Mikan stared at the two figures under the Sakura tree, the raven-haired boy gave the short strawberry-blonde haired girl a smile, making Mikan's heart-throbbed in pain. The strawberry –blonde haired girl leans towards the boy and gave him a kiss on the lips, soon the kiss became passionate, making Mikan walk away to the opposite direction.

You told me that you loved me

You told me that I was the only girl in your heart

You told me that you would be with me forever

You told me that you would protect me

You told me that you would always be by my side

However, all of it was a lie! You left me for her. You left me with a broken heart.

Mikan was now packing her things for she had to leave tomorrow morning, to go to America to train her Alice without anyone knowing, not even her best friend, Hotaru Imai.

*Knock Knock*

Mikan opened door and Persona walked in.

"Hello, Persona,"

"I see that you have started packing, I'm here to give you the details about the school and schedule when you go to America," Persona handed her the Manila folder. Persona then walked towards the door, before turning the doorknob he looked at Mikan

"Remember that you would be away for four years," then he left the Mikan room.


The next Morning.

The Brunette was standing in front of the black limo that was going to take her and her two sempai to the airport. She was the only one that hasn't gone in the limo. She turned around and looked at the school, she felt guilty that she will be leaving without her best friend knowing where she was going or if she was going to come back.

Without any more hesitation, she started walking towards the limo, but before she got in, she looked at the person that was holding the limo door.

"Persona, remember the promise," when she saw Persona nodded, she went inside the limo. The door closed. Then the limo left.


"Where's Mikan?" The black-haired girl asked the blonde haired boy that was sitting next to her.

"Maybe she woke up late again, you know Sakura san," the blonde haired boy replied as he pat his rabbit.

"Or she's still probably shocked that Natsume broke up with her for me," said the strawberry –blonde haired girl as she walked into the classroom.

"Isn't that right Natsume-kun?" strawberry –blonde haired girl looked at the raven-haired boy that was reading his manga with his foot on the table.

"I still can't believe that I went out with her, I was probably out of my mind," Natsume said without looking up from the book.

The black-haired girl glared at the raven-haired boy and at the strawberry –blonde haired girl who looked at her with a smirked in her face. The black-haired girl wanted to beat them up but was stopped by the blonde haired boy.

"Hotaru, they're not worth it," the blonde haired boy said to Hotaru. Hotaru looked at the blonde haired boy, their eyes met; she could tell that he was mad at Natsume for saying that about Mikan and was pissed at Luna. Hotaru tried to calm down.

Narumi then walked inside the classroom, everyone stared at him because he didn't skipped or he didn't greet his students like he would usually do. Narumi just stood in the middle of the front staring at the floor, with everyone's eyes on him. *Silence….*

"WHAT!?" Everyone looked where the noise came from; it was from the mind reader Alice user, Kokoro Yome.

"Why did you screamed, Koko?" one of the girls asked, her name was Nonoko Ogasawara, but Koko didn't replied, he just stared at the teacher.

"What? What was he thinking that made you screamed?" a boy with glasses asked, his name was Yuu Tobita. Koko looked at his classmates faces, it landed at a certain people with crimson eyes, then his eyes met a light blue eyes then he looked at a girl with purple eyes. He then looked at the teacher, waiting for his permission to say what was in his mind. Narumi saw that Koko was waiting for his permission; he then gave him a nod to continue.

"Imai-san was wondering where Sakura was, and…" he looked down to hide his tears, "Sa-Sakura, left this morning to study in America," all the class was staring at the floor, except four students.

Hotaru's hands were shaking in anger, sadness, and disappointment, her eyes was becoming teary. She couldn't believe that her best friend left her, she couldn't believe that Mikan left without saying goodbye or any explanation.

Ruka was staring at Hotaru, with worried and sad eyes. He's really sad that Mikan left and worried for Hotaru.

The crimson eyes boys went back to the manga that he was reading, pretending that he didn't care at all, but deep down he actually cares that Mikan left.

The strawberry-blonde haired girl looked around, but she couldn't help but laugh out loud, making everyone looked at her.

"Why are you laughing, Koizumi?" Hotaru asked her with a glare

"I just can't believe that Sakura left because Natsume broke up with her, isn't she over reacting much? Hahaha" Luna replied still laughing. Hotaru couldn't take it, she knew Mikan wouldn't run away just because she broke up with Hyuuga. Hotaru stood up and walked towards Luna, everyone eyed were on her except Luna's. Ruka stared at Hotaru, he knew what she was going to do, and he wasn't planning to stop her. He just couldn't take Luna's comment about his friend. Everyone else wasn't planning to stop Hotaru.


The Baka gun hit Luna straight in the face giving her a nosebleed, and making her fall from her chair. Luna stared the Hotaru and saw her smirking down at her.

"Try saying anything bad about Mikan again, you know what you're going to get," Hotaru turned around and started walking back to her sit.

"Natsume, aren't you going to do anything?" Luna screamed, Natsume looked at Luna.

"Tch" was his answer. He put his palms out and fire was form, he threw it to Hotaru who was now sitting on the chair spacing out.



The class warned the black haired girl, she turned her head and saw fire being blast at her. She didn't have time to do anything except cover her face with her hands, waiting for the impact of the fire. A bright light appeared from Hotaru, making the fire disappeared.

Everyone stared at the black haired girl with her face covered by her hands looking for burn marks, but there was nothing.

Hotaru didn't feel anything, she lowered her hands down and stared at the wide crimson eyed that was staring at her.

"Hotaru, how did you do that?" the boy that was sitting next to her stared at her

"Do what? Nogi" Hotaru looked at Ruka

"You made the fire disappeared, just like what Sakura-san usually do," Ruka replied with amazement

"I don't know what you're talking about, all I did was cover my face waiting for the impact," Hotaru explained.

"NATSUME! Hit her again!" Luna screamed, Natsume looked at Luna, actually glared at Luna.

"Who are you to boss me around?" Natsume said angrily stood up and left the classroom, but before he left he stared at Hotaru and Ruka with apologetic eyes. Luna just stood in one spot and stared at the place where Natsume was sitting.

This can't be happening! Don't tell me the mark vanished. No! No! No! This can't be happening. It's all your fault Mikan Sakura. Luna screamed in her head. She turned around and left the classroom. She didn't notice that someone was reading her mind, that person stared at her as she left the room.

I'm going to warn everyone he told himself

*Fake Cough*

Every one's attention turned to the teacher.

"Since a lot has happened, there will be no class today. Every one rest well. Imai-san, Nogi-kun, please come with me, there's something that I have to give you." Then Narumi sensei left the class room with two student following him. He led him to the Garden. He looked up the sky knowing that Mikan has already left the country. Narumi took out two big envelope out of the folder that he was holding and handed them to Hotaru and Ruka.

"Before Mikan left, she came to my dorm room and asked me to give this to you. She said that she didn't have the guts to go up to you and say that she was leaving." Narumi explained

"Why did she have to leave?" Hotaru asked as she looked at the envelope

"It was the academy's order for her to go," Narumi answered

"Did anyone go with her?" Ruka asked he wasn't staring at Narumi, he was looking at the sky.

"Tsubasa Andō and Misaki Harada," Narumi replied he too was staring at the sky

"Do you know when she will be back?" Hotaru asked, she was still looking at the enveloped, tears was making her eyesight blurry.

"I'm sorry, I wish I knew," Narumi looked at his student and walked towards them, he out his hands on their shoulder and said "She will come back, don't worry. Take care you too."

But before Narumi left, she whispered something in Hotaru's ears, making her eyes go wide.

Ruka looked at Hotaru with a questioned face, wanting to know what Narumi whispered to her.

Hotaru knew that Ruka wanted to know, she looked him and said

"Narumi-sensei told me that last night Mikan inserted her Nullification Alice stone in my body, that's probably how Hyuuga's fire disappeared."

Ruka smiled at Hotaru and said "Mikan probably feels guilty that she's not here to protect you so, she gave you a Nullification Alice stone to protect you."

Hotaru glared at Ruka "Shut up Nogi" then she walked away, with a tiny smile in her face. She looked at the envelope that she was holding. She wanted to read what Mikan wrote, because the envelope was thick. She decided to walk towards her lab.

Ruka stared at the Hotaru as she walked away; he stared at her and thought that she smiled. This made him smile. He then looked at the envelope that he was holding. He started walking towards the barn, so he could read Mikan's letters.

Unknown to them a raven-haired boy was up at the trees watching the scene the whole time; he also heard the whole conversation. As he stared at the place where the two people were standing, guilt wash over him, from the time that he broke up with Mikan, to what happen in the classroom when he tried to attack Mikan's best friend. He looked at the sky and was thinking of Mikan.

I've hurt her a lot. I promised her that I wasn't going to hurt her that I was going to protect her, but I broke that promise, I couldn't protect her from the pain that I caused.