It was just after the Christmas incident. Irene was staying at Baker Street, and John couldn't stand it. He left one night telling Sherlock he was going out with Greg to the pub, but he just needed a walk to cool off.

He found himself outside Molly's apartment so he walked up the stairs and hit the buzzer. "Molly? Can I come in?" He asked when she picked up.

"U-uh huh..." Came the muttered reply.

The door opened and John walked in. He took the elevator up to the fifth floor. He walked along to the door at the end and knocked, but the door just swung open. Walking in he carefully closed the door. "Molly?" He asked as he walked in and saw her on the sofa.

He walked forward and bent down in front of her. She turned her face away from him. "Molly are you all right?" He looked around for any dangers, but only saw a trashed kitchen. Patting Molly's shoulder he stood and walked into the kitchen.

The drawers were all pulled out and the contents were thrown around the room. A mug was smashed on the table and the milk that had been in the fridge was now all over the floor.

"Molly who did this?" John asked cautiously.

A muttered reply came so John moved closer to Molly. "Who?"

"I-I did." She muttered through her hair.

"Molly? Why would you destroy your kitchen?" He asked laying a hand on her shoulder. She stiffened, but continued anyway.

"I-I'm so s-selfish. I t-tried to get S-Sherlock to l-love me but h-he doesn't, a-and now he l-loves someone e-else and I t-tried to impress h-him! I just w-wanted to be l-loved by him, a-and I never s-saw his true f-feelings towards m-me. I'm j-just a stupid p-pathologist who d-doesn't count f-for anything! I'm so s-sorry John." She said as she sobbed.

"Oh Molly. I'm sorry too." He said leaning forward and pulling Molly into a hug which she gladly returned. Rocking back and forth, John finally pulled her into his lap as she sobbed into his chest.

"Thank you. T-thank you John." She said as she calmed down and was only left with sad hiccups.

"It's okay Molly. It'll be alright." John assured, but both he and Molly knew it might never be alright again.

(Quick A-N: This is set during that scene where Sherlock takes Irene's pulse in 221B's living room. Remember? Irene says John went out when Sherlock wakes from his mind palace. You do remember but I'm just telling you this anyway? Of course. (;)

John came back to the present as Molly began to quieten down. "John?" She asked cautiously.

"Yes Molly?" He asked removing her head from his chest so she could look up at him.

"Why is S-Sherlock so mean?" She asked almost in a whisper.

"Sherlock did this to you?! When he gets out of your body he is sooo in for a battering."

Molly flinched reminding John of the original question. Taking a deep breath he looked into her eyes.

"He detests Sentiment. Anything to do with feeling actually. He separates himself from it all and says what he wants not caring much for the consequences. He didn't mean to hurt you. Well a least I hope he didn't. He just didn't understand what might happen if he said whatever it was he said to you." John said as Molly's watery eyes filled with understanding and some hope. Suddenly her left eye turned a stormy kind of blue while her right stayed brown.

"Thank you John." Came the voice from both people behind those eyes.

"You both are very welcome." He smiled as the blue quickly left Molly's eye and Molly smiled.

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