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You Will Be Mine.

"Thank you for the food!" everyone in the Inn yelled as they prepared for their breakfast.

Tsukiumi glared at Musubi as both she and Kusano attempted to feed Minato.

This isn't interesting at all. Homura thought to as he dismissively looked to the right and fed himself. He was sitting directly in front Minato and was feeling fine about the dream they had... Until now.

Kazehana looked at Homura and smiled, saying "You can't help but feel this way, can you?"

"Shut up, No. 3" Homura sneered

"Homura, I'm sure I told you already, nobody is allowed to talk to me like that accept for No.1 and the Director. But I'll let this one pass as you snuck me a bottle of sake last night in replacement for my space in Ashikabi-kun's room" she giggled to herself and continued "He's just so MANLY" and at that, she leapt out of her seat and pounced on Minato. "Forget about Homura-kun; I'll show you exactly what it's like to be an adult..." she whispered.

Immediately all of Minato's Sekirei apart from Musubi and Matsu stood up and shouted "That's enough, Kazehana!" – The room fell silent and Kazehana giggled to herself, walking out of the room into the garden, singing "Sake! Sake! Sake!"

Tsukiumi speedily expressed "MINATO! YOU MUST STOP ALLOWING OTHERS TO TOUCH YOU INAPPROPRIATELY. I AM YOUR ONE AND ONLY REAL WIFE." She screamed; Miya giggled to herself. "You don't even let me climb on top of you like that" the water bearer's shouts soon fell into a mumble to herself. Running off in what seemed like a hurry. "Oh my, my satellite alarm has gone off; there must be a malfunction" Matsu ran out of the room, Kusano, and Homura walked after her.

"Miya-chan; I will be awaiting training for today! I will not lose! I will become strong so that Minato-san and I will ascend" Musubi trotted outside in the garden and was pounced on by Kazehana almost immediately after she stepped foot in the garden.

Minato was left lying there in a daze. Why is today such a difficult day for me to brush off everyone's advances. He thought to himself.

He sat up and noticed that Miya was still sitting there, silently sipping on her tea. He shifted, uncomfortable about the look of knowledge she gave him; almost as though she knew exactly what was going through his head

"I know what's going through your head, Minato-san; so ask me your question" she smiled a maternal, warm smile; almost making Minato feel as though he has been hugged from the inside, out.

"Ooya-san. Is it possible; if I collect all of the Jinki.. That I can live with all my Sekirei; without anyone having to die"

"… When you say all your Sekirei, do you mean the ones that you are an Ashikabi of, or do you mean including all your friends ?"

"Everyone! I do not want anyone else to die. No more fighting. I just want us all to live happily. With everyone at Izumo Inn. With Yukari and Shiina. Even with those that have had to run away..."

"Minato-san. There is something you must know about the Jinki and what happens when they come together. You see, someone has to die and unfor-"

"Onii-chan. Kagari-san is hurt. Onii-chan!" Kusano ran in, with her potted plant in her hand, with tears in her eyes

Minato, Miya and Kusano rushed outside to see Homura laying on the floor with blood pouring out of the left side of him "Kagari-san" – Miya ran to his side, immediately aiding his wound "Please, be careful. If any of you damage any inch of the Izumo Inn, you will have to do more than just fix it" she smiled; with the usual image appearing behind her head. Both Kusano and Tsukiumi shuddered at the image.

At the front of the Inn stood two Sekirei. One, of them had Orange and black hair. Left half Orange, right half black and was wearing a grey catsuit. Her hair was short, cropped in a short bob, ending just above her chin. She had a full fringe. Although it was obvious her fringe is constantly being pinned back. She had tanned skin, a deep tan; the same colour as caramel. Her eyes were golden, with a cat slit in the middle. And when she spoke you could see the sharpest set of canines. This woman has such an alluring look. But you could tell; she was trouble. The other Sekirei was male. He had green, ear-length hair with a fringe that swept across the left half of his face. His body was tightly wrapped in a coating, or, at least, it looked like a coating. His gown was white almost grey carelessly draping over his slim shoulders. And his eyes were also golden. With just a line for a pupil. This guy. He somehow reminded Minato of Homura.

"No need for the threat, old lady. I shant be here long. I am; Sekirei 24, Tora. We are here, to claim our Ashikabi"

Tsukiumi was stunned, she could not move; and every type of plant Kusano made; immediately disintegrated. And after the 4th try of making a plant, Kusano fainted right into Minato's hands. He handed her to the Landlady and stood in a vigilant stance *Now it's my turn to protect everybody* The male Sekirei slowly walked towards Minato; seeing the fear in his eyes he smiled and muttered "Ashikabi. You. Are. Mine"

"Sahashi-san. R-run" Homura was able to breathe these last words and fainted near-to immediately

"Kagari-" Minato called after him. But it was no use. The male had already reached Minato and was stroking his face.

"Sahashi-Kun, huh ? Please, be my Ashikabi." The male hissed and a forked tongue stuck out. Minato flinched and pushed him away

"you-you hurt Kagari-san.. and Ku-chan.. I cannot. I cannot be yours" as the unknown Sekirei

The green haired male licked Minato's cheek, quietly hissing as he did this "You will be my Ashikabi" And grabbed Minato's arm and jumped up onto the rooftop and away. The other Sekirei, Tora, giggled and began to run after them "Hey, Miss panty flasher; Let's see who his real wife is now" Tora continued to run, her agility almost mesmerising, barely landing on the rooftop as she continued to pursue her lover and her companion

That bastard didn't even reveal his name or number. Tsukiumi thought to herself before fainting.