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John stood in his doorway, leaning against the thin wall there. He gave a soft sigh and decided that it would be best to read the letter that Jefferson had delivered to him. If Jefferson took personal time away from being with his wife, him writing a letter must be him wanting to tell Adams something important.


I was wondering if you would be interested in meeting with me soon. I would rather it be at your home since your living quarters are a bit more intimate than my own. I hope you wouldn't mind brewing a kettle of tea. I always think best when sipping a cup of tea. I would like to know what your decision is as soon as possible. I'll see you soon.

Best Regards

Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson

John absolutely hated it when Thomas signed his letters and other documents like that. It irritated him because he was aware that Jefferson knew how much it bothered the New-Englander to know how much more important Jefferson's position was than his. Adams went into his room after he slammed his front door. He sat down at his desk before pulling out a piece of parchment as well as the quill he usually used for writing. He wrote a letter that was short and very to the point. He told the Virginian that he could come over the upcoming Monday and that if he wanted tea, he would have to fix it himself. He stood from the chair and quickly fixed his outfit and did what he could to his hair. He left his little house before walking over to the other end of the street where Thomas lived. He couldn't believe he was doing this himself. He had a maid that would probably be happy to do this little task for him. In a way, John found this embarrassing. He was going out of his way to give a man a letter. It would be a bit more excusable if he was taking a letter to his wife down to the post office, but he was taking an affirmation letter to a man he despised. He held the folded letter in his hand before he knocked on the oak door. After a few minutes, when no one answered the door, Adams knocked again. Then he knocked several more times before Jefferson came to the door wearing absolutely nothing. Adam's eyes widened and a dark blush spread across his pale cheeks. He looked away after a moment, he couldn't help but to look for a little while at least. He through the letter at Thomas.

"What do you think you're doing?! You answered the door completely nude you imbecile!" John wore a very bewildered expression as he talked to Jefferson.

"Well, if someone would have been a bit more patient, I would've been able to put on some more clothing." Jefferson said with a soft chuckle. To be honest, Adams didn't think Thomas was ever completely naked. He didn't even think he would be without clothes when making love to Martha. He seemed above that sort of thing, too prim and much too proper for it.

"You could have just listened to me knock then…. Cover that up! Have you no decency? Imagine what Martha would say if she saw you standing before me like that…" John looked at him for a moment

"Mr. Adams, I had figured that you would be a bit more mature about this. It's not that big of a problem."

"It is a /big/ problem!" The New-Englander says, clearly referring to something else aside from the problematic factor of this was making him feel smaller than he usually did, and that certainly bothered John. Adams' words were enough to make Jefferson blush. He closed the door most of the way so he could cover what needed to be covered.

"I suppose you are correct about that Mr. Adams. So, I suppose I'll be seeing you soon then. I assure you that next time you see me I will wear more clothing. I'll have plenty of time to dress next time. Farewell, John. Be careful on your way back home." Thomas says with a soft chuckle

"Goodbye, sir…" John says with a pointed tone and a soft huff before leaving the small house. His eyebrows were still drawn together in a furrowed position as the often were. His heart was still pounding fast in his chest. Thomas should know that the elder's heart really couldn't take things like that. Such exciting things had bad effects on men his age. The worse thing was that Adams' heart hadn't been the only thing to respond to seeing such a thing. He frowned and went into his house. John was actually quite disgusted with himself at the moment. It wasn't like him to respond in such a reactive matter to something other than seeing his wife in a state very similar to the one that Thomas had been in. He slammed the front door as well to the one that lead into his secluded bedroom. Yes, that was what he needed. Seclusion. Adams knew that that would help him get rid of his current problem. The Bostonian laid out on his bed and laid there for quite some time as minutes and soon hours dwindled by. Though after the second hour had passed, he realized that waiting and being alone wasn't going to get rid of anything. Even as he lay alone in his bed, all he could think about was Thomas Jefferson. He thought about every inch of the man which was quite easy considering he had recently been exposed to all of it. He gave a huff and an annoyed groan, knowing that he would have to get rid of his erection the only way a man can without his wife around. In a few minutes, John was in a vulnerable position with his legs spread about as wide as he possibly could and in no clothing what-so-ever. He already felt rather embarrassed, but for some reason he figured this would be one of the best positions for him to be in. There he was, thinking about Thomas again, imagining that member of his plowing into him as he laid spread out on the bed as he was right now. His fingers brushed the length of his shaft as a breathy noise escaped his parted lips. His other hand reached around his thigh and his palm began to press and rub against his entrance before his middle finger prodded the hole there. He took hold of his member and began to pump it at a moderately quick pace, thumb occasionally rubbing across the tip. John only watched the movement of his hand for a short moment, tilting his chin back after that so he was looking up at the ceiling. His two fingers pressed further into his hole as he roughly thrusted them in. Soft moans escaping his lips. He was only slightly ashamed that he was thinking about a man doing such sinful acts with him, but thinking of Thomas only fueled the pleasure he felt at the moment. Soon he felt a heat pool in his lower stomach. Soon he released onto his bed-sheets, unfortunately dirtying them as he gave a loud moan due to self-induced pleasure. John panted softly as he slowly came down from his high. He would've gotten out of bed to clean up the moment he finished, but decided that he was much too tired out to care about being clean.

It was at the moment that Adams wished that he really could have had sex with Jefferson. He curled up underneath his soiled blankets, a frown upon his face. Why was he so attracted to Thomas? He caused him so much problems and frustration on a daily basis and undoubtedly probably shortened his life a few years from worrying so much. In truth though, John loved Thomas. The Virginian made his heart beat fast and occasionally skip sometimes. He loved him, yet he also hated him.

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