Recap: the rebels have attacked the palace from the inside, may has been injured and aspen has also been spotted in the palace.:)

I've completely changed the recent plotline, so I rewrote this...all of this...just then... for you guys...

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"America?" Maxon whispered.

I groaned. "How many times do you have to wake me up?"

"It's morning."

"What?" I sit up, suddenly aware that I'm still in bed, in the same clothes and Maxon is still here. "Why didn't you wake me?"

"I fell asleep, too."

I hop out of bed and call for my maids, running my hands through my hair.

"Ugh, I need to get dressed, call my family. Ugh!" I mumble.

"Hey," Maxon says coming over.

"And you!" I point at him. "You need to get out!"

He stand there with a hurt expression. Guiltily, I take his cheek.

"I'm sorry, but I don't want anyone to see us."

Maxon gives me a disbelieving look. "If we both fell asleep, I'm assuming someone has already seen us."

I groan. "I need to call my family!"

"Your maids will be here any minute. I will see you later." Maxon gives me a kiss on the cheek.

I am too consumed in my own thoughts to reply.

Finally I am dressed and have been able to call my parents. Silvia delivered the phone with a sly grin, which suggests she knows something.

The phone rings twice before being picked up.


"Mom!" I exclaim, as I see Silvia quietly leave the room.

"America, darling, are you alright?"

"I'm fine, just a bit shaken up."

"We were worried, that since you didn't call, you might've been injured."

"No, I'm fine. How is everyone?"

"America, I don't know if they told you, but May was hurt."

"I was told. How is she?"

"She's doing very well. It was only a minor break in her left leg. She won't be able to walk for a month or so, but the doctor's say that she'll make a full recovery."

I sigh in relief. "That is so reassuring. How is everyone else?"

"We are all fine, just worried about you!"

"Is anyone else there?" I ask.

"I'm afraid not. The others went home to get some rest after staying overnight, I'm here at the hospital."

"Oh, you must be exhausted."

"I'm doing my best. Now tell me how is the palace going, you know... minus the rebel attacks."

For a moment I want to tell her about Maxon's proposal, but my Mom has the biggest mouth. The whole kingdom would find out by noon.

"It has been lovely up until the attack." I sigh.

Just then, Silvia comes back inside the room and motions to her wrist.

My time's up.

"Well, I must go, Mom. Back to my Lady duties." I chuckle. "I love you. Tell May to get better."

"Goodbye, sweetheart."

I hang up and turn to Silvia. She smiles as she takes the phone.

"Thank you, Lady America."

"No problem..." I eye her, nervously.

"I hope you slept well." She raises an eyebrow.

I hesiate. "Very well, thank you."

"Lovely. Now, you are to wait at the top of the main stairs for instructions about tonight's report, understood?"

I nod.

"Lovely. I shall see you then."

And the door shuts. I am alone.

I sigh as I fall back onto my bed. Yesterday's events running through my head as well as the attack. This is chaos. How can I deal with this my whole life? How can I be queen of all this chaos?

I shake my head. I cannot be filling it with such garbage. I will change the kingdom. I will make peace. I am very determined to do so. I am only worried that these rebels could hurt someone I love along the way.

They've already almost killed Maxon and have hurt May. What will they do next?

They were in the palace! How did they even get inside?

I groan as I sit up and make my way to the balcony. Fresh air is needed at the moment.

The Report simply showed the King saying how everything is fine and explained very little details about the attack on Christmas. He also stated that the country should get prepared, because the proposal to The One will be coming at any given moment. At that moment, I sneaked a peek at Maxon who was already grinning at me.

After the Report, Maxon arrived in my room, asking about my family. I told him that they would all be fine.

"I knew they would be." He grins, happily. His mood has seemed to picked up quite a bit.

"Well you do have all the answers don't you, your Majesty?" I raise my eyebrows.

"Well I did resurrect a holiday that hadn't existed for years." Maxon leans his head back on his hands, so relaxed. "And Lady America admitted I was right to her caring too much about me. So I must say, I am very, very smart."

I lean over my chair into him and he wraps an arm around my shoulders. He breathes in deeply. "I think through everything happening today we both forgot that you slept in my arms last night."

I blush deeply and try to hide my smile. "Did that really happen? I thought it was only a dream."

Maxon chuckles. "Trust me, it's something I've been dreaming about for a while."

I laugh too, and he looks like he wished he hadn't just said that.

"Uh, I mean…." His cheeks redden.

"Don't worry," I whisper as I lean closer and peck his lips. "You're a very comfortable pillow."

Maxon smiles and kisses me back.

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