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"Does your girlfriend, do know that you are here "Leah asked at Bella who was looking a little bit nervous, maybe that explain why.

"We are not here talk about Leah "Bellla answered. She was not going to confess to Leah that she lie to her girlfriend so she could come here.

"What are here to talk about then Swan, after you have been ignoring my phone calls "Leah glared at her.

Bella knew she messed up, after she choose her girlfriend before Leah all the time. She didn't want to get in arguments with Tanya, she want to keep her girlfriend happy, so she decided to go with her girlfriend wishes.

"I am sorry. Is just after what happened with Jakeā€¦ I needed a little bit space "

"You are lying Swan. You just stayed away because your girlfriend ordered you "Leah spoke the truth and Bella could only look down in shame.

"Look I just didn't want to cause problem in my relationship with her. "

"Look Swan, I am not a thing that you can pushed away when you want or not. I made it clear earlier. "Leah was glaring

And Bella felt like a jerk. While she being good girlfriend at one hand she was being a bad friend "I know, I made a bad decision but I am her make up things "

"How Swan. Your girlfriend is never going to like to see use near you and we already consider you one of them "Leah sighed

Bella frowned at Leah she didn't understand technically what Leah meant "What do you mean "She whispered

"Bella, I am not stupid. Your girlfriend species is not known to expose themselves unless they plan to kill them or turn them. "

Bella gulped. She knew what was waiting for her in the future to be a vampire like Tanya. "How do you know what they are "Bella asked not looking at Leah

"It doesn't matter how I know , what matter know is that you know exactly what you got yourselves into "

"I am sure of my decision being with her Leah" She said meeting Leah eyes. She was for sure not going to leave Tanya. She knows that Tanya is for her.

"Okay then since you made your decision. I think it is the best if things stay like they are now "Leah said getting out of the chair

"Leah common don't do this "The brunette exlaimed

"It is the best trust me "Leah said walking away from the table.

Bella let Leah go because she know the girl was already mad. She misses Leah, these days. She just wanted someone her age to talk to other than talking with these vampire.

Bella phone begin ringing. She pick it up "Hi babe "

"Are you okay, Alice is not seeing you "Tanya asked on the other side of the line

"Yeah, I am just hanging with Leah "

"You promised me not to "Tanya voice sounded a little hurt.

Bella knew the outcomes of her action,

"Tanya, I'll meet with you later, then we could talk okay "

The only response she got was the phone hanging up on her and she knew by that Tanya was not happy.

Her conversations with Leah made her think back at how her life was going to change. She knew that Jacob was something else than a simple human. She was not curious to find out. She had enough with vampire already.

When she became a vampire she will have to leave her mother , her father everyone close to her.

She knew Leah was talking the truth she could not fix anything that was happening. It was seen that everyone from La push was the vampire's enemy. And people from la push certainly didn't like the vampires.

Leah let her see the reality.

She decided to go to Tanya house to talk to her. She wanted the company of Tanya and she didn't like Tanya being mad at her.

When she finally at Tanya's home Kate is at the door ,looking like she was waiting for her. But that would not be a surprise if Kate was actually waiting for her.

"You know, I never thought you were so much of coward to lied behind our back to go see Leah "was the first question Kate asked when she got out of her car.

"Look Kate, I am not in the mood right I just come to see Tanya "Bella said she was not in the mood of the dealing with the sister protectiveness from her sister. She felt a hand on her shoulder it was from Kate. Who looked at her with her eyes look right through her.

"I will deal with you later and Tanya is in the room. She is mad "Kate said as she let Bella go in the house

Bella had to knock on Tanya door five times to hear Tanya say finally "Come In "

Bella open the door to find Tanya sitting her bed with a book in her hand.

"Bella, what do you feel for Leah "Tanya asked her not looking at her

"She is my friend Tanya ,you like it or not. I know I made a mistake about lying about meeting up with Leah. I just need to talk to her "

Tanya looked at her "Come here in bed with me "

Bella of course jumped on bed as she lay next to Tanya.

"I know, I cannot separate you from your friends, since you sometimes need to talk to somebody at your age. But I still think it is dangerous with these guys of La push "Tanya said as pulled Bella closer to her.

"Leah is still mad at me for ignoring her "Bella sighed a little out of frustration

"Do you want me to kiss you to feel better "

"Yeah a lot of kissing and no biting "

Bella felt the lips of her girl on her mouth which made directly forgot all about her problem and just focused on how lucky she was she find a girl like this.

Tanya kisses made everything better.