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The Captive

That bastard didn't even reveal his name or number. Tsukiumi thought to herself before fainting. But she didn't hit the ground. Kazehana kept her levitated in the air with wind and petals and quickly levitated her into her room.

"What's with everyone knocked out? I realised I smelt a strange, strong odour and then saw two Sekirei jumping across our rooftop." And with a flick of her hand, Kazehana sent almost a wave of wind away from herself and the wind seemed to pick up colours of green and yellow.

"Kazehana-chan, where is Musubi-chan?" Miya asked

"Gone shopping. I hope she brings me some sake!" she brooded

"Minato has been kidnapped" The Landlady hurriedly said as she was busy trying to aid both Homura and Kusano.

Kazehana calmly took Kusano and laid her next to Tsukiumi in the room. So they've come. The wind blower thought to herself. She tried to keep her composure, allowing the Landlady to carry the male inside the house; nodding as they passed each other "Kazehana, I hope you know that if you continue; they will kill him" the purple haired vixen quietly whispered as she brushed past the drunkard. "They have not been winged by him yet; they will kill him"

Kazehana ran into Matsu's vault furious at what has happened; keeping herself her usual easy-going self


"Kaze-tan. How could you? How could you do this to us?"

"Matsu… I… I Didn't know they would come"

"Why didn't you terminate them when you had the chance? Now they're stronger, and the MBI have modified them even further."


"They bought you sake. I know. You've said this before, Kazehana. But now you have put all of our lives, and his life, at risk; because of your selfish actions"

"But the sake was so good" the vixen in the purple dress pouted; crossing her arms against her chest. Matsu turned around annoyed at the actions and resolve that the woman in front of her had seemed to have come to.

"It seems the male was the one that did the damage" Matsu began "He didn't reveal his number and he also didn't reveal his name, but I think I may have heard of this guy.. I'll just see if I can hack onto the MBI Database and see if there is anything on there about him"

"I... Have to go and save Minato"

Kazehana ran outside and bumped into Musubi on the way

"Kazehana-chan, what's the matter?" Musubi playfully asked; eyes glittering as she saw her companion's worried expression

"Minato has been kidnapped" The violet-hued Sekirei said, placing her hands on her shoulder.

"Let's go and find him" Musubi said whilst speedily placing the bags into the Inn.

Kazehana floated alongside Musubi, filling her in on what happened at the Inn.

"So, Kazehana-chan, where are we going?" Musubi asked, with a concentrated face on her; effortlessly dodging any type of obstacle in her way

"We're just going to keep following our hearts until we find Minato or until Matsu is able to actually tell us where they are" Kazehana looked at Musubi and was met with a questioning gaze "We are eternally connected to our Ashikabi. If we search long enough, we can find him with our hearts" Kazehana floated forward, placing her hand on her chest as she spoke.

"Let do this" Musubi clenched her fist, pumping the air with a smile on her face.

They stood on the top of a chapel; holding hands and just meditated. They silently stood there for 4 seconds. On the 5th second both of their eyes flew open.

"Let's save our Ashikabi" they said in unison. And with that; both ladies spun into the distance, determined to save the man they both were destined to.


Miya was sitting down, mediating between both Homura and Kusano & Tsukiumi.

"I really hope something gets done about this soon. We can't have everyone passing out like this" the Landlady said to herself.

"M..Miya?" Homura groaned as he finally awoken

"Kagari-san, how are you?" The lilac haired female brushed Homura's silver bangs out of his face, feeling his forehead in the process. She smiled, her eyes closing as she did so.

"Where is he? What happened to me? Who were those people?"

"Kagari-san... Minato-san has been abducted"

"He's been what?" The human torch's eyes widened, his face full of confusion and annoyance.

"The people that attacked you at the front.. They took him"

There was nothing but silence for a brief moment before Homura broke it. "…That guy. The one with green hair..."

"Kagari-san; does he remind you of yourself?"

"He's like me, isn't he? He's..."

"He's different to all but similar to you. Shall we leave it at that, Kagari-san?" The Landlady smiled a warm smile. Looking deep into the silver haired man's eyes.

"Yeah. How's everyone else?" He smiled back, propping himself up with his elbows

"Musubi and Kazehana have gone to find Minato-san. Kuu-chan and Tsukiumi-chan are resting in the other room and Matsu-chan is using the MBI satellites to find Minato-san from inside."

"Okay. I'll phone Musubi and find out what's going on, on their side"

"And I will go and check on Kuu-chan and Tsukiumi-chan. They must be up by now" The Landlady rose and walked out of the room, closing the sliding doors behind her.

What happened out there ?. Homura thought to himself. He laid himself on his back, wincing at the pain it caused him. He rested his right hand on his left side, slowly putting pressure on his wound; lifting his left hand simultaneously and placed his forearm across his forehead. He let out a sigh, and to the right of him he saw his phone. Homura picked it up and called Musubi.

Haihane slowly sunk herself into the bath. Sinking until the only thing above the water; her nose and eyes. Her silver hair was carelessly floating above the surface of the liquid she was in.

"Haihane!" a voice called from outside the bath

"I-I'm in the bath. I'll be out in a moment, Natsuo" the female restlessly hopped out the bath, and walked towards the bathrobes; bending over to pick one up.

"Haihane, I was wondering if-" Natsuo walked in the bathroom and was caught more than an eyeful of his Sekirei. Haihane stood up straight, face turning 40shades of red before brightening to a maroon-like colour. Afraid to feel even more vulnerable than she already did, Haihane grabbed a towel from close by and held it up so that it covered all her 'private' parts. "Haihane" the dark-haired male began, slowly walking towards her "You're beautiful" when he got to her, he slowly slid his hands along her hips and forcefully pulled her closer so that they were chest to chest, with only the towel and his suit blocking bodily contact. The white-haired claw barer gazed up, cheeks still red from the embarrassing incident that had only just occurred; she looked into her Ashikabi's eyes, slowly feeling herself sinking.

Natsuo slowly knelt down and laid Haihane on to the floor. Towel, still in its respective place; he held the part of the towel closest to his Sekirei's face, and allowed her to watch as he ever so slowly removed it from her grasp, watching her facial expressions shift from shy and nervous to vulnerable and down-right sexy. With the towel removed, he marvelled at God's creation. Her body movements making it evident she was restless. He watched as her head rolled from the left to the right, and the way her silver hair slid along her face during the journey. He smiled, loosening his tie and unbuttoning the first 4 buttons of his shirt, and wasting no time as he lifted the shirt, blazer and tie over his head. Almost immediately his eyes locked back on to the curvaceous body he had on the floor; expressing a sense of longing, as he crawled his way beside her.

Again, Natsuo placed his hands on her hip, feeling her flinch as he did so. "Yo-your hands are cold, Natsuo" Haihane said, violently blushing as she allowed him to let his hands travel downwards towards her bottom

"And do you mind that, Hane-hime?" He said, gazing into her eyes. His hands slowly worked their way up her back, reaching her neck.

"N-no.." Haihane looked away, almost feeling like a school girl as she heard the honorific hit her ear and turned an almost raspberry colour

"I'm glad.." Natsuo nuzzled into her neck, allowing his hot breath to humidify her skin. His hand now behind her head, he felt her move her head back slightly as she allowed him more space to explore her.

He smelt her hair, smiling at the familiar scent of grape he always, without a doubt, smelt in her hair. He nuzzled her neck again, using his hand to make the space tighter between his face and her neck. And then he softly kissed her. In the apex of her neck, he placed soft, delicate kisses on it; absorbing the oozing sensuality of the moment. And then he heard it; her first gasp.

He peered through his brown bangs. Raising an eyebrow at the same time. Haihane looked down and blushed, covering her mouth with her fist.

"Do that again". Haihane's eyes doubled in size in disbelief for what her Ashikabi was asking of her. Natsuo, now knowing exactly what he was getting into, looked at his Sekirei with hungry eyes. He was going to get her to do that. And more. With his resolve in his head, he went back to his initial position, and whispered into the silver haired woman's neck milliseconds before kissing her neck "I said, do it again". And as if on cue, Haihane gasped, moaning her master's name and grabbed his head to bring him closer.


Musubi and Kazehana stood as they reached the door that was hiding their Ashikabi.

"Kazehana-chan, why.. Why do I feel dizzy?" Musubi asked whilst holding her head. Tweeting birds could be seen dancing around her head. Yep, not flying. Dancing.

"One of the Sekirei that are holding Minato hostage... Their power is poison and gas. Which I do think is really unfair because it's like they have two powers in one..."

"Kazehana-chan..." Musubi slowly said. Kazehana turned around to see Orange and black hair.

"So, you've come for the boy?" Tora questioned, staring at Musubi's chest. Tora had a fair sized chest, but compared to Musubi's, it was miniscule.

"…" Kazehana kept her self very quiet, intently gazing at the enemy in front of her

"Musubi, go and find Minato. Be careful. The one guarding him is the one with poison" Kazehana began. She commenced steps towards the Cat-eyed woman, determined to finish what was started at the house with her friends. "How dare you..."

"Don't you dare talk about 'how dare you' HOW DARE YOU?!" Tora began clenching her fists. Her natural tan being no concealer for her slowly reddening face. "You walk into our lives after leaving the DS. You then decide to make us love you. It took you years for us to trust you. Let alone love you! And you then upped and left. Left us to hone our own skills and look after ourselves. 'I'll always be your big sister. I'll never ever leave your side'. So tell me, onee-sama; where the fuck were you when Rima was terminated before even being winged?"

"Rima is... Dead..?"


Musubi opened the door. Inside was an unusual space. A bed, a sofa and a kitchen all in the smallest space she had ever seen. Musubi, walked into the bathroom

"So, you're here for the boy" Musubi heard a voice. Glancing around she couldn't see where it was coming from.

"I'm here for Minato. I do not know who The Boy is" struggling to keep herself standing as she was slowly being poisoned by the power of the Green-haired Sekirei.

"Trust him to bag an idiot like you"

"You should not call other people things like 'idiot' – I am Sekirei 88, Musubi; return Minato peacefully or I will violently take him back"

A figure stands with the light behind them, casting themselves as a silhouette. Musubi stands up tall, trying to work out who it was. The shadowed person took a step forward. Then another. Then another. They continued taking steps until they were breathing space between Musubi and themselves. The Unknown, green haired Sekirei has revealed himself once again.

If I don't get fresh air soon… Musubi thought to herself, refusing to break eye contact. And as quick as she thought that, she realised she was on the floor. With his hand around her neck; rapidly losing breath by the second.