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Summery- just a simple drabble. needed a break from homework, too much math and research for me in one day.

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Each one is special.

Each one is unique.

Jack thought this as he handcrafted his special snowflakes. These snowflakes were the ones that landed directly on your nose, these were the snowflakes that held Jack's personal magic, the magic of fun times and snowball fights. Sure, all his snowflakes had a different design each snow fall, but Jack could only do so many patterns before he repeated himself, though he prided himself in knowing that there were no two same snowflakes in the same blizzard.

He tossed these snowflakes into the air to the waiting cloud that he herded to London, England. There He let loose the snow fall that was required there. Jack took care that the temperature didn't drop too much, nor did the snow fall too heavy. Everything would be just right for the kids to have a snow day and to enjoy the fun that only children could have.

As Jack flew off to make another storm, a smile was on his face He had seen the children come to great his snowflakes, and as the children danced around, the snowflakes danced along with them. Twirling and swirling as they landed on the child's nose.