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Keiichi slashed at Ichigo. "What's wrong?" he asked, smiling madly. "Where's that murderous intent? Don't tell me you don't have it, Ichigo!"

Ichigo dodged every single swipe. "I don't want to hurt you!" he said, "You're not my enemy! You helped me out when I was trying to find Lestrade!"

"I was helping you then," Keiichi said, "Only so that you could fight me now!" His face turned smoky black as his eyes and the inside of his mouth started to glow bright red. "The whole purpose of me helping you was to make you my perfect enemy. Someone that could fight back when I tried to kill them! And who had the guts to kill me!"

Ichigo jumped back. Even if he did want to kill Keiichi, he knew he couldn't even stand a chance against him. The new Zanpaku-To he got from the Seishin-Ro didn't even have a name, and now he was supposed to use it in a fight to the death?

"Ichigo…" a voice called, "Why haven't you called for my help yet?"

Ichigo flinched. He knew that voice…..it was the same one as before! "What are you doing here right now?" he asked.

"Haven't you realized it yet?" the feminine voice replied, "I am your second Zanpaku-To. All you need to do is call my name….."

Ichigo closed his eyes. He knew that this wasn't the time to go to his inner world, but at the moment he wanted to see his new Zanpaku-To face to face. He ran off, trying to put some distance between him and Keiichi.

"What's wrong? Aren't you going to fight back?" Keiichi asked, running after him.

Ichigo grimaced. "Just shut up and let me take a break!" he shouted, taking out his new pistol and shooting at Keiichi. Unfortunately, he was more focused on getting away than he was on actually hitting him, so it missed the intended target by a hair.

Keiichi smiled. "I didn't think you'd actually shoot me. Ah, well, it's the thought that counts. Congratulations." He stopped running. "Just for that, I'll give you thirty minutes to do whatever you want. Then I'm going to go back to killing you."

Ichigo nodded, determining not to waste the one chance he was just given. There's no way I could take him on with my new Zanpaku-To, he thought, and I didn't get enough time to practice shooting. I'll have to risk it and ask my Zanpaku-To its name!

He stopped moving, allowing himself to slip into his inner world. Ichigo's eyes opened, as he found himself on top of his typical skyscraper instead of on its side. That's odd, he thought, aren't I supposed to stand on the side of this place?

"I didn't expect you to meet me face-to-face, Ichigo," the voice called out. Ichigo looked up at the sky, and saw a white-winged angel wearing black robes. The creature's skin looked like it was made of porcelain, and its gender was hard for Ichigo to determine-overall, it looked feminine, but its eye structure seemed more like a boy's to him than a girl's, and it was hard to make out the facial structure since it was wearing an obsidian mask that obscured all but the right eye and the forehead. The angel's hair was bright red, a color that seemed to bleed out onto the sky and turn it dark red.

The figure took off its mask. The face behind it was childlike, and was still of indeterminate gender. "I thought you would have died by now."

"What makes you say that?" Ichigo asked, becoming tense.

"Just like I said before, you've lost something. Nigo's taking your entire life as a human being away, and yet you can't bear to destroy him. You've got no reason to live. Why didn't you let Keiichi kill you?"

"I need to stay alive so that I can get Zangetsu back!" Ichigo shouted. "He's the only part of me that lets me stay as a Soul Reaper!"

"So you intend to become a true, full-time Soul Reaper, is that it?" the angel asked. "Maybe that's hard for me to understand. I don't believe in concepts like "hope," "love", or "integrity". All I am is a mass of oppressive negativity."

"Well, I'm not going to be pulled down by that negativity!" Ichigo shouted, "I want to become a full-time Soul Reaper so that I can protect everyone!"

The angel sighed. "But if you really want my help, you'll have to get me to believe in you first. And I think that's hard. I'm only a poorly constructed imitation of a Zanpaku-To whose construction was rushed. There's no way I could be of any use to you."

"Don't say that!" Ichigo said, "You're not an imitation! You're a Zanpaku-To, just like Zangetsu! I need to rely on you because if I don't, I'll end up dead!"

"That's Lestrade talking," the angel said, "You really want my help because you want to protect others. That's what your heart says." He moved towards Ichigo. "Just like with Zangetsu or your Hollow, I can't be lied to."

Ichigo moved away. "Alright, then what's your name?"

The angel suddenly blushed heavily. "I-I-I don't have one!" it said, closing its eyes and looking away at Ichigo. "It's like I said, I'm just a poorly constructed Zanpaku-To! In fact, I think I'd prefer it if you just called me "Nameless"!"

Ichigo smiled. "Nameless, huh…..then I'm calling you Mumei."

The angel looked up. "Huh?" it asked. "Why….Mumei?"

"You call yourself "Nameless." And that's the Japanese word for Nameless. You're a Zanpaku-To, Zanpaku-To have Japanese names. It's what I'm calling you!"

The angel smiled. "Okay, then," it said, putting on its mask, "Melt into the shadows when put on the spotlight. Fold into a blade to protect yourself. Use darkness and despair in the name of light and hope…..and cry my name!"

Ichigo woke up. "Melt and fold away from shadows! Cry, Mumei!" His Zanpaku-To glowed.

Keiichi smiled. "Releasing your Zanpaku-To, are you?" he said, "I hope you know how to use it."

The Zanpaku-To's blade folded in upon itself lengthwise. It continued to fold in different directions until shadows engulfed the entire right side of Ichigo's body…..and he pulled out a small, black, ornate dagger, with intricate white patterns engraved in white.

Keiichi chuckled. "What's that thing? Don't tell me you seriously intend to fight me with that tiny toothpick!"

A vein popped in Ichigo's forehead. "Dammit! Why do you have to be so tiny, new Zanpaku-To?"

"This is the best I can manage!" Mumei's voice called from inside the Zanpaku-To. "I told you, I'm poorly constructed! I can't take a more complicated form than this!"

Ichigo growled. "Dammit!" he said, "I guess I just have to work with this!" He lunged at Keiichi, who effortlessly blocked it with his cleaver.

Keiichi smiled. "That Zanpaku-To of yours is no good at attacks," he said, "And I'm willing to bet it's horrible at defending too. Given the circumstances, I'd say you've been dealt a losing hand. It was a valiant try, though, so I'm going to give a short and swift death!" He smashed his baseball bat into Ichigo's skull. Ichigo reeled back from the pain, giving Keiichi the chance he was waiting for. He leaped up into the air and was about to come down with his cleaver when Ichigo blocked it with Mumei.

"I didn't think you'd be able to do that….." Keiichi said, "Is the sword doing that on its own?"
Ichigo panted a little. "Well, yeah, I guess," he said, "A lot of what I do is instinctive. I just let my body work for me." He lifted Mumei high above his head. "GETSUGA TENSHO!" he shouted, and a green wave of energy came racing towards Keiichi, who blocked it with both of his weapons.

Images flashed in Ichigo's mind-images of a technique that could slice through anything. Was it Mumei's doing? Or was it all his work? Either way, that move looks like it'd be useful, Ichigo thought, I might as well try it out!

He raced towards Keiichi, charging up another Getsuga Tensho.

"One at point blank range?" Keiichi said, "That seems hardly your style…."
"Take a look again!" Ichigo said, moving Mumei faster than Keiichi could make out, left and right. "This isn't a regular Getsuga Tensho!"

He sliced Keiichi in a circular pattern and then in a triangular pattern, the Getsuga Tensho trailing behind and striking Keiichi again. "Choriki Getsuga Tensho!" he shouted. Keiichi's weapons broke, and a large gash appeared in his chest. Keiichi looked down, and smiled. "Thank you, Kurosaki….." he said, "For finally…..putting me…..to rest…." he collapsed. Ichigo had won.

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