Brayden's POV

Many years later...

My ears could pick up the sound of being underwater as I slowly began to awaken into conciousness. I feel like I am floating in which I am weightless, and my body itself feels cold. I slowly begin to open my eyes, to a blurry vision with the realization that I have awoken underwater.

I move my hands upward, noticing that they are in a different shape and form. They were not hands... but hooves instead, with a diamond blue coat like everywhere on my body. I had undergone some sort of change in which I am no longer human...

...I have become a pony, like everypony in Equestria.

A smile comes onto my face, along with me stretching my body and wings which I could feel behind me on my back. Above the water, I can see ripples of the sun shining down into the waters.

Pushing my hooves and wings to head upwards, my smile turns into a happy grin. I couldn't wait to see what was waiting up there as I used my strength from my new body and form, getting closer to the water... excited to see everypony as I reach out to break the surface.