A young man who had been a Panthanist (person who believes everything is God) almost all his life was walking on a dusty road surrounded by the woods. He intended to go out and spread pantheism's word through the world. He knew about God Elohim but resfused to follow Him.

Just then, a humingous bear who was once known as a adorable cub named Koda, apeared and ran toward the man. The man paniked and ran away. The bear continued to chase him but not so fast.

Soon, the man came to a wall too high to climb over and too wide to go around. He was completly surrounded. Koda walked at him slowly and viciously. The man started thinking of what to do. He had no food left so the last time he ate was ten days ago. He thought of a way joke his Christian friends told him:

"There was a man in Africa being chased by lions. When he could no longer run, he prayed to the god's to free him. And when he operes his eyes, the lions were praying. But actially what they said was, 'Dear Lord, thank you for this dilicious meal.' And the man was devouerd."

That got the Panthanist even more worried. So he decided to pray to God.

Dear Lord, he prayed, Forgive me for what I did wrong and please save me from the bear and starvation. Amen!

When he finished, he passed out. He woke up with some liking. He looked up and saw Koda among him with a fish on his mouth. He laid the fish on his lap and left happily. The man got the fish and lifted it up to the skys before going out to tell the story. Then, he shouted:


Moral: during you life, its never too late to ask God for forgiveness.

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