"What do you want to do today?" Eyal snuggling his head close to her.

Annie twisting in Eyal's arms as she welcomed a new morning, she had no idea, there were so many possibilities in the Big Apple. She turned again beneath the warm covers and to look out the window where snowflakes were swilling aimlessly around. The sky was grey and mood was for cuddling. She so softly spoke, "Nothing."

"You sure? You don't want to do anything while we are in New York?"

"It's cold and snowing and I know how you hate the cold." Annie easing her head on his chest and sliding her arm over his waist.

"Lazy do nothing day is what you wish and that Neshama is what you'll have." He is running his figures ever so lightly along her leg and hip.

A do nothing day didn't mean do nothing. Annie traces a finger along his strong jaw line and slowly plays with his ear. Eyal puts an arm around her as she begins to kiss his neck, her hands wandering down his body. Eyal moving ever so slightly for her to have better access and she didn't hesitate.

"Just because I don't want to do anything today, doesn't mean I don't want to do anything," Annie with her come to me voice and gentle kisses on his ear. Eyal responding to her moves, pulling her hips close to his, both still naked from the night before.

"You are going to wear this old man out." Eyal showing no signs of being old or even close to be worn out. They had been together enough to know what aroused the other and it wasn't always the same.

"Not any time soon." Annie rolling on top of him and once more they became lost in the passion and ecstasy of being with each other.

He tenderly holding Annie as both came down for their wonderful high, gently running his fingers through her hair while she lay nestled in his arm.

"Breakfast Neshama?"

"Always, we can order room service."

Eyal rolling to the side of the bed and sitting up, running his hand through his hair and twisting his back to get the kinks out. "Anything special?"

"Eggs Benedict. I have a yearning for Eggs Benedict." Annie inching over to Eyal and running her arms around his waist. "And coffee, hot."

Eyal ordering breakfast, Eggs Benedict with fresh fruit and Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, "Make sure the coffee is fresh and very hot." Turning to Annie, "Perhaps we should get some clothes on before our breakfast arrives."

"We have time for a shower?" Annie's fingers playing long the center of his chest.

"A quick one, no playing in the water." Eyal picking Annie up in his arms and heading to the bathroom, "To save time and water we'll shower together." He with one foot closed the bathroom door.

Room service arrives at the same time Eyal was slipping on his shirt but Annie was still in the bathroom drying her hair. "Breakfast is here." He yelled hoping she would hear him over the dryer.

The noise emanating from the bathroom stopped, "Be right there." Wrapped in a robe, Annie shaking out the last tangles of her hair joined Eyal in the bedroom.

"I may have second thoughts about having breakfast." Eyal giving Annie a charming once over look.

"Not me, I'm hungry. You have a way of making a girl hungry." Annie taking a chair at the small table near the window. "Humm, this all looks so good, come on handsome and let's eat."

"Snow is not sticking, still a little too warm at ground level." Eyal with his hands surrounding the coffee cup, soaking in the heat.

"So you want to do something today? Did you have anything in mind?"

"Inside. Yeah in a warm place. That leaves out a trip to see Lady Liberty." Eyal with his half cocky smirk.

"How about visiting one of New York's finest museums?" Annie digging into her breakfast as if she hadn't eaten in days. "This is so good." She was pointing at her plate with a folk.

"Didn't know you were interested in art. It was our cover in Morocco but just figured it was a cover."

"It was at first but Alea really got me interested in European art and I've been studying in my spare time. Been to a couple museums in Washington and the more I learn the more I want to learn."

"That makes perfect sense. Someone with your thrust for language skills would also be amenable to the arts, all of them including the performing arts. There is The Guggenheim Museum I would like to visit."

"Then it is settled. We'll go to The Guggenheim." Annie getting up from the table and finding one of her Macy's bags, "I got you something yesterday for Hanukkah."

"Well if we are in the exchanging of gifts modes, I got you something too. It can be for just being you or Hanukkah if you like but not for Christmas, that is much later." Eyal also getting a wrapped gift from his shopping bag. "You first Annie." He handing the gift to her.

"Let's make it for a Happy Hanukkah, ok."

"Happy Hanukkah Neshama." Eyal leaning over to kiss the side of her cheek as she opened the gift.

"Oh how lovely Eyal." Annie opening a box with Charter Club scarf cashmere hounds-tooth muffler and Charter Club leather gloves. She planting a big kiss on his half parted lips caught him just as he was going to say something. He pulling her closer to him and finished the kiss deeply and passionately.

"You looked a bit cold yesterday running around the streets of the city." Once they parted their embrace.

"Here your turn." Annie handing Eyal his gift.

Eyal smiled as he pulled the paper away, "We both thinking cold are we? Perfect for me to wear today, love it my dear." Eyal holding up a polo long sleeve Ralph Lauren fleece pullover hoodie in navy blue.

"Let's be on our way." Annie cutting the store and sales labels from Eyal's sweater. "I like the cute Polo Bear on your hoodie. It's a Ralph Lauren trade mark."

"An American designer is the first for me. It is nice."

"Just nice."

"Much better than nice but I'm not sure I want to call it baby soft and cuddly. Doesn't sound very manly."

"I will guarantee you are all man." Annie giving him another kiss before slipping on her coat with the new muffler and gloves.

Even with snow flying about, the street seemed to more congested than on Friday. Eyal haled down a cab and the driver was Arabic which Eyal quickly spoke to him in his native language. They carried on a lengthy conversation and Annie made a mental note to learn Arabic. Arriving at The Guggenheim Museum, Annie was impressed at the building.

"I've read about this place and now it is living up to the design reputation of Frank Lloyd Wright." Eyal hold his hand out for Annie to step out of the cab. "I must say I'm in awe of the building."

The Guggenheim Museum looked like an inverted tea-cup with a circular corridor leading to the top. Entering the museum, Eyal and Annie standing at the first level looking up at an inspiring and extraordinary stunning skylight in the center of the museum.

"Between the beauty of the building and the art work we should have an interesting day here." Eyal leading Annie toward the spiral walkway.

The museum is the home of some renowned collections of Impressionist, Post-Impressionist and contemporary art with early Modern also. Works by Manet, Pissarro and Vincent van Gogh and Paul Gauguin. The area Annie was so interest in was that of Pablo Picasso. They spend hours browsing and a late lunch at The Wright restaurant, the newest addition to the museum. All in all the day was perfect and Annie finding out more about this man she was growing to love more and more. He is a man of exceptional discriminating taste and refinement.

The temperature had dropped and now the snow was sticking, still sluggish and wet but soon would freeze and become a real mess. Eyal pulled his hood over his head, "Sure hope they don't take me for a hooligan."

Annie also wrapping her head with the muffler, "I'll vouch for you." Taking Eyal by the arm with both of hers, leaning close to him, "What a wonderful day, a do nothing day."

"My kind of days. That and time on a beach." Eyal giving her a sweet kiss on the forehead.

"What were you and the cab driver so chatty about?"

"He was telling me about a fun club near out hotel we should check out. You want to go clubbing tonight? Get down and funky."

"Why not." Clubbing would be different for them; she wondered how mister sophistication would be at the down and dirty funky moves. He is wonderful at ballroom dancing but the other, she would find out. "I need to stop and get something glittery for clubbing."

"The hotel has a boutique and I'm sure you can find shiny sequins outfit but not too sexy, I don't feel like doing battle against sex hungry wolves preying on you."

"Looking for a top to go with my black slacks." Annie amused with Eyal take on her being sexy.

"Dinner in the hotel restaurant was nice but couldn't compare to their lunch at The Wright. Now up to their room for a change of clothes, their clubbing attire. Eyal with black slacks and black silk shirt, open at the neck and looking oh so sexy.

"And who is the sexy one in this room." Annie running her hand inside of his open shirt and smiling.

"You are and if you keep that up we'll forget going to the club." Eyal holding her close to him.

"You like what I picked?" Annie pulling away from Eyal and turning around for his inspection. A funky and trendy spaghetti strap top with base made in Georgette design with cut leaves and embellishing with sequins and beads, giving a very classy look and perfect for a night out.

"Always Neshama. You are looking lovely."

The club was a mixture of funky and upscale with lively music filling the place. Not very crowded for being Saturday night, maybe the snow was keeping people away and Eyal found a table near a private room or more like a private open area. The guest could have their privacy and yet enjoy and action on the dance floor.

"Looks like a hen party, a gathering of woman." Eyal noticing the group of about twenty young women.

"A bachelorette party my guess. The last big fling before the 'I dos' take place." Annie raising her glass in toast to the women.

"I headed to the bar for drinks, any preference?"

"Whatever is good with me."

"Stay out of trouble while I gone." Eyal tapping her on the nose with his finger tip and a smile.

Eyal really loosen up and they enjoy their time on the dance floor. Downright care free and laughing until their sides ached. The bachelorette party was in full swing and invited them to join, which Eyal and Annie did. Everything all in good fun and soon it was getting late, time to head back to the hotel.

"That was more fun." Annie hugging Eyal and laughing as they walked back to the hotel.

"Damn embarrassing."

"Never in a million years would you Eyal Lavin be embarrassed. Come on and admit it was fun."

"Yeah it was fun." Eyal bumping her with his hip and laughing.

Reaching their room, Eyal took Annie in his arms, "I have something to tell you. Come and sit by me on the bed."

"What's going on?"

"You have been very good about not questing my presents at CIA the other day and my meeting with Arthur."

"I figured that was your business and if you wanted me to know..."

"I would tell. First let me tell you how much I've love these four days spent with you. I'll cherish the memory while I'm gone." Eyal with the back of his hand slowly caressing the side of her face. "I be leaving the end of next week on a deep cover mission for Arthur, totally off radar with no contact with you or anyone for that matter."

"As Lamorak?"

"Yes. And I wish I could tell you more but I can't."

"I understand. Don't like it but understand."

"I'm not all that keen about it but it is something that has to be done. I hate these periods of separation." Eyal looking into her sad eyes, see the distress of his leaving again. "However, the good side of all this is I making my headquarters Washington DC. I'll be living here when not working for Arthur. The agreement with Arthur is for me to work exclusive for him and CIA top-secret missions. It doesn't mean I've stopped working for the others on down time if I so wish."

Annie could only hold on to him, all the time knowing this would be their life and wishing differently. With mixed emotions, happy and sad. He tenderly held the back of her head to his shoulder, rubbing her back, more of comfort that of foreplay. She reached for his head, a kiss of passion and want. She was now the aggressor in their foreplay, wanting to feel his strong arms around her, his reassurances he would return to her. He let her take the lead and their loving making that night reached new heights. One of sharing uninhibited love for one another.

"Eyal ani ohevet otcha."

"Gam ani ohev otach Neshama, tameed."

Translation: "Eyal ani ohevet otcha" - "Eyal I love you" & "Gam ani ohev otach Neshama, tameed" - "I love you too Neshama, always."