A/N: This may be sad later on, but I'm not sure. Deals with thoughts of suicide and actuall suicide, so don't say I didn't warn you.

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Anna smiled. Today was going to be a great day.

She quickly made her way out of bed and into the shower were she scrubbed off the leftover dry blood on her legs. She got out and dried before changing into her light grey t-shirt and dark grey joggies that reminded her of a ninja. She rolled her eyes at her nine year old self that had come up with the idea when she first received a pair of 'hunting' clothes as she liked to call them. These were the items she wore when she was on the job.

Publicly she was known as Abby Smith, aged 16 working part time in a bakery, but her home life was very different.

Annabeth Moriarty was a highly trained assassin that worked for her father, the one and only James Moriarty. Today was a day she and her dad had been planing for the last couple of months, and now everything was in place.

Her dad had given her his back up phone that only unlocked to her finger print, but it was necessary to have a code as well. This phone had all the details of her father's web, and if it came to it, her web too.

Tying a small belt around her waist, Anna attached her phone and her two favourite knives, along with her pistol and hand gun to it. She pulled her jumper over her head, the same colour as her joggies, and set off out the house for a light jog.

Half an hour later she returned and grabbed a towel and a water bottle before heading off to her father's gym. When she arrived Fraser greeted her with a strong pat on the back and a grunt. She smirked at him before joining Tony and Anthony in the ring.

Leaving her belt and jumper to the side, Anna slid under the ropes. The two men in their late twenties eyed Anna suspiciously before jumping forward. Anna just slid to the side, all ready calling to mind all the moves they could make against her and how she could counter them.

She battled fiercely and ended up throwing Tony out the ring. Anthony wasn't far behind him. As they finished up Anna realised she only had two hours before her assignment. Scowling at the clock she turned back to the boys and helped them to their feet.

"Good going guys, almost distracted me that time!" She said trying to keep light hearted, but Tony just groaned and Anthony rolled his eyes.

"Sure we did." He smiled before dragging Tony to the showers. Anna smiled as well before heading to the showers too.

As she changed into fresh clothes (black skin tight fabric covering her legs and a black top) and put her belt and jumper back on as well as some shorts she had left in her locker she headed out.

She walked to Bart's instead of getting a cab because she knew she had time. She went into the garage opposite and went to the top floor to watch what she knew would happen.

Anna knew Moriarty wouldn't tell Sherlock what would happen to Molly. It hadn't been discussed with him after all. Anna set up her gun and pointed it at the window she could see Molly in.

After a minute on the roof Anna heard the sound of her father's gun go off. This wasn't part of their plan. Leaving Molly she looked towards the roof, where after a moment Sherlock appeared. Hand flying to her mouth Anna held in a sob. She knew by Sherlock's face that her dad had taken his own life.

She steeled herself and aimed at him. She wouldn't shoot unless he was going to back down. No innocent lives needed to be lost today.

He pulled out his phone and called someone. Anna knew if she wanted she could lip read his half of the conversation, and guess the other, but didn't. She respected he wanted the privacy to speak to whoever he wished in his dying moments.

He threw the phone behind him, and after why felt like an eternity, but was probably only a few seconds, he jumped.

He fell and fell as Anna turned away. She packed up her gun and placed it carefully in it's case before lifting it up and placing it in the empty back-pack she had left here last week.

Throwing the bag over her shoulder she ran out into the street to check the body of the man who had puzzled her, and the man she hated.

She saw John running forward looking like he was in a daze as he grabbed Sherlock's wrist, but she wrapped her hand around his and gently pulled him away. By the look on his face Anna knew he was dead. No doubt about it.

Watching as John seemed to find the weight of the world on his shoulders, she couldn't help but feel sad for him. Yes she had hated his best friend, but she didn't hate John.

Giving a silent promise she ran into the hospital and up the stairs onto the roof. Holding back all emotion she walked over to her dad and bent down. She closed his eyes and checked is pulse. "I'm sorry daddy." She whispered to the dead body of the only person who had understood her. "I love you." She wiped the few tears that had escaped her eyes away before standing.

She ran back to the street where she saw John with glazed over eyes. She walked up to him and put her arm around his shoulder. Softly she guided him to a taxi where she glanced at a nearby window. A man stood there staring down at her.

"Help him." She mouthed before looking back at Bart's roof. He nodded and walked away quickly. Pushing John into the taxi and jumping in after him she said to the cabbie "221 Baker Street."

The cab went carefully through the streets of London and eventually pulled up outside the familiar black door. Paying the driver she jumped out pulling John with her.

She knocked on the door and Mrs Hudson opened it. "Oh hello dear! Oh John! What's wrong?" She asked suddenly quite concerned.

"If you let us in I will explain." Anna said softly. Mrs Hudson nodded and stepped to the side.

Walking up the stairs Anna examined the room she had only seen through a camera. Noticing Sebastian disguised as a handy man she nodded at him. "It's fixed!" He said to Mrs Hudson before packing up his stuff. Anna slipped him his money.

"Tell them I'm in charge now." She whispered not showing how sad she was at this turn in events, but Sebastian's eyes only widened slightly before nodding and walking away.

Mrs Hudson came in and she sat on the sofa. Anna put John in his chair before sitting herself in Sherlock's. As Mrs Hudson opened her mouth to protest, Anna finally let her sadness show.

"I am Abby Smith, and I'm afraid I have bad news." She said and Mrs Hudson suddenly realised why John was so distant. "Sherlock is dead Mrs Hudson. Me and John saw it happen." John glanced down at his shaking hands and let out a sob.

Mrs Hudson just covered her mouth. "But... But I just spoke with him this morning. He can't be dead!" Anna just shook her head.

"Mrs Hudson I'm so sorry. I really am, for both you and John." I reached over and squeezed her shoulder.

"He wasn't a fraud." John said. I looked at him.

"I know. And I have to go. I don't think we'll be seeing each other for a while. Goodbye John, goodbye Mrs Hudson." With a nod of her head Anna was up and out the apartment. Careful to avoid security cameras and homeless people she made her way back to her apartment.