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Chapter 2

Leaving the Dursley's home

Linda sat at her kitchen table in her small flat at the outskirts of Aberdeen. Infront of her dozents of books and parchments all written in old runes, some parchments and a half emptied ink jar. Her head rested on her forearms as she stared at her freshly painted wall. She had moved into this flat not more than five months ago, after she had accepted that scholarship for ancient runes in exchange for helping August McDonald with his research about King Arthur's search for the Holy Grale. It payed enough for a two bedroom flat - actually it payed only half of it and all of her living expensives. She got this flat on a discount, because it was rumored tob be haunted. was haunted, but not by scary knights or murderer, no Linda had the luck to live in the only flat in Great Britain, which was haunted by a ghost cat.

Cassie had chosen a scholarship in the south of Ireland, where she helped Julius McDonald (August McDonalds cousin) with a research about Morgan La'Fey's missed her best friend terribly and she thought that Cassie did too, althoug it never sounded like that in her letters. But Linda knew, that her friend had always been like that. After all both of them had benn in the same grade at Hogwarts and had started their friendship in 4th year after Linda's kettle had exploded in potions and the strangely lilac substance splattered all over Cassie's school robes.

And now Linda was glad that Cassie acted neutral, because otherwise she would blurt out, that she had been secretly visiting Harry. It only had been five times. She waited on the other side of the street, early in the morning by dawn with a bag full of sweets and something to play for Harry. They would talk...well Linda would tell him the tales of beedle the bard, asking him about primary school and how the Dursleys were treating him at the momemt. The first time they met like that, was a complete coincedence. Linda just apparated after a sleepless night infront of the house and simply stared at it. But after a while the front door suddenly opened and Harry Potter stared back at her. And so they had the silent agreement, that she would come every last sunday per month. Then they would be eating sweets at five o'clock in the morning with colouring books and playing tag. For christmas she had bought him a small plush owl he kept hidden unter his mattress, so that Mrs Dursley – or worse his cousin Dudley – couldn't find it by accident.

Now it was January and the only thing Linda's mind could focus on, was if Harry had enough to eat, if he didn't feel cold in his tiny cupboard or if he was simply (un)happy. She never had asked, if Harry wanted to leave the Dursley's, but somehow the feeling, that Harry should stay with her, never left her mind. "What should I do Minnie?" Linda looked to the transparent persian cat, that sat on her kitchen counter. Minnie preferred to lick her paw, than to answer. Linda was only 19 years old, she shouldn't be worrying about things like that, but somehow she couldn't stop. "I can't let him stay there...I just can't..." She sighed heavily. This would be a long day.

"HARRY!"Aunt Petunia's high pitched noise howled through the whole house, but Harry did not listen to it, as he sat outside only clad in his old, hand me down pullover and payama pants. "Finish your chores!" Cleaning, scrubbing, Ironing. It was already eleven o'clock on the last sunday of February and Linda hadn't come to visit him. She had come everytime, but why not today. Harry felt far too cold to cry, although hot tears lingered in his eyes. "HARRY POTTER – Come here this instant!"

Harry did not move. He just sat there beside the mailbox and waited. The front door bursted open and revealed a with anger filled Petunia Dursley. "Come in here this instant, you ungratefull brat!" Harry ddidn't even flinch and kept staring at the other side of the street. She had to come. She always did. She promised. Aunt Petunia meanwhile had thrown over her rosa coat with those ugly bobbles, which Harry always considered as choked hairballs Mrs Figg's cats always left behind, and stepped outsided through the snow. "This will have consequences! - Vernon!" Uncle Vernon followed his wife stomping like an elephant ready to crunch everything disobediend with his fatty palms. "You should be thankfull, that we take care of you; fed you, clothed you, raised you!", howled Uncle Vernon as he reached Harry and grabbed for his shoulder. "Don't expect us to care for you, if you fall ill!" Harry started to struggle, trying to get out of his uncles grip. "Come on you insolent child!"

"NO! I don't want to!" Harry kicked with his tiny legs in the air, as uncle Vernon tried to drack him back inside. Uncle Vernon's face changed from red to a faint green "I swear one day-" He already was raising his hand slowly as someone screamed. Someone screamed. No, not someone. It was Linda.


Harry started sobbing. "Linda!" He used Uncle Vernon's short startle, to struggle himself free and run over to Linda to throw himself into her arms. Linda wrapped her arms around Harry and stroke his wild shock of hair gently. It was the first time Harry had hugged her.

"Who are you?", shouted uncle Vernon, his voice nearly flipping over.

Linda took Harry's hand into hers. "Everything will be fine." Her smile made him calm down so that wiped over his snotty nose.

"I'm only asking once: Who are you?", growled Uncle Vernon as both of them headed over to the Dursley's.

"M-My..." She coughed slightly. "My name is Linda Hawthorn."

"And what is ya' goddammit buisness?"

Inwardly, Linda only wanted to start crying and shaking, but Harry could only see how she stood there confronting his tyrannic guardians.

"I-I...I'd like to-to..." She took a deep breath. Besides looking so nervous, everything about her seemed serious. Her voluminous and brown hair, that normally fell wave past down her shoulders, was now comped into tight bun. And instead of one of her yellow skirts, she wore dark blue cotton pants and her black coat. She looked older, more experienced. "I want take him with me!", she stated and layed her hand protectively on Harry's schoulder.

The Dursley's needed a short while to comprehend Linda's words and even after this moment they could just stare at her.

"I've got a sufficent payed job, an own flat and I am willing to come up for everything that he will ever need!" Harry stared up o her. She...wanted to take him with her? He would be free? Free of Dudley's constant bullying, free of his endless chores, the cupboard and the gounding and several punishments for things he never had done. No more aunt Petunia, no more unlce Vernon, no more cousin Dudley. A glimmer of hope crept to the surface.

"You mean want to take care of him?" Uncle Vernon spat the last word, like there was some kind of bug creeping over his tongue.

"Y-Yes." Uncle Vernon and aunt Petunia stared at eachother. "I-I mean you obviously don't care about him much and-and I do. A-And I think Harry would like to stay with me!?"

"I want to! I do!" Harry nearly jumped as he pulled at Linda's coat.

"We can do it right now!", she hastily said and held up a worn down sport bag. "We just pack his stuff in here and leave. Right now!"

Then Vernon Dursley laughed full heartedly. "You do that! I bet you belong to the same lot as his parents did! - You heard that Tunia? We're free!" And then he bursted in laughder. "Dudley! Duddley! It's time to rejoice! Your retarded cousin is leaving!" As much as his uncle's words stung him, he tried not to care, that the Dursleys were'nt even showing a single hint of sadness about his nearing departure. Uncle Vernon was now heading back to the house laughing and shouting with glee, but Aunt Petunia still stood there looking suddenly pale.

"Do I have your consent?", asked Linda carefully.

"You're one of them, am I right? I am right, right?" Aunt Petunia's eyes widened.

"I am...You haven't told Harry anything, did you?" Harry observed, how aunt Petunia shook her head slowly. Somehow this wasn't the aunt he had always watched, that punished him, commanded him around, it was a deeply sad and maybe even broken aunt Petunia. Ofcourse Harry's little brain couldn't grasp all that, but it was enough to understand.

"Harry. " Linda's voice broke his stare on aunt Petunia. "Go pack your things, okay? - And get dressed. I don't want you to catch a cold..." She patted his back gently. Then Harry nodded, took the old sports bag and ran to the front door. Not looking back.

"Mrs Dursley...Is it-"

"There is one thing!", interrupted Mrs Dursley her harshly. "That man...Dumbledore, said that Harry would only be safe if he was in a house with his mothers blood." Her thin hands were trembling in the cold. "It doesn't mean I am concerened with his well being or that I...But he...he is still...he has Lilly's eyes!" And then Mrs Dursley started crying. Silently,stiffling her sobs. But she still cried.

"What...does that mean?", asked Linda carefully.

Mrs Dursley gasped for air. "When Lilly was killed, something saved Harry...and that man said it had to do something with Lilly's...stuff and because I am her last relative alive..."

Linda's forehead wrinkled. That had been the reason? A speculation? On what? Does that mean...someday the deatheaters would be in action again...maybe even...You-Know-Who?

His mother's blood...

"I will find a way to protect him.", Linda whispered. "I will protect him with all my might. - But if it would make you feel better..."

As fast as he could Harry stuffed everything in his reach into the bag, not caring, if it landed in there neat or not. But it didn't seem to be necessary anyway, because the bag seemed to have space enough for half of Dudley's toys. Everytime Harry put one of his few possesions into it, the occupied space seemed to disappear.

It didn't take Harry long to collect his things. A few T-shirts, two pants, three pairs of socks and one or two pullovers were beside his payama's the only clothes he currently possed. Ofcourse very singel one was a hand-me-down by Dudley. Harry owned five tin soldier – one of them missed a whle leg – and an old picture book he had stolen Dudley after his last birthday. Dudley hated books. He enjoyed his excessive toys and presents, occaisionally his various pets that all mysteriously died an early death, more than 'a bunch of papers'. Finally he pulled the already plattened plush owl from under his mattress. He loved this toy. It was the first thing he – and only he – ever owned himself. It was his first gift by someone who cared for him (as far as he could remember). He stroke over the owl's beak, before he layed it gently into the bag. As he left the dark cupboard, his eyes roamed a final time through the corridor over to the kitchen. He realised, that this wasn't a dream. He would leave this place for good.

"Should I write you?" He could hear Linda's voice emerging from the kitchen.

"No need." That was Aunt Petunia's harsh voice. Harry carried his bag over to the kitchen and sticked his head throgh the door frame. Linda held in her hands some papers, while aunt Petuntia showed her back to her as she looked out of the kitchen window.

"Oh, you're ready?" Linda smiled warmly at him. He nodded. "Then...say good bye to your aunt..."

Harry fumbled with the hem of his pullover. "Goodbye, Aunt Petunia...", he mumbled.

Aunt Petunia did not say anything back. Harry could hear Uncle Vernon and Dudley upstairs, how Dudley jumped up and down and how uncle Vernon shouted something euphoricly. Something inside him stirred. He couldn't place this feeling, far later, he would recognize this as sadness, but now his only focus layed on Linda and leaving this house.

"Let's go Harry..." Linda took Harry's hand, and together, they left Private Drive No. 4.

End of the chapter

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