Summery- after a long night work Jack find the closest thing to take a nap in and the guardian find him (sorry this summery sucks they will get better I promise!)

5 months after movie

And if any of you were curious, this was alluded to in Attack of Winter and Summer

A massive blizzard in Siberia, a slightly early cold front sweeping across North America, and three inches of snow scattered across Europe, the only places Jack hadn't touched was the near the equator and the Southern Hemisphere, those were still in Anna's domain. Needless to say with all that work Jack had done in one night, he was pooped and ready for a nice quick nap before the guardian meeting that was scheduled for this month. North had decided that they would have a meeting once a month to keep in touch, and Jack had recently found out that North did this for Jack, so that he would never feel alone.

Jack was too tired to even think about finishing his flight to Santoff Clausin so he simply asked Wind to do what he normally did when Jack was exhausted, he asked to be dropped off at the nearest cushiony snow drift. Jack landed in a poof of snow and quickly fell into deep sleep, not realizing that the stars came out and the meeting time came and went.

"Grrr, what is with that bloody show pony! He's late again! And this time not by a couple of minutes but by 3 hours!" Aster ranted as he paced in front of the fireplace.

"Jack iz fine, no need for worrying Bunny" North Said.

"But North, Jack has never been this later before, what if something happened to him" Tooth said as she buzz nervously around the room. "We should go look for him, for all we know he could be laying in the snow hurt and lonely!"

Sandy nodded in agreement.

"Fine, fine. But where would we start, it iz big world" North said

Just then big snowflakes hit the window of the room they were in. a light bulb went off over Sandy's head, a globe then appeared and an arrow pointed to the North Pole.

"You think Jack is near here mate?" Bunny said

"Then that makes it much easier!" North said

The three of them headed out into the cold in search of one white haired winter spirit in a sea of snow. They search for another three hours, Bunny was shaking like a vibrator due to the prolonged exposure to the freezing cold, and everyone was getting worried about Jack, for he was no were in sight. Just as they were about to head back to warm up though, Bunny walked right through a giant snow drift and trips on some unseen object, landing face first in the snow.

A small groan was herd from the snow and two pale hands appeared through the snow. Then a head with snow white hair and ice blue eyes that were being rubbed rid of sleep. "yahhwwnnn, oh what are you guys doing out here? Aren't you cold? Oh, did I miss the meeting? Sorry, I only planed on taking a little nap, but I guess it turned into a long one huh?." Jack said as he got three blank stares and gaping mouths from three guardians. The fourth just having gotten up out of the snow bank, stared wide eyed at what he tripped on.

"Jack did-did ya just sleep in this 'er' snow bank?" Bunny asked

"Yeah, what about it?" Jack said nonchalant

"Well, ya slept in the bloody snow, how are ya not all blue and purple right now? Haven't ya been in there for over 6 hours!" he yelled

You could see lights going off in Jacks head "6 hours?! Oh gosh I gotta fly! A blizzard in Asia is needed. And just so you know, I always sleep outside and the cold doesn't bother me at all." He said as he zoomed off.

"Jack sleeps outside?"

"In the cold?"

Sand images of a house and an X through it were above Sandy's head

"well I don't know about ya three but the bloody show pony at going ta sleep outside anymore if I have a say in it." Bunny said as he started trudging back to Santoff Clausin, already planning out his idea, hopefully he could get it done by Christmas. Similar ideas were going through the other guardians head's too.

Hoped you like the first one! I have some more where this came from too!

Well I think I will go find a cushiony snow drift to sleep in for myself.