I just want to make a note, my OCs will NOT pair up with anyone in this story. Luna is NOT going to pair up with Danny. Jackson will NOT pair up with Luna either. I only like shipping Danny with Sam and Tucker with Valerie. Also, I needed to keep the last three out because I wanted to take care of certain things first.

Author thing, Luna is not going be more powerful than Danny. She's going to have some of her own flaws as well.

"So you're really Luna?"

I whip around to see who had spoken.

I really didn't want to explain it this way.

Behind me was the Fenton family, Uh oh.

"Uh... What?"

"Anna disappears from the table and then you come out of nowhere," Danny crosses his arms.

"Explain," Jazz says.

"Okay! I'm a hybrid. I was made of human and wolf D.N.A. The compound I was raised in bred many types of hybrids, all with unique animal genes. The scientists wanted to create a weapon they could control for war. I was special because of the extra things I could do. They taught me at an advanced rate and I was going to plan a way to escape," I close my eyes and wait for the shouts of 'Get out'.

But it never came, "How did you get out?"

I sigh and continue, "One day a creature similar to the ones you have came to the compound. It was a humanoid creature with a dark aura around it like smoke and it's eyes were red. It apparently killed the other hybrids and tried to kill me too. I woke up and I was near your town, so here I am."

"Do you know where it went?"

"Nope, it blew up in its attempt to kill me," I cringe at the memory.

"Wait, ghost can blow up?" Maddie looks at Danny.

Danny shrugs and says, "There are some things even I don't know, still learning remember?"

"And I know little to nothing about ghost," I shrug, "Hey, where's Jackson?"

"In the bathroom," Jade simply said.

In the bathroom...

Jackson's POV

I look at the mirror and take in my appearance.

Apparently I looked like a younger version of Danny, only with neon-green eyes instead of icy-blue, freaky. But I still wonder why I can't speak. I decided to try again. How about hi?

"H-h-h," I only squeak out the first sound.

Why can't I speak? I want to talk and say what's on my mind. I WANT TO BE HEARD! I frown at my lack vocals.

I try again, "H-h-hi." I smile at my success.

Maybe I can speak, I'm probably just out of practice.

I try my name, "J-j-ja," Well, I'm getting there.

I wash my hands and leave the bathroom, everyone else went downstairs for whatever reason. I looked away for moment and Anna just disappeared, the Fenton family followed as well and told me to stay upstairs. Jade also told me where the bathroom was so I could do my business.

Anyway, since they haven't come back up yet, I'm going to watch some T.V. It'll keep me entertained until they come back. I head other to the remote control on the table, but by the time I did, my head was level with it.


I look down and see the floor as my neck disappeared through it.

What the snow cone?!

I would have screamed, if I could, but I fell through the floor and fall on the floor below it. I grunt as my back made contact.


I sit up and see the Fentons and a weird person with a doggy look off to the side.

"Are you okay?" Maddie asked.

I nod and get up with the help of Jade. Then I take out the notebook and write something.

'What was that? There is no way I could have FALLEN through a floor.'

They look at each other and sigh.

"One explanation after another, shall I get popcorn?" Jade pipes up.

I raise an eyebrow at her.

Jazz says, "I'll help." And they both go upstairs.

Danny turns to the dogish girl, "Is there anything else that you need to explain?"

"Just my abilities and miscellaneous."

"All right. Jackson?"

I look straight at him.

"Come with me."

I follow.