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Can be read on its own, but would make ALOT more sense if you read You're My Angel first.

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To say Kurt was freaking out, would be an understatement. Even he was sure Blaine could hear him screaming from the other side of town.

But, he had a good reason!

Three days ago, Blaine asked him out. Yep, ruffly 70 hours ago (it wasn't the exact same time), Kurt Hummel was asked out for the first time.

And he had nothing to wear! Well… that's not true. He had plenty of things to wear, it was just that nothing was good enough for the extra-ordinary piece of heaven (though Kurt is an atheist, and doesn't believe in Heaven), that is Blaine Anderson.

When he finally decided on an outfit (yes, he looked fabulous!), he did his hair, and then checked the time. Blaine was supposed to be here ten minutes ago!

He pounded down the stairs, looking for some consolation from his dad, but wasn't expecting the scene he saw.

His dad and his date, sitting on the same couch.

Scratch that, his dad interrogating his date, on the same couch, and his date looking absolutely terrified.

"Hey dad, whatcha doing?" Kurt asked his dad, making sure his outfit was perfect for Blaine, and it was.

Holy shit, I cannot believe that is what he is wearing! (Blaine thought). Kurt's outfit hugged him in all the right places, a holyshitarethosepaintedon pair of black skinny jeans, a dark blue dress shirt, contrasting nicely with his creamy (stop it Blaine! Don't be a creeper!) alabaster skin, and a pair of boots that resembled military boots.

All in all, Kurt didn't look like an angel, he looked like the devil. A hot devil.

"-right Blaine." Kurt said, though it didn't make sense. Right, what?

"I'm sorry, can you repeat that?" Blaine asked, discreetly (hopingly) wiping off the drool off his chin. Burt saw that, and unlike most fathers, didn't think Blaine wasn't good enough for his child. It was obvious that Blaine cared for Kurt, and vice versa.

"I'll be home before midnight, right?" Kurt asked again, hoping his dad didn't make it eleven.

"Yeah, definitely." Blaine said, still terrified of Mr. Hummel.

"Bud, be careful." Burt said, and with that, they were off!

Kurt, mesmerized by Blaine, and Blaine enthralled by Kurt.

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