Good News

Yes I am alive, I know there were some of you that were wondering that. Sorry life had gotten in the way of this wondrous fanfiction, and it probably will again. I will try to continue writing because I love this so darn much and have too many ideas for this too, ones I think ya all will love. Hope ya all like the chapter and I hope it was worth the wait.

Summery- Jack gets some good news a few months after the spring ball.

Rated- T due to mentioned past events and obvious questions that would be asked after chapter if you don't already know how it happens.

Oh this is going to be a sweet chapter but mainly a set up for future ones.


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Jack sat in his throne during the seasonal meeting, already applying the new information Mother gave him on the weather and trying to apply it to the patterns he has planned and trying not to think how uncomfortable the blasted kilt was. His only source of comfort in that was that the other men had too deal with it as well.

"Winter?" Mother Nature chided as she managed to pull Jack's attention away from his tablet.

"I had wished to finish up the weather patterns, what is it Mother" Jack says as he passes his tablet off to Jamie who is sitting patiently beside Jack.

"I had asked if there was anything that you wished to discuss."

"No, nothing." He says simply.

"If none of you have anything to bring up," Gaia said with a slight smirk, "Then I have some wonderful news that I only recently found out myself. Because of the nature of this information the rules towards the attendance will be dropped for this meeting only." Shock shown on all of their faces. "Now, Lizzy Leaves, Attendant to the Fall King, would you please come forward."

Jack watched as Lizzy walked forward in a hunter green fitted Celtic gown, though he noticed the dress seemed a bit too tight in the mid-section. The seamstresses of the fall court were notorious for their fine work and Lizzy made sure to never be on their bad side so that had only left one other option and it was impossible… wasn't it?

"Yes, Great Mother." Lizzy said barely above a whisper.

"I noticed as soon as you walked in, surly you had planned coming forth with this?"

"Y-yes, I was planning to just after the meeting." She said nervously.

"Well I am afraid it will have to be done now, this is something that will not just affect him and yourself." The Great Mother said a tad sadly.

"Mother, would you please tell us what is going on?" Anna suddenly said.

Gaia's smile returned, "It would seem that spring was in the air in more ways than one during this year's Spring Equinox." She said teasingly as both the Winter King and Fall Attendant blushed profusely.

"What do you mean?" Vell asked confused.

With a giggle in her voice Bloom pipped up, "I think I do!"

"Care ta enlighten us then?" Anna snapped.

"I think I will, unless Lizzy Leaves wishes to herself."

Lizzy stood up straight and glanced at her King and then at her Love, "Like I said I was going to tell you both after this and then figure it out form there, but…"

Anna, growing impatient shouted, "Just tell us already!"

With and exclamation that she never intended, Lizzy leaves shouted out, "I'm pregnant!"

There were six exclamations of "WHAT!" with three gleeful shouts of "I knew it!"

Jack leaned back in his seat remembering all the pregnancies he had experienced with his wife when they were human. Autumn, Sammy, and Annalise had all been very emotional pregnancies. He can only imagine how this one will go about. Oh he is going to owe Vell big time. "This will be interesting." He says with a grin on his face. He leaves his throne and move towards his lover. "Don't worry, I be there with you. Just like the other times." He said with a wink.

"You better. Because I am holding you responsible for this." Vell said with a glare. His lips suddenly turned into a smirk, "though it will be nice to have another fall sprite."

"Winter sprite." Jack said quickly.

"Based on the time it could be either." Bloom added, "Lizzy, do you normally run early or late?"

"All of my pregnancies were past the expected due date when I was human. Though I have read that there is not too much correlation to human and sprite when it pertains to that."

"You would be correct, my dear." Mother Nature told her, "Though I would also believe that the child within you will be around the Winter Solstice, and I am never wrong about this." She let all that sink in for the moment. "Now that all has been said that was needed this meeting is finished and may you all be well." As she turned to leave, Mother Nature turned to put her hand on Lizzy, "And may you have patients and luck with this… endeavor, you will need it with the two men in your life." Gaia said with a wink and walked out.

The others soon followed but into a shaded garden, after the men had all changed out of the kilts of course.

"This is wonderful Mama." Sammy shouted as she hugged Lizzy as Jack and Jamie walked in, the ground around them covered in frost as they walked.

"Keep the freezing to a minimum Jacky boy, I don't wish to send a heat wave through my palace after you two leave again." Anna complained.

"No promises red." Jack said as he wrapped his hands around Lizzy.

"So how long have you been holding out on me?" he asked.

Lizzy blushed as she diverted her eyes, "I only just found out when I noticed the added wait since there is no longer any other tell."

Vell approached them with a tray drinks, some with ice and some steaming and began passing them around. "Snagged this from a Zummer servant. The poor girl waz quivering with fear. Figured I would help her."

"Yeah, after torturing the poor girl." Anna complained.

"I only talked with her." Vell said innocently.

"Only talking, more like teasing and your form of verbal fun. Must you two do this every time I hold court? Every summer you," She pointed at Jack, "Freeze whichever garden I hold our little chats in after, and you," now pointing at Vell, "Seem to need to scare the attending staff."

"We don't ever do anything like this when either of you hold court." Bloom added.

"No, I just have gardeners complaining about trees that shouldn't be green." Jack shot back.

"And I the same." Vell added.

"Fine, fine. How about we get back to the topic at hand." Anna said as she turned to Lizzy. "Are you excited?"

Lizzy's left hand trailed to her stomach as her right hand stayed tightly clasped in Jacks. "Of course, though also a bit nervous.

"Do you think it will be a boy or a girl?" Bloom added.

"Girl" "Boy", Jack and Lizzy said at the same time.

Everyone else seemed to raise an eye and hide a smile at that. The two lovers just looked at each other.

"What makes you think that, Jack?" Lizzy asked.

"The track record. We have had three girls and only one son, the chances of a girl are more likely."

"True but this pregnancy feels more like the one with little Jack, it feels nothing like when I carried the girls." Lizzy argued.

"But you had already said that pregnancy is different as a sprite then as a human." Jack said with a cocky grin.

"Alright smarty pants, how about a bet. Winner gets to pick the name." she said almost mearing the cocky grin.

"Deal." Jack said.

"Well this is going to be an interesting few months. Sammy commented as she leaned against Puck as they sat down under a large oak tree.

"No doubt" Jamie added as Ella leaned in to him. Jamie tried to keep the area around him cool but not cold for the Summer Fey around him. "I have a bad feeling that Jack is going to have me helping out Lizzy once she gets farther along."

Ella looked up at him, "Probably. Since he is the reason this happened."

"Can we please stay away from that topic, they are still technically my parents." Sammy commented, "Though it will be interesting having a sister in a different court."

"So you agree with Jack on the gender?" Jamie asked.

"Yeah. It just feels right."

"Same here." Able said as he and May sat down next to them.

"So we were going to plan a small surprise baby shower just before fall starts. You all up for helping?" May asked.

"Yes!" Sammy said hurriedly.

"I guess I don't have a choice now." Puck added.

Seeing how this is Jacks kid, neither do I" Jamie added.

"Which means I'm in as well." Ella added.

"Great!" May said eagerly.

"We were thinking of bringing the guardians into this and having it at the Warren." Able told them.

"Since Santoff Clausen will to so busy with the Christmas prep." May explained.

"That sounds like a good idea." Sammy said.

"And I'll let the Guardians know, Jack has finally let me go out on my own." Jamie said with a hint of blue on his cheeks

"Aw the baby has grown up so fast." Puck teased. And quickly moved out of the way as hale started to rain over his head.

"HEY! No snow storms in my palace!" Anna suddenly shouted. Jamie hurriedly dissipated the storm cloud and he didn't miss the proud gleam in Jack's eyes as he watched. This really is going to be an interesting few months, especially if he has to work with Puck to help plan this party.

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