Auggie heard the door open behind him and pretended to still be asleep. The footsteps were different this time, and he could hear the person speak in English. "I think we found him."

Auggie stayed still. "Mingus?" The voice asked.

He tried to sit up, but was still handcuffed to a pipe on the floor. "Who is there?"

"The good guys." A voice said as it moved closer.

"Glad you could make it." Auggie said, laying flat while they worked on the cuffs.

"You okay to walk?"

"We'll see. Got a lot of medications yesterday. I think it was yesterday."

A strong arm pulled Auggie up and before he could determine up from down he was being pulled from the room. "Sorry, man. We want to get you out of here before the big guns show up."

Auggie nodded. "Just tell me where to go."


"They found him." Barber announced.

Annie sat down for the first time since she walked into the DPD. "Is he okay?" She asked.

"They haven't requested medics."

"Good job, Barber." Calder said.


Auggie was less than coordinated as they loaded him into a vehicle and took him to the American Embassy while they could determine his exfiltration.

"You okay man?" One of the rescuers asked.

Auggie turned his head toward the speaker. "Everything is kind of blurry. How do you guys plan to get me off this island?"

"Not sure, yet. Looking into everything from private boats to riding home with the Secretary of State."

Auggie's eyes widened. "I'm not that special."

"The White House seems to think you are. For now let's have a doctor check you out. We are at the Embassy."

The vehicle had stopped moving and Auggie's door opened. He stood up, still bothered by some dizziness. He held on to the other man's elbow a little tighter than normal.


"I am going to meet him." Annie stated.

"Walker, I don't know how to put this more clearly, but you are never going to step foot on Chinese soil again. Neither is Anderson. It would be a risk to both yourself and diplomatic relations."

"I'm not waiting for him to get all the way back here. You heard the report, he's going to need medical care."

Calder sighed. "They will probably transfer him to the base in Hawaii as soon as possible. You both need a vacation anyway. Pack up something pretty and don't cause any trouble."

Annie smiled and bounced on her heels. "Thank you."

Barber stood up, having heard this exchange. "Tell Auggie that I'm angry with him, and that I can't wait for him to be back so I can buy him a beer. I want you two to explain everything."

"It's a deal, Eric. I don't know exactly what you have been doing for Auggie, but I appreciate all the help."

"All I need to know is, did you get Henry?"

Annie's spirits faded a little. "Yeah."



Diplomatic strings were pulled and Auggie was flown out of Hong Kong directly to Honolulu within hours. The Chinese government couldn't hide the fact that they had abducted and tortured an American Citizen, and they had no clear evidence of espionage. Despite Auggie's insistence that he was fine, he was escorted to a private room at Tripler Army Hospital where he was led to an examination table and told that a doctor would be by shortly.

Immediately after the door shut, there was a knock. Before he responded, the door was opened and light footsteps entered.

"Hey." Annie said.

Auggie looked up and smiled. "Hey."

He tried to stand up and fought a wave of dizziness. Annie quickly stepped forward to stabilize him. "You aren't okay." She said.

"Just need the MSS cocktail to leave my system."

"They gave you the shot?" Annie asked.

"Couple of them." Auggie replied. "The last was a sedative."

She ran her hand up and down his arm as he leaned back.

A few minutes later a doctor came to the room and did a thorough examination. Auggie insisted that Annie stay. He drew some blood for tests and checked all of Auggie's vitals. Other than the vertigo and a slightly elevated blood pressure, he seemed okay.

"I want to get some fluids in you, to flush out the sedative. We won't have full results of your bloodwork until tomorrow. I'd like to keep you here for observation until then."

"I'm qualified to administer an IV," Annie stated. "Would it be possible to give us a field kit, and we return in the morning? I promise to keep an eye on him."

"Are you a nurse?" The Doctor asked.

"Absolutely," She lied.

"Captain Anderson, if you are okay with this, it is fine with me."

"I prefer not being in a hospital." Auggie replied.


Auggie was already feeling better as Annie led him off the elevator at their beachfront hotel. They entered the room and she took him straight toward the bed.

"I can't believe Calder didn't loop you in earlier." Auggie said.

"His guilt is why the CIA is paying for our Hawaiian vacation. We aren't allowed back into Langley for at least two weeks."

"Sounds good to me." He sat up against the headboard and Annie placed a pillow under his left arm.

"This will be cold." Annie said as she rubbed a cool antiseptic wipe on his arm.

Auggie sat quietly while Annie located his vein. After another warning, she quickly inserted the needle for the IV and taped it to his arm. She attached the fluids and checked that they were flowing into his system.

"All set up." Annie said.

"Glad you paid better attention to the lessons at the farm on first aid than on detonating a bomb."

"Har. I'm glad you are feeling good enough to joke around." She said while standing up. She pulled open the sliding glass door that opened onto a small balcony. Auggie was close enough that he could immediately feel the breeze.

"The room is small, but I figured that wouldn't matter. You are only a few feet from the opening to the door to the balcony. The bathroom is on the other side of the bed. TV, tables, and all the usual hotel stuff are about three feet from the foot of the bed."

"Thanks," Auggie replied. "Are you leaving me, or something?"

Annie stopped and looked at him. "No, but you don't have a cane." She said softly.

Auggie nodded. "Yeah. I'll have to put that on my Christmas list."

"I should have gone by your apartment. I was in a bit of a hurry at the time."

Auggie cocked his head sideways. "You weren't worried about me, were you, Annie?"

Annie giggled at her own words. "Not for a minute."

Auggie smiled. "If you were going to go on a shopping adventure, I'm going to need a new phone, too."

"Nice trick you did with yours, by the way."

"Caught that, did you?"

"Yeah. Anything else you need?"

Auggie shrugged. "If we are really spending a week here, I probably need some clothes, and a set of earbuds would be nice."

"We really are spending a week here. Maybe longer. However long we need to recover." She walked over and put her hand on his shoulder.

"I like the sound of that."

Annie walked around the bed and climbed in next to him on the side without the IV. She took his hand in hers, and leaned lightly against his shoulder. They sat together, listening to the sound of the waves, as the ocean breeze started the slow process of healing their bodies and their minds.

The End!