Wolfang21: Hey Wolf here, Just taught about making this Dead Rising fic for a while, basically I hope you enjoy my OC who is a video journalist. Anyway, hope you enjoy the story and send me good reviews and if you flame I will use the Pick Up on you! XD

Chapter 1: The Beginning

(Location: Outside of Willamette, Colorado)

The scene begins with two journalists in a helicopter flying over a forest nearby Willamette. As you are wondering why are two reporters being sent to a small town? Well they went to investigate the mystery of why connections with Willamette have been cut off. In less than 24 hours Willamette went dark, phone lines and web feedback has been cut, roads are blocked, and access to enter or any of its inhabitants to leave have been denied. These two men are sent to reveal the truth of what is really happening in Willamette.

"So what do you think is happening in Willamette for it to be locked down?" questioned one of the journalist to his companion into his headset. "Well from I heard about the town being in locked down is because of a major riot, but I call bullshit on it, No matter how big a riot could be can be able to cause this much trouble, plus I also hear that the military is somehow involved, Frank" said the companion replied in his headset. Frank West is 36 year-old man and his profession is a photojournalist that would go through for anything to uncover the truth of this mystery if it leads him to fame. His appearance is that of a Caucasian with short black spiked hair and brown eyes. His attire is a white button shirt with a black overcoat, black slacks, black dress shoes, dark shades, and he has a professional camera strapped around his neck. "So that is why you have that rifle in your hand and why did I have to come with you anyway, Ray?" said Frank said to his fellow journalist. Ray Martinez is a Latino man that is 30 years of age. His appearance is lite tan skin, shoulder-length hair kept into a ponytail, has a small moustache on his upper lip, and his dark brown eyes. His attire is a white button with the sleeves rolled up above the elbows and a top button undone, a black vest, black slacks with a leather belt and a small hard drive and a holster for a 9mm strapped to it, black dress shoes that are lace free, a small camera headset that is attached to the left-side of his head that is recording everything that he sees, and has a black fedora on his head. "You know I always come prepared old man and for why I brought you is because you are a though son of a bitch to kill and also you owe for the times I saved your ass" replied Ray, Frank "Oh right' annoyed. "Hey cheer up this could be the jackpots of our careers" said Ray with a cheeky smile. "Gentlemen, we have reached Willamette, home to a population of 53,594" said the pilot, Ed, to his passengers through his headset. By reaching their destination the two journalist open the side of the copter to get a better view of what is happening within the city. As Frank looks through his camera he sees multiple army Humvees blocking the entrance of the bridge to Willamette. Frank "Well what you know the kid was right" to himself, Ray "Told ya". As they travel further they see a man on top of a car and is using a baseball bat to keep a group of people from reaching him. Ray "What the hell?", the man then looks up towards them after he hears the copter and starts waving to them to help him, but this proves to be his fatal mistake. As he was distracted, one of the people that was trying to reach him was able to grab his right leg. The man tries to beat them off but they drag him off the car and once he reached the ground they started attacking him. Ray "Holy shit!" as they watch the man being ripped apart while Frank is taking pictures. As they continue on, they saw a school bus being attack by a horde of these insane people, and they even witness a gas station exploding right below almost causing the copter to lose control. Frank "How the fuck did that happen?", "Don't know" replied Ray. "Man, this place is starting to go to hell!" said Ed. Before they could be able to reach the mall, which is the center of the city, Ray spots an African-American woman, wearing tan pants, a blue shirt with red polka dots, and having red curly hair, being cornered by a group on the rooftop of a warehouse. Ray "Hey there someone still alive, get closer so we can help" towards Ed. As they descend closer they see the woman is shooting at the group around her, "she keeps shooting them, but they're not staying down" said Frank as he is taking pictures. The woman throw her gun at them after she runs out of ammunition and tries to escape but every root is blocked off by them, just as she turns towards the ledge she sees the copter descending towards her. As she begins to wave it, one of the freaks creep up behind her and was about to grab her until.


The freak blown back as the woman ducks. After Ray fired his first shot, he pulls the bolt of his to eject the spent shell from his weapon, and loads another from his clip. He then starts shooting every one of the freaks as the helicopter is low enough for the woman to reach. They fly away after the woman gets in, "Oh my god, thank you for saving me" said the woman to the journalist as she cried tears of relief. "No problem mam, what's your name and what the hell is going on around here?" questioned Ray as he looks at her. "I'm Dian and as for what the hell is happening here I don't even fucking know" said the now identify woman. Just as they reach their destination, military copters come into their view causing Ed to turn out of the way but losing Frank's case in the process, Frank "Shit!". "Stop, you are flying in a restricted area turn back now or we'll be forced to shoot you down!" said a pilot from one of the copters. "Shit, we have to get out of here" said Ed, Ray "Dammit, ok Ed we'll get off here take Dian with you", Frank "And come back for us in three days" as he jumps out and lands on the roof. Dammit old man, you're crazier than me sometimes" said Ray as he jumps out as well. After he lands and start to rise from his uncomfortable landing and starts dusting off his fedora, he sees Frank taking off his shades as he looks below the mall through the wired fence. Frank "My God" in disbelief with Ray at what they see before them. Endless and endless of the freaks heading towards the mall they are standing upon. "What sort of nightmare did we come across Ray?" questioned Frank, "I don't know" replied Ray, "But I hope we find out" he answered just before the view zooms out as a zombie rises from the ground, becoming a symbol of an eye as words form around it, spelling out Dead Rising.

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