Auther's note:To understand this fic, you must read Destinies by Angelwarrior1 otherwise you won't understand. This is an attempt to carry this great fic on because I personally loved it and it hasn't been updated since 2012, I couldn't take it anymore and here we are. By the way, this is my first fic so bear with me, I am also french so there might be some grammar faults... I'm sorry, I hope it won't be that bad but if it's really awful just tell me. So... there we go!

Warnings: Sexual content.

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"Yeah, alright. So what now?" Harry's left brow rose when Dean smirked at him.

"Now, we rest up for the night. In the morning we find ourselves a hunt, and you tell me about what you've been doing these last few weeks. It's obvious you've been hunting, so you're gonna show me what you've learned."

"Really now? I think I can do that." Harry gave a slight smile of his own, that Dean thought held something back, like Harry knew something he didn't.

Maybe it wasn't a good idea to challenge Harry. Dean had a feeling he was being tricked somehow.

A British Partner

Harry suddenly realized that something was missing or rather someone; he looked up from where he was sitting on the bed at a pensive looking Dean staring at the darkness beyond the window. He bit his lip wondering if he should ask and decided that Dean shot him just minutes before so he could ask whatever the hell he damn wanted to.

"Where is Sam?" Dean startled and looked up at him still not answering. "He was your brother, right? Is he okay?"

"Yeah…" Dean croaks then clears his throat; "I mean yeah he was my brother, he is my brother, he's fine as far as I know. He's taking some time off" Harry raises a brow at that but does not comment on it but Dean saw the look anyway " It's complicated, I don't wanna talk about it."

"I bet" They lapse onto a slightly awkward silence.

"Okay you know one day we should swap our lives stories, I reckon it'd be quite interesting." Dean shot a smirk at Harry and Merlin he's even more handsome than he remembered. Harry slapped himself mentally and tuned back into that deep voice.

"I'm sure it would Savior, now I don't know about you but I'm dead on my feet so let's rest."

"I'll head to my room then…" Harry said nervously "See you in the morning."

Dean grunted and Harry figured he was dismissed but just before he closed the door quietly, he said softly:

"Goodnight Dean".


The sound of this voice with that lilting English accent saying goodnight to him soothed him and he practically felt the tension that has been accumulated in his shoulders for weeks ebbing slowly away. He slept soundly for the first time in months, hell, years.

The smell of coffee and newspapers shifting woke him up and for a second he thought his brother was back with him but then reality came crashing down around him. That his brother was still working at some bar in a no name town, trying to be normal in the middle of the fucking apocalypse. He suddenly realized that Harry was talking to him with that damn accent of his and tuned in.

"…Hey, hmmm, I brought some coffee and well, donuts, I mean if you want them. I didn't know what you liked and last time I met you, you were an health nut but seeing you now I wasn't so sure it was the case so I thou-


"That maybe I shou-


"Yes", he mumbled.

"Thank you and no I'm not some health freak, that's my brother for you. Actually after that stunt Zachariah pulled I was fuckin' hungry!"

"Right" he chuckled.

Fuck he's cute, oh and now he's blushing, shit what did he get myself into. The ladies, Dean you love the ladies, you are a confirmed ladies man and Harry is definitely not a woman and he's certainly not cute for god's sake.

-Even thought you passed the last months unconsciously looking for him or at least trying to get it on with every girl with dark hair and green eyes… A voice that sounded strangely like his annoying little brother whispered in his head.


Just sayin'

Well DON'T-

"So I found us a hunt, at least I think so, I'm new to this after all" The smirk Harry gave him belied what he was sayin'.

"Ok let me take a shower and run me through it WitchBoy." He shut the bathroom door before he could hear what was sure to be a scathing retort. The sight of those damn green eyes and that long dark hair even more messy after the night, looking like he just got spectacularly laid did things to him.

"Fuck" And now he sported a semi, he sighed and got into the shower to take care of it.

Washing himself, he tried to force it away but nothing worked so he shoved a hand in his hair gripping it then placed it on the wall and roughly took himself in hand trying to think of Rhonda Hurley or really any women he could think of, everything except the man on the other side of the bathroom door. It didn't work. "Of course." He then gripped himself, hard, wanting to be quick about it. Thoughts of green eyes darkened in lust looking up at him, pale skin bruised and covered in biting marks that he placed there, Harry on his knees in that same shower moaning and eager to take him in his mouth groaning "Dean" with his accent. That mouth he kissed that tasted of forest, cherry and somehow lightning finally taking him in slowly, first lavishing him with kitten licks. "Fuck yeah" He put his head on his arm and bit into it to muffle his voice. Thinking about putting his hand and gripping those tempting silky hair with his fingers forcing him to take more, imagining Harry moaning louder at the action. The kneeling man slowly lowering his unoccupied hand to his leaking cock and moving it up and down his own shaft still sucking his dick like it was the best damn thing he ever tasted. "Ohh, hmmm, yes, yes, holy… Har-".

It was quick.


Harry focused on reading the newspaper, because he knew if he didn't he would imagine Dean's body glistening from the water cascading down his strong back…Focus, right, it looked like a vampire. He was still repeating the word vampire over and over in his head to keep his arousal at bay when it was all shot to hell: Dean walked into the room with just a towel loosely tied around his hips, he took one look and quickly turned back to the papers. Merlin, drool-inducing… He didn't know if he should start hunting with Dean if that reaction was anything to go by, living in close quarter would not be good for his nerves.



"You alright man? I called for you two times already!"

"Oh sorry, lost in thought" He knew he was blushing, from the heat he felt in his cheeks, curse that pale complexion. Dean turned a questioning look his way but seemed to dismiss it fast, shaking his head. Thank Merlin for small mercies.

"Whatever, don't get too lost, so…"


"The case?!" Harry startled and looked at Dean sheepishly who promptly rolled his eyes.

" Ravenna in Kentucky, five bodies drained of all their blood during the last week, all found next to pubs, bars or clubs…"

"Right so that points to…"


"Yeah… You thinking nest or lone wolf?" Dean said chuckling at his own joke. It was then Harry's turn to roll his eyes, seriously, is he for real?!

"I would say nest by the number of the victims but not a big one, you?"

"Same" Dean said excitedly, Harry looked at him weirdly but smiled at the childish glee Dean was emitting.

Dean, probably seeing his look reddened a little at the top of his ears and wasn't that unfair! "I love me some vampires, finally a good ol' hunt!"

"What do you mean?

"Just that it's been a long time since we, I mean, I, didn't have to go up against those dicks with wings or annoying demons with their taste for one liners, vampires is just what the doctor ordered."

Harry didn't quite know what to say to that after all until recently he didn't know that angels existed and he never encountered demons which he thought staying with Dean will certainly remedy that piece off his list that he really wasn't missing.

"Then let's go" he said smiling at the hazel-green eyed hunter.