

I don't really keep my stuff in the closet, I have pocket dimension for that. Translation- a separate dimension that I can access freely and put in or take out stuff. I don't know if it has a limit, I just know it holds a lot. And no one knows about that.

I put down the brush and leave my room. Ready for another lecture from doctor. I'm a human and wolf hybrid made by a group of scientists that wanted to try out hybrids and see how animal genes can used to benefit mankind. But I know better, they just want solders for war and power. Duh.

I'm only six but I am as intelligent as a tenth grader and have wisdom beyond my years. The scientists taught me that much. Idiots. I say idiots because at the rate I am learning, I would able to find a way out of here in about four years.

I'm not the only child they have made, just the first to be made with wolf D.N.A. The others are hybrids of different animals with human mixed in. We are not born from a mother. We were made in pods, growing until we were "old" enough to be taught and be raised. Some I can't tell what kind of crossovers they are. But the overall formula is the same, take D.N.A from a female human and a male animal.

I'm not like them, they are 'normal' in a sense, but I have extra abilities to use. Because of that, I have been taught some amount of concentration for them, but I am still working on it. However my appetite is odd. Sure I eat regular food but I have also found I can live on blood -like a vampire- it's gross I know but I don't do anything to my victim, other than taking some of their blood. They don't even feel it and if I lick the wound it closes, as if it never happened. I don't really crave it, it's just something I can eat. I prefer to have it when I am wounded, so it will act as a instant-heal.

So this is my regular day, I go to the mess hall for breakfast, go to 'class', do what they ask of me, practice my powers, and then head out the forest.

Of course the forest is closed off. Let me tell you. I live in a government facility for making living weapons. We're pretty much prototypes for future reference to the use of such hybrids. The forest I go into is right outside it and there is a force field surrounding it up to the distance of ten miles. I 'play' in it to be active and have some fun.

Now a days I wonder if this is really a government compound. I had my suspicions about it when I wondered where the other hybrids went to. At some point after they were released and if they couldn't learn they were taken by Tina into a room that is off limits to me and the other crossbreeds. A number of moments later I hear the crossbreed scream until the noise is abruptly cut off, and never see that clone again. Because of this, the compound has new clones of different kinds of D.N.A. every three months. Yes... I call them clones, so what?

Anyway, I head to the mess hall for breakfast. I don't really fit in with the other clones because I am the only one who has lasted the longest through the testing. They keep breaking or something, I don't know, they just don't like me. So I sit at my own table and eat in peace. I don't really care if they dislike me or not.

After breakfast I go to the 'classroom' that they have to teach us clones. I am special so I am taught separately from the other clones. Special my tail! They just want me to their weapon when I am old to be in their fighting force.

I walk in and see the doctor is not there, oh well, I sit down and wait.

-3 minutes later

Okay, this is a new record of being LATE. Usually the doctor gets in ONE minute after I get in here, so where is he?

I head out and I see some doctors running down the hall. What is going that is getting people with degrees running? I walk up to Tina wondering if she knew what was going on.

"What's going on?"


"Tina, what's going on?

She doesn't answer and just stands there for a moment. I follow her eyes and they are looking so something behind me. Before I could look she screams.

"Look out!"

She pushes me out of the way of a pod that was thrown. It crashes onto a metal table, crushing it. I get up then help Tina up. Then I turn around. I couldn't believe my eyes.

It was a humanoid creature with a dark aura around it like smoke. It's eyes were a burning red. It looked at us then it screamed. It was unbelievably loud. Even without the scream he sent chills down my spine. The screaming just hurt my ears.


Then Tina screamed, "AAAAAAAAHHHHH!"

"Run Tina!"

"You don't need to tell me twice!" She takes off running.

I turn back to the monster before me and crouch ready to attack. It takes no notice of my nanny running off but instead looks at me with a crazed look. Then does something that looks like a smile. What is it smiling at?

He lunges for me and grabbed my arm quicker than I could blink.

"Let me go!"

"Heh heh heh. Look, all the crossbreedes are now dead, even their creators. Now there is just one left. Might as well find out what is the last one's name. What is it?"


"Oh, no talking then?"

I used my nickname, "Lilyth."

"So you can talk, well-"

"Why are you doing this?"

"The person who runs this operation is someone who should not have had it in the first place. You would think he learned after his failed attempt. I am doing you a favor, for he would seek to use you and then throw you away when you out-lived your purpose."

"Just who is this 'he'?"

"Never mind. Ah, some have the courage to try and stop me, well we'll see about that."

He turns transparent, flies up and when I thought that we going hit the ceiling, we went straight through it. There was clearly a different kind of creature, one I haven't seen before. But that doesn't matter because I am going to get killed anyway.

He flies into the forest and comes to a stop by the field. Now I wonder who was this person he talked about and why did he stop here. And just what is this thing?

"Why did you stop, can't get past the force field? Or are going to kill me and get it over with?"

"No, my existence and fading away, I don't have long till my time is up. Might as well make it go out with a bang."


"Here is the security. Hmmmm... they can die too."

The creature belongs to swell a little, then there are holes and cracks in his "skin." I realize what he meant. He was going to self-destruct and blow up. Oh, no.

I shout to the men, "Run, he's going to blow up!"

They hesitate but comply and start running off a little ways but are still near. I don't know how big the bang was going to be, I just hoped no one else would die today. I concentrate and bring forth my purple force field to hopefully contain the blast. Again, hoping for the best. Goodbye world.



I wake up in the forest and take a good look around. I have memorized the forest layout around the compound, and this was not the same place where that thing blew up. I didn't believe this so a checked my chest for a heart beat and there was one. Oh thank goodness. But something was off, really off. Other than fact I was probably no where near the compound. I just didn't feel right, different. Then I realize that my heart beat was slower than normal, something definitely wrong.

I get up slowly, just to make sure I can stand, then start walking to a tree to get a better view of where was I, I didn't use my powers for fear of just crashing back to the ground. I manage to get to the top branch and take in the sight before me. I was no where near the compound, but I saw a nearby town and decided to go there. I climb down and start heading in the direction of the town.

-Danny's POV-

I wake up the sound of my alarm and ecto-blast it off. I didn't get much sleep last night. Even with my parent's help, we had some trouble because a few of my enemies decided to team up. So it took three hours to get them all in the thermos. Too bad today was a school day, but it's Friday so me, Tuck, and Sam can hang out after school. Sigh, I just had to insist that Dani got some sleep last night.

I get out of bed and get my clothes on, which I had gotten bigger sizes in. I had shot up during the summer to six foot four. and-thanks to ghost hunting- I beefed up a little, not a lot but a noticeable amount. I now wear a short sleeved black shirt and dark blue pants. When I was getting my blue shoes on someone decided to make visit.


"Really dude? It seven a.m. and you're out and about?"

"The Box Ghost does not sleep!"


I suck him up in the thermos and put in my backpack. He can so annoying and why couldn't he have waited until I was out the door?!

I head downstairs to the kitchen to get some cereal. Jazz and Dani- now renamed Jade- were sitting at the table. Jazz was reading a book as usual and Jade was eating fruitloops- heh, she got the idea from me.


"Hey bro, how was last night?"

"Horrible, some ghosts decided to team up and it took three hours to get them in the thermos."

"Ouch, who teamed up?"

"Ember with Skulker and the Box Ghost with the Lunch Lady. Somehow he got out last night and I had to suck him up in the thermos when I was in my room."

"He couldn't have waited until you were out the door?"

"I know right!"

So I send the ghosts back into the Ghost Zone, eat breakfast, brush my teeth, and go out the door with Jade. Jade is somehow smart enough to be in my sophomore year, which is really cool. The story, long lost relative.

"So, what are mom and dad doing? I didn't get a good look before I left."

"Remember that sample they took from us?"

I nodded.

"They've been trying to filter out our ecto-signatures, so if get hit or something like the Fenton Finder is on, we won't be affected or detected."

"You just rhymed."

"I know!"

My phone vibrated in my pocket and I got it out. It was a text from Tucker.

'Danny, can't come 2 school, got the flu. Sam is also on some trip w| her parents. Sorry dude.'

"What did it say?"

"Tucker has the flu and Sam is on a trip with her parents."

"Shall we fly to school?"

"We shall."

Me and Jade went in an ally and went ghost. I had gotten a new suit because- somehow- I grew out of my old one. My suit had changed to black pants. My top was black long sleeved shirt with a hood and my DP on the front at the same place as before. I kept the boots and the gloves. Jade kept her outfit, she hasn't grown out of hers yet.


We flew to school and went to the respectful bathrooms. I changed back and left the bathroom and Jade was just a step behind. I waved to her and when to my locker. I was getting the books I needed and just gotten my backpack zipped up, when I heard a certain voice.


Great just what I need for a Monday.

"Come here you punk!"

I take off running down the hall and hid in the cafeteria to turn invisible. Dash comes into the room looks around and stomps off shouting.

"You can run but you can't hide Fenton!"

Actually I can. As I turn visible, I run into someone.


"Sorry! Er... Valerie?"

"Oh, hey Danny. Let me guess, Dash?"

"Yeah, want to go to class together? If Dash sees you he might back off a little."


We walk to first period and we talk.

"So ghost boy, had any trouble lately?"

"Ghost team-ups and this morning the Box Ghost was in my room. How he got out I'll never know."

"Yay, not."

We laugh and go about our day.


Cafeteria- lunch time.

Four classes and two ghost fights, joy. I sit down next to Valerie and Jade and we were about to dig in when- yet again- someone decided to rear his ugly head. Aka, Dash.

"Hey Fenton. Looks like you missed your morning beating. Now you get double."

"Leave him alone Dash, why don't you pick on someone your own size?"

"Who cares what you think. Now Fenton, you're coming with me."

I duck out of his way and stand next to the table. He lunges for me again but I side step him and let him fall on the ground. Thank goodness Mr. Lancer came in.

"What are you boys doing?"

Dash was dumbstruck, "Um... nothing?"

"Mr. Baxter, unless you wish to have detention, I suggest that you leave your peers alone. Is that clear?"


"Is that clear!"


"Now if you excuse me, I have business to attend to."

Mr. Lancer left. And Dash just numbly goes back to his chair. We glance at each other and go back to our food as well. Dash is probably going to beat me later... if he can get to me to do that.

Later that day...


Finally! School is over yay! Now me and Jade can leave!

-Luna's POV-

I had changed to my illusion form and I was walking on the sidewalk, just a taking a look around. My illusion form changes my eyes to a deep blue and hair was shorter and I wear black combat boots. To put it simply my appearance was human and no abnormalities to attract attention. Well, not terrified attention. I saw some men give me that once-over look. Ew. And my height is also five foot nine, just to be clear for my illusion form.

Anyway, as I walk I see a school called Casper High. Yes I know what a school is!

I must have been the end of the school day because I heard a bell ring and teenagers walk out of it. I should have walked off when I had the chance. Because a boy with dirty blonde hair and large arms came up to me and tries to flirt with me.

"Hey baby, did you it hurt when fell from heaven? 'Cause you have the face of an angel."

Gag me with a spoon! And only if he knew, " ... What?" I gave him an unimpressed look with my eyes half closed to dramatize my point.

"My name is Dash Baxter, I'm a football star. Yours baby?"

"Do not call me baby and I'm not interested. Please leave me alone."

Some bystanders were shocked, "Oooooohhh."

But what almost caught my attention was a boy with his younger and older sisters giving me a look of curiosity.

While the jock is stunned I just walk away from the school and head to the park I saw earlier. Little did I know that someone was watching me from the shadows. But I did know that the three siblings I saw were following me. Don't know how 'cause I didn't bother to look.

I arrive at the park and stop to turn around.

"I know you're following me, no point in hiding now."

The trio that saw earlier came out from behind the bushes with stunned faces of how I knew they were following me. I cross my arms at them and raise my eyebrow to show my annoyance.

"Er, hi," the boy with black hair and icy-blue eyes said. I sensed something old about him that reminded me of the creature that I had to deal with today. Only different and somewhat more alive. Like half dead and half alive.

The younger girl that looked like him had the same sensation as her brother. If there wasn't an age difference, she could be his twin.

The older sister had back length hair that was red. She had teal eyes but seemed completely alive.

"Hi, could you tell me why you three were following me?"

The boy tried first, "Well, you see um..."

"Never mind then. But could you please leave me alone? I am not in a good mood."

The red-head opened her mouth to speak but was cut off by a pink blast of light. It crashed into a tree next to me charing it.

"What the snow cone!" I shout.

A glowing creature that looks like a rip-off of Dracula files toward me and tries to grab me but I avoid his touch. He lunges for me repeatedly but I continue to dodge.

"Plasmius! What do you want!" The boy shouts.

The said person(?) Then turns to the boy. Giving me a chance to run, I do just that. As I run I hear him speak to the boy.

"Ah Daniel, Danielle and Jasmine. So nice to see you. Tell me how is that fool of a father of yours?"

"Back off fruitloop, the names Jade now and you have ten seconds to get out of here."

"If you want her you'll have to got through us first."

"Oh your so-called sister? No... I'm after something else."

That was the last thing I heard before I hid behind a tree and let my illusion form drop. Then I flew after the creature called Plasmius. If I had hidden a second later I would have seen two bright flashes of blue-white light.

"Hey vampire! Need to go to beach and get some sun much!?"

I send some water toward him that flings him into a tree. I float down to the ground and cross my arms with a fang-filled grin. A boy with green eyes and white hair and what looks to be his younger sister look at me with confused looks. The red-head from earlier was holding a shiny gun.

"Who are you?"

"Luna. Yours?"

"My name is Danny Phantom and this is my sister Jade Phantom. This person with the red hair is Jazz."

"And the vampire knock-off?"

"Heh, that would be Vlad Plasmius."

"Children! First teenagers now a four year old!"

"Hey! I'm six for your information," I shout at the creature.

They all look at me and say, "Six?"

"Let's just skip the formalities and kick the vampire's undead behind," I say wanting the battle to start.

"I am not a vampire!" Said the vampire.

"Right...and I'm a fluffy bunny that has Easter eggs."

The vampire that they call Plasmius glares daggers at me then shoots pink lasers- whatever there 're called- at me. What do I do? I simply move my head to the right at the last second and the shot sails on by.

I snicker at his attempt to hit me, making him more enraged.

I lunge toward him and land a blow to his light-blue face. Now it's going to be BLACK and blue. Apparently I had him crash into another tree.

"Nice," Phantom says to me.

"Thank you. On a scale of one to ten, how evil is that dude?"

"I know this isn't an option, but, eleven. Look out," he dives out of way of yet another pink blast.

I jump out of the way as well. The girls do so too. Whoever this Plasmius is needs to get a grip and just chill out. I snarl at him barring my fangs. Then levitate some earth and hurl it at him. He must have dodged it because he came up behind me. He grabbed my mouth and held my arms behind me. Only to be hit by four blasts of green, causing him to let go and get blasted to the ground, then like a vapor, fades away.

"A Duplicate, great," Phantom dead-panned.

"A fake made up of energy I assume?" I really didn't know much of these creatures I keep seeing.

"Yes that's what a duplicate is," Jade Phantom sighed.

"What can you tell me of this Plasmius? To me, he seems like a British mad-man, mad meaning crazy."

"Oh he's crazy all right. Plasmius is my arch-enemy, he is a fruitloop that wants to take over the world through even the most illegal ways. Also he tried to melt down my sister here."

"That would be me," the girl called Jade Phantom waved.

"If he merely sent a fake, then why? I saw him trying to grab a random girl earlier," I said not wanting to spill my cover but curious as to why as well.

"Plasmius is a master manipulator, so... your guess is as good as ours," the red-head named Jazz stated.

"Well, seeing as there is no longer a threat, I'm going to leave now. Bye," I say then fly away.

I knew that I had to find somewhere to live and sign up for school as well. If I don't then I will end up in some kind of legal trouble. Sigh... I hope I can find something. I keep walking on the sidewalk as I was on thinking to myself. When a hand came out of the ally I was passing, grabbed me and dragged me into the ally.


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