Chapter 4

The return

*four years later* Mikan's POV- italic & bold= Koko italic= Mikan

After a long travel, the Limo as finally arrived at the Academy. I got out of the car and stared at the person that was standing a few metres away from me.

"Morning, Persona" I greeted

"Welcome back, Mikan" he said. I smiled back

"I'm back," I replied. He walked towards me and started carrying my luggage.

"Your uncle wants to see you tonight," he told me I nodded.

"What's the details with the AAO?" I asked as we walked towards the office building

"They are still here, we have been keeping an eye on them since you left," he replied

"What about my friends?" I asked

"They are all safe, none of them has gotten hurt," he answered

"Thank you for keeping your promise Persona," I gave him a hug and hugged me back with one hand.

"I'll bring your luggage to your room," I nodded. "Narumi is waiting for you at the office, he will guide you to your classroom," he informed me. Then he left.


Tell anyone that I'm back and your dead, Koko

Don't worry I won't tell them, I just grin and wait for them to realise why I'm grinning.

I am not joking Koko, if you open your mouth and tell them that I'm back. I will tell all your secrets to everyone. I warned him, I couldn't but smile. I have been ignoring Koko for almost 3 years since I left. Well it's because every time he tried to talk to me it's always when I'm sleeping. Geez, doesn't he know about time difference?

Don't be mean Mikan! I promise I won't tell them! I promise! JUST DON'T SPREAD MY SECRET! He begged me.

As long as you keep you promise, I will keep your secret. HAHAHA


Who said I wasn't? Well, have to go, see ya!

Yup, see ya soooon! I couldn't help but keep smiling.

"Mikan!" someone screamed my name as I opened the office door. The next thing I knew I was on the ground, with a teacher hugging me and crying his eyes out.

"Narumi sensei! How are you?" I asked he stood up and held his hands out to help me up.

"Complete now that you're back," he answered with joy

"Eh why?" I asked

"The classroom is like hell, since you left," he said

"Really?" I asked he just nodded

"Well we better get going or we will be late," he said. As we walked, he told me that I'm a special star and that my room is next to Natsume's. He also gave me my time table schedule.

"Sensei, is Natsume still under Koizumi's control?" I asked he looked at me and said


"Since when did he realise?" I was curious now, I wonder if Hotaru gave him one of those device that I asked her to make,

"The next day after you left, he was back to normal" he replied

"How did it happen?"

"Luna told Natsume to attack Imai, and your Nullification-" he stopped what he was saying and looked at me. I can tell that he was scared

"Luna tried to hurt Hotaru?" I asked my voice was angry, I glared at Narumi sensei. I was about to attack something when a hand landed on my shoulder. I looked up and saw Persona

"Calm yourself, Mikan" he looked at me with gentle eyes. I took a deep breath and then exhaled.

"I'm sorry Narumi sensei!" I looked at Narumi bowing my head, to show how sincerely sorry I was for taking my anger at him.

"Don't worry about it Mikan, you had the right to get mad," He said. He looked at Persona, "Thank you Persona sensei," Persona nodded and left me and Narumi sensei.

Mikan's POV ends

Koko's POV - italic & bold= Koko italic= Mikan

I walked in the class, gloomy as ever. Until I sensed a familiar present a few blocks away. I smiled widely as I entered the classroom.

MIKAN! YOU'RE BACK! I screamed in my head

Tell anyone that I'm back you are dead, Koko I frowned

Don't worry I won't tell them, I just grin and wait for them to realise why I'm grinning. I couldn't help but smile really bright. I could see the gang staring at me as if I was a weirdo.

"Why are you grinning, Koko?" Anna asked

I am not joking Koko, if you open your mouth and tell them that I'm back. I will tell all your secrets to everyone. I stood still, I smile turn upside down. I looked at Anna stunned.

"No-Nothing," I blurted out. I walked pass her and sat at my sit.

I won't tell them! I promise! JUST DON'T SPREAD MY SECRET! I begged her.

As long as you keep you promise, I will keep your secret. HAHAHA

YOU'RE EVIL! I pouted

Who said I wasn't? Well, have to go, see ya!

Yup, see ya soooon! I couldn't help but keep smiling and wait.

"There's something isn't there Koko?" Ruka stood in front of me

"Really, there's nothing," I said, but I could tell he didn't believe me. The gang was now surrounding me and staring down at, I sank down my chair I stared at their eyes. Then I felt that the familiar aura was getting closer.

KOKO! Mikan screamed in my head, this made me sit up straight. The other finch as they saw my reaction.

What? I asked

Why didn't you tell me about Luna telling Natsume to attack Hotaru? I didn't moved I sat still there staring at the wall. 'Crap, I'm dead' I thought.

"Koko, what's wrong?" Nonoko asked, this brought me back to reality.

"Nothing, I just- um- read someone's- um – angry mind," I replied.

"Who's mind?" Hotaru asked

"I don't know, this person is a new student," I replied

Koko's POV ends

Normal POV

The door open in with a bang and Narumi walked in, skipping inside the classroom that has been gloomy for the past four years.

The stood were they were, Koko sitting on the chair, with Nonoko, Hotaru, Ruka, Anna and Yuu standing in front of Koko's desk. Natsume sat near the window reading his manga.

"All right students, I want you all to stay where you are, I have an announcement," he said happily. "We have a new student, that will be joining us," he announced

Koko smirked knowing that no one would see it but unknown to him a raven haired student looked up from his manga to look around saw his smirk.

"Okay, new student why don't you come in?" Narumi was obviously giving away the identity of the student if he keeps smiling like that. But no one actually cared about his smile, so no one expected who the new student would be.

The new student walked inside the classroom, she has a long brunette-hair was tied into a ponytail and brown eyes. She has a heart-shaped face with a small nose.

All the eyes were focus on the brunette even the raven-haired boy was looking at the brunette full of shock. All their face was filled will shock except a certain mind reader, who just grin enjoying every one's reaction.

"Please introduce yourself," Narumi said to the brunette

"Mikan Sakura at your service," Mikan bowed. She looked around saw the gang staring at with their mouth wide open except Hotaru, Natsume and Koko. She smiled at them

"If you don't close your mouth a bug might fly inside your mouth," she joked.

"MIKAN!" Anna and Nonoko screamed at the same time, they tackled Mikan to the ground as they hugged her. The rest of the gang followed except Natsume who stayed at his sit. Mikan looked up and saw Yuu took his glass off and started wiping his eyes with a handkerchief. Then she looked at Hotaru who was glaring at her.


"Ow! Hotaru!" Mikan touch her forehead where she was hit.

"That's what you get for leaving" Hotaru said

"How about a welcoming present?" Mikan asked. Anna and Nonoko helped her stand up. Hotaru gestured her arms out and Mikan walked towards her and gave her a tight hug. Hotaru hugged her back.

After hugging Hotaru, Mikan walked towards Ruka and hugged him.

"Thank you for protecting Hotaru," she whispered

"Don't worry, I'm glad that you are back," Ruka whispered back

"So, how's the relationship between you and Hotaru?" Mikan asked, she waited for answer but when she didn't get any, she pulled away from the hugged and looked at Ruka. His was face was pink.

The girls giggle except Hotaru.

"What did you asked him Mikan?" Hotaru asked

"S-E-C-R-ET" Mikan spelled out, she then turned around and saw the mind reader.

"YOU!" she pointed out

"Hello!" he replied with a grin

"Why didn't you tell me?" Mikan asked

"Well, you never asked," he said as he backed away when Mikan took a step forward

"How did you found out anyway?" he asked still moving backwards. Mikan pointed at Narumi sensei

"Sorry, my tongue slipped," Narumi said. Koko glared at the teacher then looked at Mikan.

"Come on Mikan, don't kill me." Plus I haven't asked Anna to my girlfriend yet. Koko thought.

Mikan smirked after hearing Koko's thoughts, and looked at Anna, an idea popped in her head. So if you asked Anna to be your girlfriend, I can kill you afterwards? Mikan thought

What! I don't want to die yet! I'm still young! Plus isn't it you're fault that you ignored me for 3 years? Koko thought.

Mikan looked at Koko and gave him an apologetic look. The gang stared at the two thinking that they're weird.

Without knowing, the teacher wrote on the board that it was free period and left the classroom. A certain raven-haired boy was staring at the new student that has just joined them. Mikan felt the stare and met the stare of the certain person. Crimson eyes meet brown eyes. They just stared at each other, and then Mikan turned her head and was now looking at the person by the door. A strawberry blonde haired student was standing by the door staring at the new student.

"Well, well, if it isn't the runaway student," Koizumi said. The gang turned around to face Koizumi and glared at her including Natsume. Mikan just smirked at Koizumi.

"Koizumi, aren't you too old to be going to school? Or is it because you weren't smart enough that you had to keep repeating," Mikan said to Koizumi.

"Oh I see, I guess you've grown up for the past 4 years you have been away," Koizumi said

"Yeah, I have grown stronger and more matured that you, since I don't wear my uniform in a slutty way, but then again what's there to see? All I know is that you're using your Alice to cover up your ugly body." Then Mikan turned around walked towards the back door. Leaving Luna with her mouth hanging. The gang followed Mikan, and Natsume decided to go to his usual spot, and wait for a time when Mikan is alone.