"Lucy, please let me explain!"

"It's not what you think"

"Please Lucy!"

"Natsu, when I said that I love you, I don't expect you to return it. I only said because I…. I couldn't hold it in anymore. But you just had to court me and make your best friend your girlfriend straight after you broke up with Lisanna. I love you Natsu, but you don't. To you I'm only a replacement of Lisanna to you. Not once you've loved me because in your eyes and in your heart it will always be Lisanna and I'm always your best friend and nothing more."

"But Lu-"

"No Natsu, let's… please…. Let's end this. Whatever relationship we have, let's finish It because we will never be able to move forward. So please, let's end this Natsu!"

"No Lu-"

"Please! My heart hurts already and I'm tired of being hurt already. The others were right, I hoped for something that'll never happen, and looked where it got us, where it got me."


"Natsu, this is my goodbye to you. I was glad that I met you and became your best friend. Even if it wasn't even long, I was happy that I became your girlfriend. But there will always be an end to everything right? I guess this is where we end things, where I end thing. I LOVE YOU NATSU AND I WILL ALWAYS LOVE. Goodbye."

Lucy turned around without looking at Natsu who stood like a shock, as he watches his best friend walk out of his life for good.

"But Luce, you're the one that I love," Natsu whispered.