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The room was silent (with the exception of the clanking of utensils and plates), but not a bad silence, a good one. A comfortable one… Which troubled both parties.

Neither had ever felt more comfortable with any other person. Hell, not even close to this comfortable with any other person.

There was no need to fill the silence with talking, which could have been easily done, as they found they had very similar interests, such as fashion and Broadway.

Once dinner was finished it was only 9:25, so Blaine decided to show Kurt around.

He showed him the thousands of bedrooms "Blaine, are we going to get lost in here?", pools "How many pools do you need? You're only one person!", sound room "What is this room for? Its empty… Different room please!", music room "All these instruments are beautiful! These should be in the sound room!", and recording studio "Wow, you're really into music. Its like I found my other half!"

"And you've seen the kitchen, dining room, and living room."

"Is it weird that I don't want this night to end? I've had one of the best experiences of my life here, and… I don't know. Maybe I'm crazy."

"No. You're not. I know exactly what you're thinking, because I feel it too. Do you believe in love at first sight?"

"Yes. I think I feel it too."

Yayyyyy! Its done. Yeah, its a REALLY crappy ending, but oh well. The road to it was nice, eh? :D