There is nothing but complete darkness until a street lamp turns on showing an alley way with Ray leaning on top of a trash can.

Wolfang21: I'm baaaaaack (with a devious smile) and chapter 3 is up. Also if you were wondering about the numbers from the last, well they were lines that I used from different shows.

1. From Scooby-Doo and the Gang, Scrabby-Doo's battle cry before he charged at a monster.

2. From the Naruto verse, Gai's and Lee's line for distracting an enemy before they jump kick them in the face.

Wolfang21: Sorry that I forgot to add that last time but I was damn tired before I published chapter 2. Anyway you will be seeing more of here or there later on, if I feel like it that is. Also I would like to point out there might be a little crossover in this story, got the idea from watching an episode from Mondo Media that might show up in this chapter or the next. But I'm not gonna tell you who it is. :3 Anyway it is time for the disclaimer.

Disclaimer: I do not own Dead Rising, Capcom does. I only own some psychos and other OCs, some belong to my friends and fellow writers, but I do own Ray.

With that Ray gets off the trash can and leaves the alley. After he turns the corner the trash can's lid is lifted from the inside to reveal a lawyer.

Lawyer: Dammit, there goes easy money.

What the lawyer didn't know that Wolfang21 stopped in his tracks after he went pass the corner and started talking into an ear piece

Wolfang21: Do it

We then see a dark figure who has the lawyer within the sight of his scope. He then puts his finger on the trigger and pulls it.

Lawyer: Ow, what the hell just hit me!

The lawyer then see something stabbed into his arm, but before he could touch it, it let out an electrical current. (If you hadn't figure it out it is a Taser bullet)



The lawyer screams in pain before he drops towards the grown unconscious but twitching.

Wolfang21: Let be a lesson to you asshole! Try to sue me and you'll get your ass fried bitch! Mwah Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha


Bang: Gunfire or transceiver

"Boom Head shot!" Talking

Triple Kill: Location/ Author comment

And Action

Chapter 3: Secrets and Separation

Previously on Dead Rising Untold Story

The screen starts with Ray and Frank meeting with Carlito on the mall's roof.

Carlito "Hello there, you two are the reporters".

Frank "Yeah, so why don't you tell us already what is going on here?"

Carlito "This my friends is hell".

Ray "What's your name?"

Carlito "Carlito, Carlito Keyes"

The scene changes to show Ray downloading the security recordings from the camera control room.

Ray "I just can't get rid of this feeling that I know I saw that guy from somewhere before"

Then it switches to Ray and Frank seeing a woman being attacked on a screen.

Frank "What in the world?"

Ray "What the fuck is happening in this hellhole?"

The scene switches again with Ray and Frank meeting a hand-full of survivors at the mall's main entrance.

Old Man "You lookin' to get yourselves eaten alive by zombies"

The scene then goes to Ray hugging Dana and showing a picture of a girl to Verlene. And Frank confronting an old man.

Ray "Don't worry I'll protect you"

Verlene "Thank you"

Ray "Have you seen this girl"

Old man "Did you realize what you've done! Why did you summon me to this place!?"

Frank "I don't even know what you're talking about!"

The scene once again changes to Ray and Frank fighting for their lives against a zombie horde.

Ray "Go! Now!"

Bang, Bang, Bang

Frank "I got this"

The scene finally ends with an old African-American mall security guard sealing up the metal door with a blowtorch.

? "As long as those things are in the mall we better not use this door."


"So can we have the name of the people that saved our asses?" asked Ray as he and the others were still catching their breaths. "Brad" said the middle age man as he starts examines the air duct unit. "Otis" said the elderly security guard while he puts away the blowtorch. "Jessica" said the young woman as she leans against the wall. After seeing her Ray then starts tracing her figure with his eyes. Making him raise an eyebrow while taking in her beautiful figure.

"Uh. What are you doing?" said Frank when he sees Brad opening a small door through the ducts. This was able to brake Ray from his trance and to look at Frank and Brad to film what they're doing. Brad turns his head towards Frank, "The air ducts. They will get us into the mall. And apparently those things aren't smart enough to use them. So they won't be a factor." he said. "Wait a minute…" said Frank before Brad could even enter the ducts, "You want to get back in there? What for?" Frank questioned. Brad just ignored Frank and starts climbing through the ducts. "Hey, hey." Said Frank for not gaining an answer for his question.

At that moment Jessica directs their attention to her when she calls out to them. "Nice cameras. Are you two reporters?" she said. Ray just smiled and walks towards while he takes off his hat, "As a matter of fact beautiful we are. My name is Ray Martinez, freelance camera man and my friend behind me is my partner in crime, the photojournalist Frank West. And I must say Jessica..." Ray stops just a few inches in front of her. He then gentle grabs her hand with his "You are very beautiful as a goddess of the stars." he finished just before he bowed his head and kissed her hand that was within his. "Well, t-thank you" Jessica stuttered with a blush as she retracted her hand. She then regained her composer, "Anyway, do you mind if I look at your pictures?" she asked.

"Of course" Ray answered with a grin while he place his hat upon his head once more. He then snatched the camera from Frank, before he could protest, and handed it to Jessica. This causes Frank to gain an annoyed look, "Dammit brat don't take my stuff and give it to someone with a pretty" whispered Frank while glaring at Ray. But Ray did not her him, he had all his attention on Jessica's behind while she looks through the camera's memory card. Frank finally notice and produced a sweat drop.

Frank then notice that Jessica stops on a picture of the old man that met just before the zombies entered into the mall. "I took that one at the entrance." Frank said, snapping Ray out of his trance before he was almost caught by Jessica when she turned towards them, "Did he do something?" Frank asked. Jessica hesitates before she answered "Nope. Thanks for showing me though." She said to Ray before she handed the camera back to Frank.

Jessie then starts walking towards the camera room, but before she reached the door Frank called out to her. "Wait we're not done talking yet and just who are you people, really?" said Frank. Jessica turns to them, "Sorry boys, but I'm only authorized to only tell you mine and Brad's name." she said with a smile before she went through the door.

After Jessica left Ray turned his Head to Frank, "Well we're not getting any more info from her, so mall?" he asked. "Mall." Frank answered with a nod before the duo started walking towards the air duct, but they were stopped by Otis before they could leave. "You two aren't plannin' on goin' back into the mall, are ya? I wouldn't do that if I were either of you. But you young folks never listen to me…" said Otis, "Well if you are gonna go, at least take these maps with you two. And you better transceiver with you too, but I only have one." He finished. "No worries gramps, I have my own right here built into my headset" Ray reassured to Otis, "Well don't die out there because of stupidity." Said Otis. "Ha, ha. Don't worry gramps we'll be okay" said Ray, Otis smiles at this and starts lets them pass.

Frank goes into the ducts first, but before Ray could follow he was stopped by Verlene and Dana. "Wait Ray! We wanted to thank you for saving our lives back there." said Dana, "And you might need you gun back if you're going out there." Said Verlene as she presented the rifle to Ray. "Well I did say I'll protect you girls didn't I? Also keep the rifle, you might need it just in case something goes wrong when not around in here." Ray said with a smile before he followed Frank through the ducts.

Roof Access

"Well, what took ya kid? Talking with your girlfriend?" Frank questioned to Ray when they were outside the air ducts. "Well at least I have a way to get one, unlike someone I know" said Ray, "Keep talking brat and I'll kick your ass." Frank threatened, "Ha! Yeah right. Anyway let's check the roof for weapons, I don't have infinite ammo ya know." Ray said. "Good call on that kid." Said Frank as they search the roof. Frank was able to find a baseball bat, while Ray found a duffle bag to store weapons and supplies. They also found an elevator shaft but they found a man who looked a little over middle age, brown hair, he was big glasses, wearing a red short-sleeved shirt, tan pants, and brown shoes. He had a pot belly, he also had a golf club as a weapon and was shouting out someone's name as he ran around the elevator. "Natalie! Where are you?!" the man yelled out in a panic. Ray walks up to him and tries to calm him down, "Hey buddy are you alright? Need some help?" he asked the man. The man looks at him and sighs in relief, "Oh thank God. Yes you can, please. My name is Jeff, I'm trying to look for my wife Natalia. Can you help me, please?" asked Jeff. "Don't worry we'll find her. Frank let's continue with the roof in case there if there is anyone else up here." Said Ray, Frank nods and the search begins and it wasn't long before they found a woman who was wearing a green shirt, a large blue skirt, and glasses as well. She was close to Jeff's age as well. "Jeff!" the woman called out when she saw him, "Natalia" Jeff yelled with joy as he saw her as well.

Natalia and Jeff ran and hugged each other, fearing that either one of them will disappear if they let go. Frank took a picture shot of this heart felt scene. "Perfect" he said. After the couples moment Frank lead them to the air duct while Ray stayed behind to wait for him. Ray got bored for a while until he found a soccer ball to entertain him. After Frank came back, Ray put the ball in the duffle bag as they both headed to the elevator shaft. "You think it still works?" questioned Frank, "Well judging that there is still power in the security room, there might still be a possibility that there is still power in the mall." stated Ray. Frank pressed the button and true to Ray's words it worked. "Going down." Frank said as the step into the elevator.

Storage Room

Frank and Ray step outside the elevator to find that they are in a storage room. As they walked through the path Ray finds a box on the way. He opens it to find a bag of chips and a sickle. "Man, you can find stuff in the weirdest of places. But I'm not complaining" Ray said to himself with glee as he puts the items in his bag. As the walk pass the selves they find a hallway that leads to the Paradise Plaza. As the walk through the hall they hear foot steps behind them, believing that it was a zombie both Ray, with his gun, and Frank, with a fire extinguisher he got from a case on the opposite wall, got behind a wall to ambush it. As the steps got closer they tensed, until it was just around the corner they jumped out to attack.

But instead of a zombie, to their surprise, it was Jessica instead. "AAHHHHH!" Jessica screamed as they jumped out making her jump back and fall. She pointed her gun at them, but she calmed down when she saw who they were. "Shit, sorry about that Jessica. Are you okay? What are you even doing down here?" questioned Ray as He lifted Jessica up. "It's okay, I'm fine. But Brad was attacked, I located him on the monitor. Ah!" said Jessica as she tried to walk forward but groaned in pain after she took her first step. "Wait. You probably sprained, you can't go out there like that." Said Frank as he walks up to her. Jessica struggled out of Ray's grip, she then leaned against the wall and tried to continue on, "I gotta help Brad… or else he's done for. He is being attacked in the Food Court" She said. "Alright, fine. Gimme your gun, well go for you." Said Frank, "What?" Jessica questioned, "We're the reason you got hurt, but don't worry. We'll help Brad for you." said Ray in concerned for Jessica.

She hesitated, but gave in as she hands her pistol to Frank. "Do you know how to use this?" she questioned him. "Don't worry beautiful, we learned a thing or two when we covered wars." Ray stated to ensure her worries. "After we are done helping you, we are gonna have a nice little chat." said Frank as he put the handgun in his belt. After that Jessica heads back to the elevator, Ray and Frank continue towards the door that enter to the plaza. But before they could leave Ray picks up the extinguisher and puts it in the bag. "Why are you taking that." Questioned Frank, "Hey, you might never know when we will need it in this chaos bullshit. Be it for a fire or a distraction for a quick escape." Ray said, just before they entered the plaza,

Paradise Plaza

"You know they should call this Nightmare Plaza from what I'm seeing right now." said Ray, as he and Frank see hundreds of the undead roaming the plaza. "I think I agree on that one with you kid." said Frank with a sweat drop at seeing Ray's point, hell the mall music that was playing wasn't helping with the image. Ray pulls out the soccer ball from his bag and sets it down. He walks back a few paces before he starts running back to the ball, pulling his right leg back, and kicked the ball with all his might. The ball soars into the air until it hit a zombie right in the face knocking it down. And then ricocheted of that zombie to hit another one, then another, another, and another until it took down twenty zombie. Fifteen of them were still twitching on the floor while five of them lay dead from broken necks.

"Well that was fun." Ray said with a grin, while Frank took picture of the scene. The duo continued to walk onward, until they spotted a camera shop. They walk in and started searching on what they could use. Frank was stock piling on memory cards and batteries for his camera, while Ray found some water and a duffle bag. He handed the duffle bag to Frank, so that he too could stock pile on weapons. Just before they could leave they hear their transceivers ringing.



Frank answered while Ray listened in, "Yeah?" said Frank as he answered his transceiver. "Frank. Ray. It's me, Otis. Calling you guys to tell that I saw a survivor in the same Plaza you two are located in. It looks like he has a camera too, friend of yours?" said Otis. Frank and Ray looked at each other wondering what other photojournalists are here as well, "No. But we'll check it out." Ray answered, "Okay, but be careful you two." Said Otis as the call ended.

As Frank and Ray walk out of the store to begin their search for the survivor, but before they could get started they hear a high-pitch laughter coming from the second floor. "Well looks like he's in the café upstairs" said Frank as he sees a small group of the undead blocking the stairway while Ray pulls out his sickle. "Well what are we waiting for old man? Chop, chop, chop, chop, chop! (1)" Ray yelled his battle cry as he charged at the undead with Frank following after him.

Ray jumps into the air while he raises his sickle towards a zombie. Just before he lands on his feet he brings the blade down, impaling it into the zombie's skull. Ray then lifts his weapon, with the zombie still attached to it, and gave it a hard swing. This action caused the corpse to fly off the blade, through the air, and landing on another zombie.

Frank took pictures of what Ray did before he heard a zombie stalking behind. He spins around and karate chop its head clean off. He then follows Ray, swinging his bat at the undead freaks that he (Ray) missed.

As they both reached the top of the stairs Frank turns around and ready his bat as five zombies stagger up the steps. Just before the first one could reach him Frank swings his weapon with all his might. This sends the zombie flying off its feet and to land on its companions, causing them to tumble down the stairs. "Homerun! Nya ha, ha." Called out Ray with a laugh while he put his hand above his eyes making Frank chuckle.

After they had their laughs they continue their way to the café and they went inside they see a man who looks to be in his mid-twenties taking pictures. The man turns around and runs into them, "Hey you two. You're in my way. Can't you see I'm trying to take pictures here." He said. As they walk up to him they take a good look at his appearance. He is a Caucasian man with a soul patch on his chin and brown hair which is spiked upwards. His attire is a blue short-sleeve collar shirt with a brown leather vest over it, a camera on a stand is strapped to his back and multiple ones hanging from his torso, tan cargo shorts, a pair of black fingerless gloves on his hands, and a pair of black flats.

"Hold it there kid. We're just here to take you to take you safely to the security room." said Ray. "Sorry old geezers, but I'm making money here", this caused both Ray and Frank to gain tick marks, "But tell what since you two are photographers as well then let's have a challenge. If you're able to get a good shot of me kicking undead ass, by the way my name's Kent." he said. "The names Ray, my partner here is Frank and you're on brat" he said still pissed from the geezer comment.

One Boring challenge later

"Hmm, not bad, it ain't half bad." said Keith as he looked through the photos in Frank's camera. He then gave the camera back to Frank and showed him and Ray the photos he (Kent) took. After he showed them his most violent pic, Frank pushed him away. "Okay you two need to take better pictures than the ones I got." said Kent, "Yeah." Frank grunted with a thumbs-up. With that Kent nods and walks away as Frank and Ray head towards the door to the park.

"Man, that guy was a douche." stated out a pissed off Ray, "I hear ya kid, but we have to deal with it if we have to save his ass." said Frank. Ray lets out a sigh before he answered, "Yeah you're right, but if he ticks me off one more time-"

Leisure Park

Just outside the entrance of the plaza we see a female zombie kneeling in front of the entrance to Paradise Plaza. She turns her head towards the entrance when she hears the door open and a man's voice, "- I punch his fucking head off his shoulders." she spots the man in her vision and she strikes.

After Ray walked through the doors he sees the zombie girl launching herself at him, but not where he expected she was trying to take a bite of. Ray was able to grab the girl's head stopping her an inch from him, thanks to his reflex, before she took a bite out of Ray Junior.

"Holy shit! Don't just stand there Frank, fucking help me get this chick off me before she bites something important!" Ray yelled to Frank as he struggled to keep zombie girl from eating his dick. Frank was about to help him but notice the appearance of the zombie girl. She looked to be just in her twenties, her hair was brown and messy, but looked sexy that way. Her skin was pale but smooth, still in healthy condition, and the only wound she had was a bite mark on her forearm. Her attire was only a white thin tank-top that gave her great cleavage and looked like it was about to burst due to the strain her double D-cup breast, while for her bottom was only black lace panties. (No this is not a lemon)

Frank smirks at this and started taking pictures of Ray's situation. Hey! Why are you taking pictures of this!?" shouted out Ray, "Perfect! Sorry kid but this is too good pass up plus it's better than that asshole's pic." answered Frank with a smirk. "I knew you were a pervert but this is just plain mess-up." Said Ray, "I'm not that the one getting head from a zombie girl." stated Frank. This caused Ray to blush in embarrassment and anger, which gave him enough strength to push zom-girl off him and walk away. As they walk off they didn't notice the zom-girl staring at Ray as they left.

Frank followed after him, "Ah hahahahahahahaha." laughing. "Yeah keep, but karma is gonna bite you in the ass grandpa!" said Ray in rage while flicking Frank off. "Yeah rig-" was all Frank said before he strong grip on his precious organ, he looked down to see another female zombie that was crawling on the ground, due to missing legs, had a good grip on him and then she gave a strong squeeze. "AHHHHHHHH!" Frank screamed in pain while trying to get the hand off him.

"Kid! Kid! Please help me before she rips it off!" shouted Frank in pain and in a slightly higher voice. Ray just runs up to him and started to kick the hand, while kicking Frank. "That's not working!" screamed Frank with an even higher voice. Ray just smirked, knowing what he is doing. He then grabbed the woman and started to pull her off of Frank. He pulled, and pulled, and pulled until…


The sound of flesh being tear apart is heard. Ray looks in his arm to see the infected missing her arm. He then looks up and see that the missing arm is still holding on to Frank. "Talk about being persistent." Ray said in amazement as he throws the torso into the nearby lake (or was it a giant pond?). Frank finally pries the hand off of him and throwing it away before he holds himself and kneeling down while taking deep heavy breaths. Ray walks up to him to him grinning, "Payback is a bitch ain't it?" stated Ray with amusement. Frank just glares at him and said "Fuck you, asshole." In a very high voice. "Ah hahahahahahahahahaha!"

After Frank recovered the duo continued their way through the park, taking out a zombie or two on the way until they arrived at the entrance to the Food Court to see a hoard of zombies blocking it. "Now how do we get through that?" questioned Frank, Ray just looks around until he spotted a giant lawnmower, he gain a devious smirk and started walking to it. Frank was still in thought until he heard…


Frank looked to the direction of the beastly roar and saw Ray pushing the lawnmower towards the hoard. Let's just say all that was left was a giant puddle of blood and organs, while Frank got some perfect gruesome shots.

Food Court

Frank and Ray slowly walk into the plaza, staying alert for any surprised attacks until…


Gunfire from an assault rifle shooting at their positions caused both Ray and Frank ducked and separated to find cover.

Frank's POV

Frank walks further to the left to look for better cover until he found Brad firing back at the shooter with his pistol.



He turns his head and sees Frank behind him, he looks around and sees Ray, giving a small wave with his hand to him (Brad), on the other side. Brad shakes his head not believing that these two were stupid enough to be here of all places. He then notice Frank running towards him while dodging the gunfire.

"Your girlfriend sent us here to find you." said Frank as he pulls out his pistol.


"Ah! What the fuck Ray!?" yelled out Frank when he saw a bullet, which came from Ray's location, flew an inch from his face. "Sorry misfire!" yelled back Ray before ducking his head when the shooter started targeting him.


"Dammit stop shooting at me!" he yelled out as he fired back with retaliation.




"You know how use that?" questioned Brad as he referred to the gun in Frank's hand. "Err, well I did shoot at a person once." answered Frank remembering the said accident at a shooting gallery. "Alright, I'll cover you guys from here. You two need to stick to the shadows. You got to get close to the target." ordered Brad, "Got it." Frank answered back. "Alright, next time he reloads I'll lay down suppressing fire."


"I'm counting on both of you. Make it over there" said Brad as he pointed at the entrance to the restaurant the shooter is located, Frank nods his head. "Okay. 1… 2…3!"




On Brad's mark Frank ran to his location as a bat out of hell.

Ray's POV

Ray pulled out his M9 while peeking his head out a little to see who was firing at them. He saw the shooter was the man that he and Frank met when they first came to the mall, Carlito. "Well looks like our contact is hostile." he stated as he looks around for Frank. He spots him with Brad and gives a small wave when Brad saw him.

While Ray was thinking of a plan on how to get out of this situation he heard Frank's "Your girlfriend sent us." comment irked him a little. So for some payback he aims at the space near Frank's head and pulled the trigger.


"Ah! What the fuck Ray!?"

Ray smirked when he scared Frank, "Sorry misfire!" but he ducked behind cover when Carlito began shooting at him.


"Dammit! Stop shooting at me!" he yelled out as he returned fire. He then notice Frank running to the entrance to the restaurant while Brad was covering fire.




"Ah. I see you're doing old man. I got ya back." said Ray as he covered Frank as well.




Normal POV

Frank is able to get behind Carlito, who was distracted at firing Ray and Brad. Frank aims his gun and fired.



He missed and gained Carlito attention, who started targeting him now.


Frank ducks for cover from the rain of bullets. Seeing this Ray and Brad advanced from their positions to help Frank.








"Shit. I gotta reload! Cover me!" yelled out Brad as he went for cover, "Got it." Ray answered back.




As Ray fired he didn't notice Carlito throwing a grenade at him, until it reached his location. "Shit" Ray shouted out when it landed by his feet.


Luckily Ray jumped at of the way of the blast just in time. He mostly got out of it unscratched, but the right legging of his pants was on fire. "Ah! Dammit!" yelled out Ray as he swatted out the flames.







After he putted out the fire he looks from behind his cover to see Brad and Frank suppressing fire on Carlito. Ray looks around and spotted a couple of barrels that were tall enough to give him leverage to get to Carlito's location. Ray reloads his pistol and climbed the barrels to the walkways. He sees Carlito and pulls up his M9, "Freeze asshole!" Carlito sees him a fires.


Ray ducks and returns fire just as Carlito turns and runs.



Ray chases after him and spots him just above one of the food stands. Before Carlito could raise his gun Ray fired first.



"Argh!" Carlito shouted out in pain as he was hit in the arm, making him drop his weapon and run from his pursuer. He runs and quickly grabs a rope line that raises him up from the walkway. Ray and Brad tried to aim their sights on him but he got away.

"Shit." "Dammit." said both Ray and Brad under their breaths. Ray holstered his pistol and start walking on the walkway to meet back with Brad and Frank on the floor below. On his way back he saw Carlito's weapon and picked it up. He was in awe as he examines the gun, "How the hell was he able to get a military PS90?" Ray questioned himself in amazement. He then looks around and spotted five full clips of ammo not too far away from him. Ray gives off a huge grin while he pocketed he gun and ammo in his bag, "It must be my birthday today" he said in delight before he started making his way back down.

"Dammit he got away! Who was that anyway?" questioned Frank, since he didn't get a good look and their attacker, while he put away his gun. "I don't know" replied Brad as he keeps looking above him to make sure the man was gone. "That was Carlito." said Ray as he jumps down from the barrels. "You know him?" Brad questioned Ray as he walks up to him. "In a way yes. The names Ray and Fran, journalists by the way and we met the dude when we first came to this mall. He told me he contacted us to come here. Now after our little gunfight I'm beginning to believe that both you and he are somehow connected to this fucking outbreak." Ray stated as he glares at Brad.

Brad glares back and answered, "Sorry, but I got nothing to tell you two." Before he turns away and started looking at Frank, "Look I don't know what Jessie told you two, but so far as I'm concerned we're through working together. You cover your zombie story, while you leave the rest to us." before he could start walking away Frank stops him. "You, uh… You guys are looking for someone here, aren't ya?" asked Frank with a smirk, which Ray copied as well, while he holds up a picture of the old man that tried to attack him on his camera.

When Brad sees the photo and walks up to Frank and try to take it. "Who is that? Where did you take it?" Brad questioned, but Frank pulled the camera out of his reach. "Ah. You help me, I help you. Deal?" said Frank as he bargains with Brad.

Brad then turns and thinks about it, "Damn" he turns back towards the duo and points to them, "You two are some journalists, aren't ya?" "We aim to please" replied Ray with a smirk. "Jessie and I are DHS agents and yes we're looking for that man in that picture." said Brad, "Wait you two are with Homeland Security. Is that old geezer a terrorist?" questioned Ray as he heard this important information.

Brad wasn't saying anything and had his hand out. Ray nods his head to Frank who reluctantly gave his camera to Brad. "I took that picture at the Entrance Plaza, right near the front door." Said Frank, "The Entrance Plaza… You sure?" Brad questioned, "We're sure buddy." Ray answered. Brad shoves the camera back into Frank's hands and starts walking away. "Hey!" Brad turns back to the two, "So, do we now have permission to cover this story or not?" questioned Frank. Brad sighs in frustration and nod his head before he continues with Ray and Frank Following him.

Al Fresca Plaza

Just as the trio exit of the plaza the see almost a hundred zombies blocking their way to the Entrance Plaza. Ray looks around for something they could use until he spotted a hardware store. Ray lets out an evil chuckle and grabs Frank shoulder to gain his attention.

As Brad was reloading his pistol and about to run through the undead, but Ray stopped him. "Hold it there Rambo, I got an idea" Ray said as he and Frank walk into the store. Once they walk back they each had a chainsaw in their hands. "I always wanted to do this." Ray said in excitement as he and Frank pulled the cords on their chainsaws.



20 minutes and 67 bloody dead zombies later

"Damn kid, I think you went a little too crazy with the chainsaw there." said Frank as he and Ray dropped their weapons after they were finished with them. "I gotta agree with him on that one." Said Brad after he witness the carnage, "You geezers are just jealous that I'm better at killing these maggot bags than you old farts." Ray said with arrogance and laughter, pissing off his two companions they enter the next plaza.

Entrance Plaza

Brad walks up to the control panel next to the steel gate. With one flick to the switch the trio gain access to the Entrance Plaza. The trio then begin their search for the elderly man on the first floor. Brad found their target, who was keeping himself locked up in a book store. Brad walks up to him to try and negotiate him to come with them to safety.

"No! I am not leaving until you can guarantee me safe passage from these…" "Sir just open these gates and we could..." No!" "Dr. Barnaby." was failing badly. Brad then walks back to Ray and Frank, "So it's no go?" ask Ray, "*Sigh* He said that he will not until we can guarantee a secure route out of here." Brad said negatively, "Jessie has a direct line to HQ. The first thing that we need to do is to call for backup. I'll meet with you too back into the room." he said before he started making his way back. "Help! Is someone out there!? Help." The duo hear the voice and headed towards its location.

They enter a clothing store on the second floor and find a man, who is a little overweight, trapped underneath piles of boxes. The two help the man out, "Thank you, you guys saved me. I've been trapped in here for two days. By the way my name's Bill." "Wait you don't know what's been happening since day one?" questioned Frank, "What are you talking about?" "Bill everything went to hell here, just look outside." said Ray. Bill then steps out of the store, he sees groups of zombies coming through the main entrance. "Holy Shit!" Bill screamed out as he panics. "Don't worry tubby, we'll take you to the safe room ok?" said Ray, Bill nods and join the duo as they leave the plaza.

Al Fresca Plaza

As they walk outside they see an even larger horde than before, wondering through the narrow plaza. Before they could take action both Frank and Ray were getting a call on their transceivers. "Ray, Frank, it's me Otis. I'm calling you guys to tell you I found three survivors in the Al Fresca Plaza. One is holdup in a jewelry store while the other two are barricade inside Weber's." "We'll get them out there Otis" said Ra, "Hope you boys make it back safely." was Otis last words before the call ended.

As Ray hung-up his transceiver he saw a couple of zombies with oxygen tanks. He pulls out his M9, aims, and pulls the trigger.




The blast killed most of the infected and clearing a path to the stores. "Nice shot." Said Bill as Frank take pictures of the destruction. "Thanks." Ray said as he walks a head of them, but just before he passes the fountain he sees an SMG in the water. Ray picks it up, aims it at a nearby zombie to see if is still works.


"Well, I'm not gonna look into a gift horse's mouth." he said as he pockets the weapon. "Okay kid, we'll gonna split-up to save time to save these people. Bill you and I are gonna save the two barricaded while Ray will get the other one. Got it?" with a confirm nod from both.

Frank's POV

Frank and Bill walk up to a barricade to Weber's, when reach they start tearing it down. After they succeed they see two men, one cowering in a corner and one that looks ready to attack, inside. "Shit! I'm gonna kick your ass for destroying our protection against those things!" yelled out the man with a ski cap charge at Frank with a baseball bat.

5 seconds later

"Are you gonna calm down know idiot?" said Frank as he strengthens his chokehold on the man. "Alright I give we'll go with you" said the man while he spotted a bleeding nose, black eye, and a few bruises.

Ray's POV

Ray walks into the jewelry store and notice a woman kneeling behind one of the counters, crying her eyes out. He climbs over the counter and walks towards the weeping woman, "Excuse mam? Are you okay? Is there anything I can do to help you?" Ray ask as he gets closer to her. Before he knows it the woman launches herself at him, clinging to his legs desperately, "Please where's my baby?! Where is my Grace?!" she cried in a panic. Ray grabs the woman, trying to calm her down "Please calm down. We'll find her don't worry, we'll get your baby back." in a calm voice trying to sooth her worries.

The woman's panic attack is soon calmed down and as soon as the word baby reach her ears, tears began leaking from her eyes. She then hugs Ray to herself tightly, afraid to let him go as she cries deeply into his shoulders. "M-My baby G-Grace was already ta-taken by those monsters *cries*." after hearing this Ray tightly hugs her as well telling her that everything was gonna be alright and that he is there for her. "All you could do for your child right now is to live for her. To never forget the good memories that you had with because those memories will always keep her alive within you." he said, to restore her will to live.

After hearing his words the tears stop and calming down. "Thank you, *sniff* my name is Leah." Ray smiles "I'm Ray. Now let's get you out of here." while bringing the woman to stand-up with him. Just as Leah takes her first step, she cringes in pain. "Ah!" Ray kneels down to check her ankle to see that it was damage. "Don't worry your ankle isn't broken, but you can't walk on it." he said as unrolls his left sleeve, tearing a piece of it off, and warping it around Leah's injured ankle. "I'll have to carry you all the way to the security room. Okay?" he said kneeling down with his back turn towards her. Leah nods her head and clung to his back, "Thank you." Ray nods his head as he starts walking out the store.

Normal POV

"Looks like you found her." said Frank as he and the other three met up with Ray and Leah. Ray nods his head, but then gain a look of surprise when he saw one of the survivors looked like he got mugged. "Hey Frank this is Leah, but uh… Who are these two and why does one of them looks like he got the shit beat out of him?" he question. Frank chuckles at this and answers him, "The one that has a pistol that looks like he is about to piss himself is Aaron and the other one is Burt who tried to kill me. Well you can see the outcome of it." causing Burt gloom after hearing easily kicking his ass. "Alright let's head to the safe room." Ray said as the group started to move out.

Leisure Park

Frank walks ahead of the group towards the safe room, the only thing on his mind to worry about are the zombies and not knowing about the real danger that will soon hit. It was thanks to Ray to Frank West was able to avoid death at that very moment.

While they were walking Ray heard the sound of an engine roaring ahead of them. He looks up to see a military Humvee with three passengers, one driving, another manning the 50. Cal mounted in the back, and finally the last one that was raising from the passenger's seat and reading a baseball bat to strike down Frank.

"Frank look out!" he warned and just in time too. Frank heard Ray's warning and looked behind to see the oncoming Humvee. He jump out of the way by the hairs of his neck, voiding the bat that would have defiantly bash his head in.

The Humvee stops to reveal three convicts operating the vehicle. "Hahahahahaha. You missed, loser. Get your aim right brother." during the conversation the driver spots a couple, an old man and young woman, not too far away from them. He taps his buddies' shoulder points in their direction, "Alright! Looks like we found our next contestants." "I'm gonna take out that dude and snatch his old lady." with that the convicts drove off to pursuit the unlucky couple.

The couple ran as fast they could away from the lunatics, but it was for not. With a swing of a bat the elderly man was struck down, dead from one swing. "Aaahhhhhh!" the young woman screams bloody murder as she saw her companion killed in front of her eyes.

"Great! Fucking great! How in the hell did convicts get access to an army jeep anyway!?" Ray shouted in disbelief, "I don't know but we gotta go." Frank said as he looked at the group. "Dammit! I don't know if all of us will make it due to how big our group is." Frank said after he took a look at his and Ray's group.

After hearing this and the young woman's screams Ray thinks up a plan that could save all of them, but it was a long shot. "Frank I'll run and distract those guys while you get the others to the safe room." Ray said with determination in his eyes. Frank looks at him in shock while Leah tightens her grip on Ray, "Are you sure about this kid? You could get killed." he said. "Ha. Don't worry about me. I'm' the fastest out of everyone here and I think fast on my feet. Besides someone's gotta save that girl before those guy get to her." Ray said as he looked at both Frank and Leah. "Alright but be careful." Ray nods and hands Leah to Frank, "When I give the signal run." he said before he started running from the group to start the plan.

(Play the song Going Guru)

Ray's POV

Ray got into position, pulling out his M9, and got ready. He sees the Humvee driving by, he jumps out and aims the gun.



The shots missed, but on purpose to gain the convicts attention, it worked. They stop to see who was shooting and notice. Once he was sure they saw him, Ray holstered his gun and gives them the bird before he runs off.

Frank's POV

Frank sees the pissed convicts chasing after Ray, knowing that was the signal. "Alright people, now's our chance! Go! Go! Go!" Frank yelled out as he and the other survivors ran for Paradise Plaza. Killing any zombies that got in the way of their goal.

Ray's POV

Ray ran and ran before he jumps between the trees making the convicts crash. With them dazed for a while Ray runs to the young woman who is crying over her deceased friend. When the woman notice Ray running towards her, "Please! Please, help me!" she cried out in desperation. "Don't worry. I'm here to help. Grab my hand and I'll take you out of here." the woman looks at him and quickly takes his hand believing that he will be true to his word.

The two starting running until Ray saw the convicts closing in on them. "Duck!" Ray shouted out as he and the woman kneeled just in time for the bat to miss and for the vehicle to crash into a lamppost. "Ah! Watch where you drive-"was all the convict could say as he notice Ray swinging his (convict's) own bat right at him.






After that fourth swing Ray cracks open the convict's skull open before he dropped the bat and grabs the girl's hand to start running once more. The jeep chases them once again with the convict operating the mounted 50 Cal, opening fire on them.


Luckily Ray and the girl dodge the rain of bullets before the chase began again. The driver started to raise the speed of the jeep, in hopes of ramming the duo. Just as they got close Ray grabs the girl into a hug and jumps out of the way, making the convicts crash into a wall. Seeing their pursuers dazed, Ray quickly runs up to the gunner and quickly puts him into a headlock. The convict struggled in the grip, but Ray just kept squeezing him into the hold tighter and tighter until


He broke the psychopath's neck. After he killed the gunner Ray lets go, jumps of the jeep, and runs with the girl in hand before the chase began again once more for the last time.

The driver is now fit with rage, planning to run the two over for killing his comrades. Not caring that one more crash will cause his death. He steps on the gas, speeding up as he got closer and closer. But Ray grabs the girl again and dodges out of the way in the last minute. Making the convict crash into the wall and on impact the Humvee explodes taking out the final psycho.

(Song ends)

"Argh" the lunatic scrams in pain as he is killed in a flaming death. "That's right! Burn in hell bitch!" Ray yells out as he catches his breath. He then notice a set of keys, he picks them up to examine them and discover that they belong to different ones that operate different cars around the mall. "Well guess you won't be needing these anymore where you asshole's are going." he said as he pockets the keys and walks up to the girl to make sure she is okay.

"Hey. You okay? Nothing broken, right?" he ask in concern while taking in the young woman's features. She appeared to be in her mid-twenties, her skin was tan but lesser than his, her hair was red and kept short just below her ears, and she had beautiful emerald colored eyes. Her attire was a vertical black and blue strip blouse, a black skirt that hugged her hips, a pair of dark pantyhose, and black short heeled shoes.

"Thank you for saving me and no, I'm alright. By the way my name is Sophia." she answered gracefully to her savior. Ray smiles as he pulls her up, "You're welcome. Also the name's Ray. Now let's head to the safe room before-"



Before Ray could say more he received a call. "Hello?" he answered.

Frank's POV

Before they could reach the entrance Frank sees the explosions into the distance, he quickly brought the transceiver to his ear to check on Ray.


"Ray you're alive! Are you guys okay?"

"Don't worry we'll live old man but right now we have to-"Ray paused.

"Ray what's wrong?"

"Shit. Looks like there's a big ass horde blocking our way to you guys and that's not the only problem."

"What is it?"

"Well let's just say those assholes I just killed have friends."

Frank looks far out into the park until noticing two jeeps heading their way.

"Shit. Alright you two find some cover and find another root to the Paradise Plaza. I'll wait for you guys at the safe room."

"Don't worry old man we'll make it."

"Okay Ray, good luck." Frank said before he ends the call and enters into the plaza with the other survivors.

Ray's POV

As soon as the call ends Ray looks at Sophia. "We gotta move now. Know a way where we could hide?" he ask, Sophia nods her head to confirm him. "Yes follow me." she said as she leads Ray the way to the North Plaza. Here the scene starts to zoom out (queue in Saw's theme song), showing the location of where Sophia and Ray are heading to could be their only chance at survival or where they will die.

And Cut!

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