Hello You Selection fan-people. This is my third story to The Selection by Kiera Cass. This is and will not be intended to be a prequel for my other stories, but maybe it will by the end, I dunno, let's see what happens. It takes place after the Elite, so yeah.

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"Miss America," someone coos softly. I moan in agitation. "Miss, a queen is never late." It's Anne.

I roll over and rub my eyes. Mary and Lucy have already opened my blinds and I notice Anne on the side of my bed, grinning. I remember the conversation I had with my maids yesterday.

Yesterday. It seems like it was so long ago. Yesterday was that overwhelming Report and probably one of the most dangerous rebel attacks the palace has experienced, during the Selection at least.

Yesterday my maids and I concocted a plan for me to win the Selection. No telling if it would work, but at least we had a plan. Maxon knew who I was and I will continue to be myself, although with a few alterations. I will have to start acting like I am queen-material. I will have to be polite, kind and very obedient from now on. The other half of it was King Clarkson. He doesn't like me because I have done something bad, now I just have to show him something good, whenever I get the opportunity.

Not so long ago I was prepared to leave the Selection and turn my back on Maxon forever. I know now that I would regret every bit of it. I realized I truly cared for Prince Maxon Schreave.

I feel guilty because it took me so long to realize it.

Maxon had always had feelings for me and if it weren't for my decision to choose between him or Aspen, my ex-boyfriend, the Selection would be over. Now that my mind and my heart have come to terms and settled with Maxon, everything is different. Because of my little stunt on the Report I have lost his trust, the one thing I've had from the beginning. Now, I must, more than anything, regain that trust if I don't want to lose him forever.

I sit up with a sudden boost of confidence in my plan and Anne smiles wider. She continues to remind me of all the things a queen should and shouldn't do.

"A queen is never late." Anne says again. I smile. It's nice to have someone on your side.

My three, wonderful maids, prepare me for the day ahead. I'm sure it will be an overwhelming one with lots of confusion and tension, so they try to make me start my day as comfortable as possible.

Anne, Mary and Lucy put me into a simple, yet regal, yellow day dress that compliments the daisy earrings I am wearing. I look in the mirror, giving myself that one last pep talk before all eyes are on me-again.

Once I feel I have wasted enough time, I nod to my maids and they all give me a reassuring hug, before I leave my room and face whatever lies ahead in the dining hall.

In the dining hall sits a puffy-eyed Natalie and a sympathetic Kriss. Kriss looks like she's trying to comfort Natalie, but Natalie pushes her away, making the situation very awkward for Kriss. Her eyes seem to brighten at my entrance.

"America!" She says and I almost believe that sound of relief. Natalie looks up, but only for a moment before playing with her hash browns again.

"I'm so glad your staying America," Kriss continues. It'd be easier if Kriss were meaner.

"Me too," I reply. "I really want to redeem myself after all that drama." I think I said that right. Kriss nods to confirm my thoughts. "Your idea was fabulous, though!" I say, trying to make friendly conversation. Kriss blushes.

"Oh, it's been a dream of mine, doing something like that." She says modestly.

"Well it was fantastic!" I say maybe a little too flatly, but Kriss doesn't seem to notice or mind, so I let it pass.

Soon everyone is in the dining hall and it is clear of the elephant in the room. There is so much tension and I know it's caused by my doings. I often find myself looking over at the Royal Family to see their mood, or if I'm doing something wrong. My eyes find Maxon's, that are staring right back into mine. I can't help but notice his smile widen, which can only be a mirror image to what mine looks like.

Since our night in the safety room something's different between us. It feels like we've shared this special moment that made our relationship stronger. The secrets we told each other down there, the feelings we shared for each other, have all built up into something I have never shared with anyone else.

The only thing missing is that trust.

I instantly want to tug my ear, so I can see him, but I hesitate. He probably has another date tonight. I don't let myself show my jealousy on the outside, but inside, I'm fuming. It doesn't matter, I tug my ear anyway, and if he has a date or he's busy he'll shake his head.

So I tug my ear, and to my surprise, he tugs back.

I look away and even blush a little. The effects Maxon can have on me seem to be growing. I now find myself looking at Celeste. I've seen a slight change in her that I've never seen. After the Report yesterday, when King Clarkson started yelling, she turned emotionless. She was like Maxon during Marlee's caning. I wonder what got to her so much she acted that way, wouldn't the Celeste I know have a smug look on her face that I would want to slap off right away? I turn away before anyone starts to notice.

The rest of breakfast was uneventful. I guess everyone wanted everything to cool down from yesterday's events.

So I am very surprised when I am about to finish, Maxon stands.

"Lady Natalie," he says and Natalie looks up. "Will you please accompany me in the library?" Natalie nods and stands to link arms with Maxon.

That jealousy from before has returned and I find myself watching their every step as they leave the dining hall. But then it hits me.

He's eliminating her.

He told me that is was only fair to let her go, after her sister's awful murder. So I plaster a wide smile on my face as I excuse myself from the dining hall.

So what do you think so far? What do you think Maxon is really doing? What about Celeste? What's up with her? I felt that she was hiding something during the ending of the Elite, she acted emotionless when America was getting in trouble…shouldn't Celeste be laughing? So I've decided to play with her character as well as the others a bit

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