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Disclaimer: Luna, Iggy, Miles, Ulianne, and Remedy belong to Helaynie. Aaron and Cornelia belong to me (Girl with Life Full of Anime.)

Luna and Iggy: NaLu child.

Ulianne: GrayZa child.

Remedy: LyVia child.

Miles: Mirajane and Freed child.

Cornelia and Aaron: HibiCana child.

Drabble 6: A Little Story for the Little Children

Pt. 6: The Blue Cat Telling the Story


"Jeez. There's nothing to do!" a boy with caramel hair and dark-violet eyes complained while he sat as he watched Gajeel, Levy, and their two children walk off to do an extremely easy mission. A mission Gajeel complained about. But he shouldn't really complain. The children were only five years old.

"Calm down Aaron. Mom said she might take us to see Dad at his guild if we behave." his twin sister who was younger then him by one minute said as she sipped her apple juice. No one dared to tell her it wasn't alcohol. Her mother's habit of drinking happened to rub off on one of her children.

"Tch. Whatever. We see him when we get home anyway..." Aaron walked away while his sister rolled her eyes.

"REMEDY!" a girl with darkish-scarlet hair around the age of five shouted as a girl with silver hair took her strawberry. The three year-old child giggled before eating the said strawberry. The girl with darkish-scarlet hair groaned and supported her head with her arms as she pouted.

"Well well. I see Ulianne gets angry easily." another girl around the same age of Ulianne with salmon hair teased.

"Shut up Luna! Quit talking about yourself!"

"What did you say?!"

A boy with lime-green hair the age of six walked up to Happy with a three year old child. "Hey...Happy...I know that Aunt Erza gets mad when she hears fighting...so can you tell us a story to calm them down?"

Happy placed his fish down and nodded, "Aye! What story would you like to hear?"

The three year old boy with amber hair quickly answered, "Any story! Just try to calm them down!"

Happy flew around signaling the kids to sit at a table. Fortunately, they listened. Heck. Even stubborn Aaron listened.

"Time for story!"

"AH! NO—"

"Aaron shut up. I'm trying to tell a story here."

Cornelia—Aaron's twin sister—quickly started jumping up and down. "HURRY AND TELL IT! HURRY AND TELL IT HAPPY!"

Happy coughed a bit dramatically and then started. "Once upon a time, there was a crazy pink-scaled dragon."

"That sounds like my dad." the girl with salmon hair and the boy with amber hair stated.

"It is not Natsu. Luna. Iggy. Just please listen to this story or I'll...PUT FISH IN...YOUR...YOUR...FOOD!" Happy then continued with the story as he didn't realize his punishment was food related, "The pink dragon would always scare the towns people at night. The towns princess, who had blonde hair would always scare it away with her ugly face though. She was said to be skinny but she ate a lot!"

"What was her name?" Miles, the boy with the lime-green hair, asked.

Happy's eyes widened, "Her name...was...uh...Nula!"

"You hesitated."

"No I did not! It was Nula because it rhymes with Mula!"

"...isn't Mula a kinda insulting word? That's what mom told me."

"Well your mom is wrong! Just listen to the story!"


"And she continued scaring him away with her ugliness and fatness. THE. END." Happy then had a look of proudness written all over his blue neko face. The children on the other hand had a look of boredom. "That story was..."

"Now...I need to go eat my fish. Go and play something." The children gladly stood up and ran.

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