They left us with so many possibilities at the end of 416. Here is one that immediately came to mind at the end of the episode.

Auggie hung up the phone and leaned against the pillar with a smile. Everything was going to be okay. Annie was safely on her way to the States, Joan had her baby, and Langley was no longer under the control of a traitor. He was ready to go home and work on helping Annie heal. She may have gotten out of this without physical injury, but Auggie knew more than anybody the emotional pain Henry had inflicted.

He checked the time. Sarah should be back from retrieving her car soon, so he gathered his things and walked out front for her to pick him up to go to the airport. He would be able to catch a direct flight and have time to get some things situated in DC before Annie arrived via her convoluted itinerary.

Auggie was waiting on the sidewalk, listening to the traffic, when several people walked toward him briskly. Something about their approach caused him to brace for an attack, so when the first man touched him, he reacted violently. Outnumbered and unprepared, he was quickly restrained. Sarah drove up just in time to see the MSS agents push Auggie into the back of a car.


Annie was escorted directly to Langley where she hoped Auggie would be waiting. She was a little surprised he wasn't in the car that picked her up, but knew that his dedication to her had to have it's limits. She already owed him so much.

She was led directly to a briefing room where she was interviewed about the case surrounding Henry Wilcox, particularly, her activities after faking her death. After an hour, they took a short break and Calder approached her.

"I'm glad this is over, Walker."

"Me, too. Thank you for everything." Annie replied. She glanced around, expecting Auggie.

"He's not here." Calder said, noticing her search.

Annie looked at Calder. "Where is he?"

"His flight back was delayed."

Annie glared at him. "Tell me."

"After the rest of your debrief. I know better than to try to keep secrets between the two of you, but the information you are giving us here is more important than your romantic intentions with Operative Anderson."

Annie rolled her eyes and stormed back into the interview room.


Calder walked into Barber's office in the DPD and pulled the door shut. "Status?"

"I've got Hummingbird searching all over the city as best I can, but if Auggie wasn't able to hack into the escalator cameras like you said, I doubt we will have more luck. He configured this system for Europe, not China. There are a lot of cameras we don't have access to right now."

"We have to be able to search that city. What about audio feeds?"

"Sarah's team has placed parabolic mics in suspected MSS holding facilities, but we've got nothing."

"Not even in the buildings around where she lost her trail on the car?"

"Nothing yet. But there are only three of us digging on this. At least give me some grunts to listen to the feeds, man."

"Pick two more people to read in, but I expect you to find something for me, and soon."

"Yes sir."

Calder took a moment to observe the flustered tech operative who had worked hard to prove himself recently. He was another of Auggie's proteges, just a different field than Annie, and that was all Calder needed to know in order to trust his work. He also knew he deserved to know the truth.

"When you get them read in and pushing forward, come see me upstairs. I have something else you need to know about."

"Yes sir." Barber replied, jumping right back into the job.


Once Auggie was pushed into the car, he didn't resist. Instead, he focused on gathering his bearings and assessing his situation. He was alone in the back seat, and they were moving slowly across town. He kept track of the turns in case he had an opportunity to make his way back to the consulate. The further they drove, the less likely this seemed. With his phone and cane, he was perfectly able to navigate independently. But his cane was pushed out of his hands in the fight, and his cell was in the hands of the MSS. Unfortunately for them, as soon as they tried to adjust the settings for sighted use, all information would be irreparably deleted. It was one of the little perks he programmed in all his devices.

When the car came to a stop he was unceremoniously pulled into what sounded like a parking garage. He was directed forward and through a door. Something was shouted toward him in Cantonese just before his foot hit the bottom stair of a staircase. The men around him stopped for a moment and talked among themselves. Auggie didn't understand much Cantonese at all, but in his short visit he had already started to recognize the word "Blind."

"Stairs." A voice said, pushing Auggie into the steps.

He silently obeyed, taking note of the route out of the building in case he was lucky enough to escape. He was brought into a room and secured to a chair. Somebody stepped in front of him, likely testing his vision. He fixed his gaze forward, ready for whatever may come next.

Without warning, he felt a needle pierce his skin, injecting something into his upper arm.


When Annie finished her debrief, Calder wasn't nearby. Ready to know whatever was going on with Auggie, she rushed to the DPD to find him.

Barber looked up from his computer just in time to see the brunette storm through the office space with familiar speed and poise. She turned to look into his office and he recognized her face. Immediately, Barber felt the color drain from his own.

Annie looked around the DPD and realized what she had done. Everybody looked like they had seen a ghost. She had forgotten that her whole existence was classified.

"Shit," She said to the silent room.