Summary: Bella has been dreaming of the same blonde woman with pale skin and curly hair since she was fifteen. She feels the connection with the woman without even meeting her. Now moved back to Forks. She meets the woman that has been chasing her in her dreams for more than a year: Tanya.

There was a young curly blonde woman with pale white skin were she always was, the tree. This time I was going to know her. It's almost like I had to. With that in mind I began the walk to the tree. In the middle of my walk she suddenly appeared behind the tree. As I looked up to meet her eyes I again noticed that they were the same color as always a stark golden hue.
"Come here little one." She called with a breathtaking smile on her face.

As I started my walk towards again, she seemingly just disappeared. With a huff of irritation I started searching for her again, and just as I've given up hope I heard her voice.

"If keep you up like that, you are never going to find me little one."The woman said. As I turned towards her I realized she had changed clothes. Now she was wearing a short red dress.

After taking a moment to get over the fact she can apparently change clothes at will. I gave her a glare, and asked with the slightest tinge of venom, "Are you playing with me. "

"Why would you think that? You know that I want you." She said with the same almost blissful smile on her face.

After taking a moment to go over her sentence, I asked with considerably less annoyance "Who are you?"

Her answer was, "Be patient you will know me soon."

After a few seconds of deliberation I finally just stated the seemingly obvious, "You are not human."

"I was. "She said with an almost sad smile. Her expression then changed back to her usual smile. "Come here little one." The woman then said pointing to me with her forefinger.

I stayed where I was and instead asked with annoyance and a frown "Why so you can run away like you always do?"

"Be patient." Was the only reply I got.

"You have been telling me that more than a year."I said with a glare and even more annoyance seeping into my tone.

"I promise this time you will meet me soon." She said with sincerity in her tone and promise in her eyes.

Finally, I walked to her with the feeling of water in my eyes.
Just as I thought I was going to finally get within five feet of her.

I open my eyes to the image of my mother hovering over my previously slumbering form. "Wake up Bella you are going to miss the flight." She said with just the slightest hint of urgency.

"So quick to get rid of me." I said getting out of bed with a sigh and a roll of my eyes.

"Bella you know that I love you." My mother replied.

"Yeah I know I'm just going to miss Phoenix."I said as languidly stretched on my way to the bathroom.

"More like you are going to miss the young woman of phoenix."My mom teased

I didn't hide that I was gay. All my schoolmates knew. Not everyone was okay with it, that was a given in today's society. It just wasn't my problem. Either you accept that I am gay or you don't. Just in case anyone takes their hatred a little too far though. I didn't take s*** from anyone. It helps that when I was fifteen I began to practice judo. I used to be so clumsy I figured this would help my balance. I was right.

Now along with the idiot bigots there is of course other girls here who also don't like romance with those of the male variety. Now I would like to think I'm pretty mature for my age especially in relationships. I have dated girls my own age, but it was nothing serious, too childish. I want to enjoy life while I'm young anyways.

We got to the airport, me all packed and ready. As I was opening the door my mom stopped me."You forgot this. "She said as she handed me something.

It was the painting of the woman from my dreams. Last year I decided I was going to paint the blonde woman from my dreams. Embarrassingly enough I think of a woman I never met every day. It was like she was torturing me without even trying.

"Oh, and who is this?" My Mom asked.

It has always been a mystery to my mom.

"The woman of my dreams."I sighed that is the only answer she's going to get.I never told anyone about the mysterious woman

"She is beautiful." My Mom stated admiringly. I sigh, thinking about how she always jokes about my attractions. She even knows my exact type blonde, twenties, and mysterious. Whenever I was at work at the coffee shop all the blonde twenty year old women would get the my remind me of the woman of my dream. Though more importantly than flirting with random older women I want to find the genuine article the woman of my dreams, then again doesn't everyone.

With those thoughts in mind I took the painting. It was important to me. The mysterious woman always did make me feel loved when she is in my dreams.

I know, I had it bad, I was a teenager and attracted to someone who I didn't know if she was even real. Right now though I just didn't care, I wanted to know her. Even if I only met her as a dream she was still in an odd way, apart of my life.

These thoughts along with my beautiful dream girl is what got me through the long and boring plane ride. Finally I landed and got my luggage and went outside to find my Dad, Charlie. Then we drove back to his house, were I would now be staying. When we got there I was greeted to the sight of a big old rusty red truck along with Charlie's best friend Billy Black and son Jacob. Eyes alight in surprise and joy I ran to greet them. You see I knew Jacob from when we were in kindergarten and we've been great friends ever since.

"Wow, I really like the truck Jake, didn't know after so many years you would become so rusty." I joked good naturally.
"Well Bells I hope you really do like it because it's yours now." Charlie said with a chuckle.

My eyes once again alight with joy; I walked over to give him a hug and a thank you.

I know it wasn't the best but I felt the connection between me and the truck instantly. I will never say that aloud, because I'm pretty sure people will suspect that there is something funny going on with my brain. Not like that would be new or anything a lot of people suspected that in Phoenix, but I'm pretty sure one place in the U.S thinking I'm crazy is enough. So no one in Forks needs to know that.

I decided to go for a ride with my new truck to test it. Maybe I could even go cruising for chicks, I thought jokingly in my head. As I drove and explored I saw a library and a shop. Good thing too I needed to buy some things. Let's see, I thought as I drove, I need a new pencil, some things for painting. Hmm maybe I should paint the woods where the mysterious woman seems to like to frolic, or you know whatever the hell she does there. I have always thought that when you draw things you want, they can come true faster.

As I was getting ready to park I realized they weren't any parking spots. I decided to park behind two cars and just try and get my shopping done quickly and hope I don't get a ticket. One of the cars belonged to three woman, I saw them as they were entering the supermarket. Though I didn't see their faces as they had their backs to me. I am really hoping I'm not going to disturb them from getting out of the place. Let's just go with the thought that woman take a lot of time to shop, groceries included and try and beat them back. I brought everything I needed in record time and finally was just fast walking up to my car.

Today was the day I realized that hope and a good connection with a car won't get you very far in life. Why? You ask well, my truck wouldn't start. She had betrayed me. Our connection didn't even last a day. So with a sigh I jumped out of the driver's seat and was now checking under the hood. Connection or not I was seriously considering just kicking the thing.

"This is the last thing that we need some j*** blocking our car." I heard, as I was still under the hood.

I only had one thought at this god, why do you seemingly hate me, sincerely Bella.

"Kate just calm down." Another voice said.

"No I am not going to calm down Irina if this kid doesn't move her car right now I am going to kill her." The first woman bit back at her in an annoyed tone.
Any chance there's another random kid in front of their car and they were talking about them. Yes, no, maybe. Oh god why, did I have to have the rustiest car this side of the scrap yard. Oh and of course it couldn't have been a guy at least then I could have put on the waterworks and maybe got out of this unscathed. No instead I'm getting death threats and three terrifying blondes.

"Hey kid you're blocking our car."Now that voice, that voice I recognized. As I finally picked my head up from under the hood. I saw the third woman the one who apparently just talked to me, it was the woman of my dreams, and I literally mean the woman from my dreams. Same voice, same face, same build, same everything. Holy s***. It was definitely her.

This not mine all the character our from Stephanie Meyer

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