But what they forgot in this scene was the woman who was still standing by the altar, watching the scene before her. She was glaring at the blonde woman and everyone else because they have forgotten about her. She didn't even have the chance to greet the newly-wedded couple because she just had to come before she got her chance. Then her boyfriend has complete forgotten her existence throughout the wedding, not once did he glance at her. He was always staring off somewhere and now he knows why. Thanks to her, everyone has completely forgotten her existence. AND SHE WILL NOT HAVE THAT. NO ONE IGNORES AN INTERNATION MODEL, NO ONE IGNORE LISANNA.


Chapter Seven

Wedding Reception

*CLAP* CLAP* the sound of clapping made the gang turned to where the sound came from.

"Congratulation Levy and Gajeel," greeted the white-haired woman who was standing by the Altar, then she looked at the blonde-haired woman, she smirked as she said "welcome home Lucy."

The gang looked at her as if she was crazy, but glanced at Lucy to look at her reaction. They were taken back when they saw that she was smiling back at crazy woman. Lucy nodded in reply as she kept smiling back at Lisanna.

Lisanna was taken back as she saw Lucy smile her; she walked towards them and stood next to Natsu. She linked her arms around Natsu right arm; she kept staring at Lucy to see if her expression would change to jealousy but Lisanna got nothing.

As this happened there was an awkward silence between the gang and Lisanna, their glances were jumping from Lucy who was smiling and Lisanna whose smile was changing into a frown.

*cough* everyone looked at the scarlet-haired woman, "how about we go to the reception now? Everyone is probably wondering why the newly wedded couple hasn't arrived yet," the scarlet-haired woman announced.

"You're right, Erza" Mira said while everyone else nodded, except Lisanna who's glance was still on Lucy.

During the awkward moment, Natsu didn't bother to talk or move because he was afraid that whatever action that he makes will make the situation worse and would make Lucy hate him. He didn't want that. So he just stood still and let Lisanna linked her arms around him, and shut his mouth. He was glad when Erza finally broke the silence, he couldn't wait to get out of here.

"Do you all have rides to the reception?" Erza asked then she looked at Lucy, "you have a ride to the reception?"

"Yeah, since I drove Gray's car here I'm riding with him," Lucy replied. Lucy didn't see Lisanna smirked as if she has won.

"And I'm riding with Natsu, since we came together," Lisanna added. Natsu just looked at his friends and shrugged his shoulder. He can't protest because it's true not that he wanted it to happen.

"….. Okay then why don't we all go," Levy said as she pulled Gajeel's and Lucy's hand out while the others with Natsu (without Lisanna) trailing behind them.

When the three were far away from the crazy woman, Levy whispered to the two people beside her, "Man, I never liked that woman." Gajeel just grunted in agreeing while Lucy chuckled.

"Something's just never change," Lucy said as she giggled while letting go if Levy's hand and going in between Levy and Gajeel wrapping her arms around their neck. "When's the honeymoon?" Lucy asked with a smirk on her face. The couple blushed and tried to get out of Lucy's hold, knowing that she's trying to make them feel embarrassed.

"You don't need to know, Bunny-girl" Gajeel hissed at her as he turned his head away and looked somewhere, trying to hide his embarrassment.

"Lu-Lucy!" Levy said as she hid her face with her hands.

"Ooh, you guys are really boring," Lucy pouted as she kept her hands around her two friends. Lucy walked her two friends to their limo, when they got in Lucy walked towards Gray's car to see him waiting for her. Behind the car was Natsu's red Porsche Natsu was staring at Lucy as he took his time opening the car door. He was gripping the car handle in jealousy but hid his reaction from everyone else, but Gray saw it so he decided to play with Natsu's feelings a little bit.

"Hey Lucy," Gray called from the other side of the car; Lucy looked at him and raised her eyebrow.

"What," Lucy said

"Are you staying over at my place tonight again?" Gray asked while Lucy took her time to think of an answer, Gray quickly looked over to see Natsu reaction. He smirked at Natsu as he caught him glaring at Gray and was ready to pound at him at any moment. But what he didn't realise was that a blue-haired woman was listening to their conversation was cursing the blonde-haired woman for being her love rival.

Gray looked back at Lucy to see her shaking her head from side to side. He knew that she was going to say no anyway, because tomorrow she has an important appointment that she had to go to and she couldn't afford to stay up late with him. Knowing if she did, they would be late the next day; just like today, they were kinda late because they woke up late this morning from staying up until 4 watching 10 different movies because they couldn't sleep.

Gray saw Natsu going inside the car feeling relief; he gave a nod at Lucy before going inside his car Lucy following him shortly after.

On by one all the cars drove to their destination.


Inside Natsu and Lisanna's car

"What took you so long Natsu?" Lisanna asked with a hint of annoyance in her voice, but Natsu just ignored her as he drove behind Gray's car. He was still thinking what happened outside, he was angry at Gray for playing with his feelings knowing that he can't do anything as long as Lisanna was at his side and always watching his movement. He can't even approach or hug Lucy or be alone with her as long as there's Lisanna. So watching how close Gray and Lucy are or when Lucy was close with Gajeel he felt jealous and envy, he wanted to be the one closed to Lucy, he wanted to be the one that Lucy is hugging but no, he already lost that chance when he choose to be by Lisanna's side instead of Lucy's.

"Where are we going, Natsu?" Lisanna asked breaking Natsu's thoughts, "Natsu, this isn't the way to the reception," Lisanna said.

"You're not going with me," Natsu answered as he kept driving to the destination he had in mind.

"What do you mean I'm not going? I have to go! I'm you GIRLFRIEND!" Lisanna shouted as she stared at him.

"Girlfriend for publicity, remember? You wanted to be famous fast, so spreading the news that I'm you boyfriend got you want you wanted. If it wasn't for that threat, I wouldn't be next to you" Natsu said with his serious tone that would make you crawl away from him. "Plus, you were never invited to the wedding. You just came because you wanted too and thought that it would be good for publicity if you're seen at my friend's wedding." Natsu said, he parked the car on the side and glared Lisanna.

"GET OUT!" He hissed at her, "and don't ever use my friends to get what you wanted or I will really hunt you down. Don't think that you can boss me or my friends around because you are in no place in doing that! Now get out!" Natsu shouted. Lisanna quickly got out of the car and run inside her apartment building. Natsu calmed himself down, he then drove away.