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Sherlock knew something was wrong the second they turned the corner.

Molly, Lestrade and Sherlock were in a cab headed towards Bart's to examine some bodies while John was at work. But as they rounded the corner towards the traffic lights, Sherlock knew immediately that they were out of service.

Jumping forward Sherlock tried to warn the cabbie to be careful as they began to make their way across, but it was too late.

Sherlock turned in time to see a car speeding towards them, trying and failing to slow down. "Molly!" Sherlock shouted as he leaped to her side shielding her with his body as the car crashed into them knocking them both out cold. Lestrade un clipped his seat belt and rushed to Sherlock and Molly's side as the car and taxi slid to a stop.

"Molly! Sherlock!" He grabbed Molly's wrist finding her pulse and then Sherlock's, but it wasn't there. Sherlock wasn't breathing.

"Not again. Don't do this to me Sherlock, not now." He almost growled but it came out more of a whimper. He picked up the consulting detective as the cabbie threw open the door. He rushed in and picked up Molly and they both rushed outside. They ran to the pavement and put them down, Lestrade immediately starting CPR.

He looked over at Molly to see if she was alright, but their was only some small pieces of shrapnel in her arm.

Finally Sherlock took a breath again, but he wouldn't breath properly. "Come on Sherlock." Lestrade continued to pump Sherlock's chest but only to keep him breathing. He only registered the ambulances arriving when two paramedics calmly moved him out the way and moved Sherlock and Molly into their ambulances.

Lestrade stood and ran after them when John came running up behind him. "Lestrade!" He called, "Lestrade what happened?!" John said running up to him out of breath.

"Car crash, Molly and Sherlock injured. Sherlock not breathing without support. It's not good John." He said and he ran after Molly's ambulance jumping in just before they closed the doors.

John without even thinking jumped into Sherlock's ambulance. "Please be okay. Please." John said as the doors closed and they rushed off to Bart's.